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I just Googled that and it's got a lot of puzzles in it, which the second season of The OA has, so it does fit. But I was thinking of this short story which blew my head up when I was 13

That sounds intriguing, thanks!

If it had been that (preaching the fanservice of the Internet) I'd not have liked it (and my husband is super sensitive to that and would never have kept watching)

It is like a vision, of something, not sure if it's just fiction or if there's an underlying philosophy to it...but ~I~ saw a philosophy/worldview there that appealed to me even if the creators weren't intending that. :) thanks for reading.

Agreed, and so my caveat is that people shouldn't go in expecting something like the mainstream. Many people who hated the show were just expecting something different, I think. (which is on Netflix for maybe not marketing it as they should have)

YES that's exactly what I liked about it. I really thought it was well done. I also liked the nature of the relationship between the trans person and the gay man, in that they weren't assumed to be natural allies or best buds (I find there to be an assumption with cis people that gay and trans interests are always fully aligned)

Thanks for reading and I hope you swing by to tell me what you thought after Season 2. :)