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On “Morning Ed: Entertainment {2018.04.18.W}

I am a compulsive finisher, sort of... I'm on book 7 of the Outlander series and I'm having a hard time making myself finish. I haven't ready any of it for weeks- I just won't let myself start anything new until I finish it. I love this series but this book is boring- as was the first half of book one, though, and that ended up being fantastic.

On “Yes, Hannity, Cohen is in fact your lawyer. And you should be glad.

I get that. I was a defense attorney in another life and my inclination is always to distrust the authorities. I guess I am hopeful that the spotlight on this particular ring of the circus will inspire prudence.


Yes, that was by design, no doubt. Appease his supporters so they feel reassured he isn't a client while still protecting his privilege. But for me the test is, what duty does the lawyer have to this person? Is he/she subject to malpractice or ethical violations for breaching those duties? Cohen considering him a client is the right thing to do, regardless of Hannity's comments. If Hannity wants to disavow his privilege, fine... but he knows better. Hence the weasel words.


Disquieting is a good word for it. I'm not so concerned that he was made to name his clients, because the existence of the attorney/client relationship itself is not privileged. I have faith in the professionals at DOJ to appropriately use their conflict team to screen out any communications that are not excepted from privilege (i.e., not a communication in furtherance of a crime). One should hope we never find out what the subject of his advice to Hannity was.


Cohen gave the answer that either 1) he knows as an attorney is correct; or 2) was not motivated by ethical responsibility but by an attempt to protect Hannity's dealings with him, in which case he stumbled into doing the ethical thing. Hannity's response was just enough to appease his fans who want to say "see, he was not ACTUALLY Cohen's client!" while specifically not waiving his privilege.


Ahhh... I did not mean to click report. I am sorry about that! ANYWAY, what I came here to say was... Exactly.