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On “you know what I did last summer

"Read what is in this Trapper Keeper, or the puppy gets it."


And yet I wonder...

I've read/seen some terrible things with a stellar premise but they just died on the vine. I often wish a better author could have taken the same idea and run with it.

Seems to me that there are many elements to good creative writing and premise is only one. Everyone has a whizbang idea for a great movie or book or whatever but doesn't know how to take that and turn it into anything (at least worth reading). It could be that the next guy is even better than the because s/he took something and improved upon all the other elements that were lacking in the original.


I'm so glad, thanks!

And I appreciate the link. I did sneak a peek at a couple other notorious fan fic sites but they all seemed exceedingly porny which is not at all my cup o tea.


But you may be, though.

Writing is a funny thing in that some people are just inherently good at it - generally those who read a lot.

You never know till you try. It's the most rewarding thing I've ever done (and I have children yikes not supposed to admit that publicly but there it is)


Michael, that's a great piece. Really enjoyed that a lot!

On “God’s Will Hunting

Exactly, Damon. Totally agree. I wish we could figure out "hmm maybe this is a pitfall we ALL suffer from" and thus be on the lookout to prevent it when it rises in ourselves.


Thanks for the input, very helpful.

I had citations and tweets - none of which were calm and rational scientific discussions - to support the point (which was, just as you say, that some people were using "climate change" as a brickbat). But upon reading I felt that they did not add, and indeed detracted from, the flow of the piece so I cut them. I figured that most people had probably read much the same things that I had and so let that go.

Yes, exactly, I was attempting to point out that there is something ironic and terrifying about people who out of one side of their mouths point out every hypocrisy and shortcoming of Christians while indulging in the same behavior just under a different name. Not at all lambasting religion; if I went hard against religion it was because I felt that possibly illustrated the disconnect between people who purport to "hate Christians" even as they act like all the things they claim to hate about "Christians".

On “Tomato Nazis of the Internet

Interesting, I never knew that! Thanks Maribou!


People used to call it "jarring" or "bottling" and I have some old cookbooks that refer to it that way. I'm not sure why the terminology fell out of favor, exactly?

Thanks Oscar for a better explanation than I could give.


Mike, I have this 3 page long list that some woman gave my mother at the time of my birth almost 50 years ago and she goes over all these things that my mother should do or not do.

And one of the saddest things I ever heard was when my grandmother said "When my first baby was born, everyone said not to pick her up because she'd be spoiled. And then my next babies were twins and I was working and I couldn't pick them up much. You're lucky to be able to hold your baby so much." So yeah I think it's always been that way, but there are just so many more things to worry about/feel superior over than there used to be.


Me either. Bike helmets are my personal pet peeve.

You can boil the toxin out, which makes it all the more nonsensical that I kept them in the fridge. Since I wrote this I made chicken-vegetable soup and beef stew both containing the tomatoes and we haven't died yet.


It is, it really is.

The thing that occured to me is that in a world where you had to worry more about starvation than botulism, you'd probably be willing to take a lot more chances in the food poisoning department simply because you'd be better off chancing bad food vs. NO food.

We are not very far removed from that world, not at all.


Thanks! I took the summer off since we were busy with lots of projects. :)


I agree totally about food left out overnight - why not take sensible precautions? There's a difference between taking ridiculous precautions and sensible ones, for sure.

I have been boiling them as I use them up just as a sensible precaution (and since everything I make involving tomatoes is cooked for a while anyway), making it even more nonsensical that I left them in the fridge.

I once worked in a deli with a woman who was convinced that if you heat mayonnaise up - even if eating it right away - it turned into poison. No amount of explanation about microbial growth over time could sway her. It's just weird how the brain works sometimes.


I sometimes wonder if at least some people die because of the safety stuff, not in spite of it. People have this sense that "someone else is looking out for me" and proceed into situations where common sense indicates they should probably stay away from.


It just postpones the inevitable. I overprotected my older two but then they left home and had to deal with HUGE things and had fewer coping skills than I'd have liked. I feel really guilty not letting them learn those lessons sooner.

Letting kids handle small situations is a great preparation for adult life, when you have to handle big situations.

On “Less Than Zero

I live in terror that they'll take my delicious aspartame out of Diet Dr. Pepper since I can't have Splenda.

They are putting Splenda in a perfectly awful amount of things lately.

On “A Special Announcement

So sorry to hear this - best of luck to you!!

On “Tempest in a D-Cup

One of the most frustrating things about the Mommy Wars (the realization that I wish I could impart to all younger moms) is that it's impossible to win them. Many, if not most of the dilemmas are mutually exclusive to each other - no matter what choice you make, it's the wrong one to somebody. Regardless of what you do or how hard you try, you open yourself up for criticism from some gang or the other. And even just staying the course and holding your head high secure in what you're doing - even if you don't actively go after other people - yes you do quickly get labeled a bitch for your trouble. So you have to accept that going in, that no one will ever be happy with you and someone will always have something to say.


Yep, I agree Damon. In a very real way it's truly the root of most evil.

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