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On “Voting for Nothing For the Last Time

Nice simple declarative sentence.

On “Guys, Guys: Inclusive Language Is Important, But Let’s Not Warp A Word’s Meaning

I get why people find they/them odd though it seems fine to me and a very minor stretch. At least they/them are words we typically use. "Theydies, famjam, etc are trying to get people to start using new and/or unfamiliar words. That is always an uphill struggle. It won't be long before "they" as a singular seems normal. Calling co-workers kitkats or snickerdoodles....well i'm not sure about that.


I think a lot comes down to what field you are in. I work in a court and am, by profession, a mental health professional. Using insulting and demeaning language would be punishable. Which is just the way it should be. Duty of care and responsibility to treat all citizens properly matter. If i worked in a McD's that would be different. Should still treat people well but the duty is lessened. It seems like academic fields have a duty to treat all people with dignity.


Language change is an organic constant process. We should endevour to be respectful to people in the words we use. Changing the words we use to be respectful also needs to be an organic process using the words people already know and use, just in a new manner. Trying to push words people don't use is always going to be difficult to impossible. Maybe it will happen over the course of many years for just the right word but that will be impossible to figure which is the word that will catch on. For a word to catch on it has to be fresh and rad and the bees knees. Who can predict what that will be.

On “12 Rules For Holding Publishing Meetings About Jordan Peterson

Given that Angela Lansbury is still going she may be a creature that feeds off of murder or at least murder stories. She may never die.

On “Wednesday Writs Pie Edition

Completely unsurprising. Like it was 100% going to happen.

On “12 Rules For Holding Publishing Meetings About Jordan Peterson

Heh, yeah. My wife loves Hallmark channel mystery shows. There are a gaggle of them all sort of like murder she wrote. A cutesy title about a baker or seamstress who solves murders all very genteel and pretty. Also likes all the NCIS/CSI shows but she isn't, as far as i know, a murderer nor does she like violence. Again as far as i know. People like what they like for all sorts of reasons.


JP is sure he is brilliant and has insight into everything based on his expertise in a disregarded backwater of modern psychology. The uses of Jung aside, which might have some story telling value, he has no clue how clueless he is about everything else. But as some basic self help he seems okay at that.

On “Turkeys of the Year and Golden Drumsticks For 2020

The issue with Pelosi is not her being the magnet for attacks. Any D leader is going to be that. She was mostly passive re: trump's corruption and law breaking. Did we see the well deserved investigations in the House for the last couple years at least. No. Why the hell not. They had some power and an oversight role but didn't not much with it. She is also in ineffective PR leader which is part of her role. She is a leading Dem but does not know how to get social media to work for her or lead messaging.

On “A Mostly Peaceful Transition of Power

He has lawyers trying to get ballots thrown out and for R leg's to elect Trump. This is exactly what they have said and are saying still. They want the courts to decide the election. Has any of this been likely to succeed: no. But it isnt' just him tweeting. It's his lawyers, incompetent buffoons just like their boss they may be. They didn't lose something like 35 court challenges just on his shit tweeting. They tried to overturn an election he decisively lost. Good thing it's failed.

On “Turkeys of the Year and Golden Drumsticks For 2020

That is true to a degree true. It has also been a specific goal of a party and their aligned media to degrade trust in government. So that hasn't helped.


This dude gets a solid drumstick for this here twittering. He is complaining about Parler censoring hash tags, which is the least surprising thing in the world. But he is going on the Evil Twitter to complain about it. Wasn't he supposed to leave Evil Twitter?


Meh. Biden is up by over 6 million votes at this point. The D's losses in congress don't match with that. Sure some seats were always going to be close so some reversion to the mean is understandable. But to much of that happened to just say "oh well, that happens." I'm not a pelosi hater, she has some skills. But she is also way old and we have to many really old people in gov. She doesn't understand modern politics i think and is way to passive. If the D's had some pick ups and some losses then she would be in a better position. As it is we have a very old leadership and who exactly are they training to step in when they are gone?

I'm not surprised she won the speakership again, that is how power and influence work in parties. But it isn't all that good and the D's need to be focused on moving on from her.

On “A Not-So-Minor Issue of Distinguishing Rain From Territorial Urine Markings

I dont' think there is anything wrong with the word queer either. But it is a lightening rod term for some people so use it with care and knowledge of what it will bring. Some education about banana slugs doing their nasty sluggy thing wouldn't even be dreher news w/o that one word. Of course rod is going to see totalitarianism coming regardless of what happens. The only question is what is going to be the topic of the day to freak him.


Also lots of legit very smart people who know nothing of medicine let alone pandemics made claims about Covid. Most of those claims were that it would be done by june, 50 k dead at most, etc. Specific expertise matters.


Banana Slugs are cool little beasts. I read the amcon article. Lost on them is there is actual science and facts behind the scary "queer" word. They could actually learn something. If Rod Roddy weren't so hysterical he could make a decent argument why using the word queer is not wise. If i were the NPS i wouldn't use a lightening rod term since it provokes freak outs. But it is not wrong. Why use a word many will bristle at when you could find a more neutral term that won't attract negative press attention. But of course for the Rodster every thing is a sing of totalitarianism coming down.

On “A Quick Note About Comments & Sanity

He's prez for another few weeks. He is the legit whiny crybaby prez. His BEST people are claiming the Repub gov of Georgia was paid off by Venezuela to fix the election so never mind the vote being certified ...oh and also all the swing states should nullify the vote of the people and give their electoral votes to the prez and trumps BEST people have lost like 32 court challenges so far but only one with prejudice but i've been informed trump actually won in a landslide and if weren't for the chavez who died years ago and the CIA and (drops acid) for some reason all our votes go to a server in germany so he actually won by at least 100 million votes. But trump is, no lie, the legit prez for the next few weeks. Truth.

On “Weekend Plans Post: Work From Home

I'm so sorry to hear that. My deepest condolences to you and yours. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

On “A Quick Note About Comments & Sanity

Of course there were thousands of pages of reports ( mueller and senate intell) along with testimony in court by Manafort and Stone describing how the trump campaign cooperated with Russia. But it's safest to ignore all that now isn't it. Just stick with the most outlandish claim and ignore the crap you want to avoid. That is the argumentative tactic.

On “Thursday Throughput: Masks Edition

Well right now one of Trump's lawyers, Sidney Powell, is saying
"The entire election, frankly, in all the swing states should be overturned and the legislatures should make sure that the electors are selected for Trump"

Call it what you will.

Biden will be prez in jan, the only question is how much damage is done before then.

Fun fact, the current admin is refusing to brief the Biden admin on anything. Not foreign policy, not covid. How is that helping? Is that a set up for peaceful transfer of power with the best interests of the US in mind?


I don't disagree. The election wasn't close.

Any board in this day and age that aims to have an appeal across the spectrum is going to have friction over things like......well...reality. Reality is pretty contested nowadays. There are some lines i won't cross, accusations of pedophilia is way past the line, but if we want decent discussions with people with different views we have to accommodate some arguments about reality, gravity, etc. That said i have no time for the overthrow the election crap, so i'll either just mock it or go to that bastion of sanity that is Twitter.

Of course there are matters, not who won the election, that seem like matters of fact but are more opinion. Getting people to understand that is a bit of task.


Who is a troll and what kind of commentators we should have around here is not a new discussion at all. Who are trolls? It's like porn. If you think someone is a troll then ignore them.

Coups? Welp there a lot of words out there. What is the correct word for the argument that the votes of millions should be thrown out and the election decided by the congress or the supremes. Autogalope seems appropriate but who the hell knows what that means. Commonly used words are typically better then little used esoteric terms.


Lots of things destroy good will. Having people scream a candidates son is a pedophile is one of them. I'm not saying he should be banned. Ignore the trolls is usually the best policy. But endless viscous attacks withers goodwill. As we are this place is good by intertoobz standards, but there are plenty of vicious attacks that inhibit good conversations.

Endless conspiracy theories don't move anything forward. At best its white noise in the background.


Being technically dead hasn't stopped JFK Jr now has it.

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