Comments on In the Summer, in the City… by DW Dalrymple in reply to Brandon Berg

What I’ve always liked is that song paints a picture of NYC on a hot summer day and night. I’ve never been there but I could always visualize what it might be like there through the lyrics and the drive of the beat.

After the rainy spring I’ll take some heat. Not ready to get back to cold weather at all.

The troops, I can’t even fathom the heat you all had to deal with along with carrying out your duty. On my end, working the lines we’d sweat buckets. I’d put wet bandanas in the freezer to take out and wear through the shift. Gave a new meaning to “brain freeze.” You hoped for a steady runner so you didn’t have to move through changeovers. Night turn would provide some relief. We used to joke that guys in prison weren’t subjected to this kind of heat, much less working night turn...I feel very fortunate those days are in my rear view.

Thanks, it was hot Brandon but I was young, still was “invincible” so I made it through. There’s hotter places out there where people are roasting right now to make a buck or two. My hat’s off to them. They know who they are.