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On “Something Has Got to Give: Law, Liberty, and Coronavirus

And when overzealous policing grows beyond some proportion, there is a tipping point where the citizens' response becomes overly rebellious.


Mayor of Louisville, not Governor Beshear.


Per the norm, George is not being quite accurate. Substitute "religious" for Christian and it would be closer to the truth.
Here's how it went:
Kentucky's Gov. Beshear issued an EO on March 19th that banned all mass gatherings. All. Mass. Gatherings. This specifically included "faith based events". That order is here:
Last week, the mayor of Louisville took it upon himself to extend the EO to drive-up church services, which had been announced in advance of the Easter holiday. One of those churches, On Fire, filed for an injunction in federal court. The injunction was granted, because the drive-up prohibition is non-neutral, meaning that it was being applied to religious events and not analogous non-religious events (drive through restaurants A-OK, drive through church forbidden). The injunction order does not say anything about the mayor's edict not applying to Jews or Muslims. The event that brought the controversy was Easter service, yes, a Christian holiday, but there is no indication anywhere that the prohibition (again, by the mayor of Louisville, NOT Governor Beshear) would not have applied to any other mass gathering of a religious nature.
Here is the Court's order.
What Beshear DID do was announce that anyone who attended an in-person (not drive up) religious service over the weekend would be subject to quarantine for 14 days. This was something announced at a press conference on Friday, but no Executive Order as yet exists on the Ky state website to that effect.


I didn't call it a power grab. But I think the examples I gave are nonsensical uses of power.


Ok then. This is not what America is supposed to be.

On “Pepperoni Rolls: West Virginia’s Official Food, Not a Hot Pocket

Ehhh... no. You should not involve vegetation in a pepperoni roll.


I guess, but it seems unnecessary.


Thanks Kristin! Always high praise when you like my writing!


No, my God no, it is not a hot pocket. I can't even with this.
Hot pockets are shitty, hard little "pastry" type crusts with shitty pepperoni and gross sauce and "cheese" inside, that you microwave until they are molten lava in some parts while still frozen in others. Also they are disgusting.
No quesadilla, no pastry shell. Big, soft, fluffy, bread rolls.
(Thanks for reading!)


You talking about the rolleez?
They are not bad. Not quite a traditional pepperoni roll – bread too flat – but good.

On “Tiger King: America’s Newest Obsession

When I was out visiting my sister in January before she died, this was just beginning to be a thing and I mentioned it. My sister said “I know him.” And damn if she didn’t then promptly fall asleep without giving any more details. She was not really able to have conversations after that point, so that’s a story lost to the ages. I’d have loved to hear details.

On “Wednesday Writs: The Eulogy of the Dog Edition

The part that bugged me is in the concurrence by Kagan joined by RBG - they went along with the majority because in Kansas, license suspension are only handed out for "serious and repeated driving offenses." That does not, IMO, increase the certainty that the owner is driving, and it amounts to using "prior bad acts" as probable cause for a stop, which I disagree with. A stop's legality should not depend on the criminal record of the owner of a vehicle, who may or may not even be driving it.

On “Telehealth: Make Sure You’re Connected, the Writing’s on the Wall

Yes. Two hospitals in West Virginia have closed in the last two months, one just announced last week. They are looking for ways to make use of the facilities for the upcoming surge in COVID cases.

On “Wednesday Writs: Schoolboy Innuendo Edition

Yes, in a 5-4 split, Kennedy with the cons. With the added feature of a Thomas concurrence opining that free speech rights do not apply to students, at all, and Tinker should be overturned in its entirety.

On “Wanderers: On Reading a Book About a Pandemic During A Pandemic

I actually am re-reading The Stand right now. I'm just masochistic, I guess.

On “I Almost Died from the Flu. Please Don’t Expose Me to COVID-19.

What a nightmare. I'm so sorry you went through that, and so glad you've recovered. Thank you for sharing.

On “In Which Em Goes Into Hiding

Oooh good idea! Make them think they're getting away with something.


12 likes Minecraft and Fortnite. 8 is big fan of Sonic but will play with Minecraft with his brother sometimes. I pay for TWO XBox live accounts so that my two children can play online together from different rooms of the same house. Ridiculous. Me, I'm all Skyrim, all the time (about 45 minutes a day that I have time and am able to commandeer the console).

On “Wednesday Writs: Easterseals Society v Playboy, and Other Assorted Smut

Yeah, he mostly just used it as hyperbole when turning down a case. Generally, he was known for not being afraid to sue anybody. He was the guy you took your case to when no other lawyer would touch it.

On “Wednesday Writs: Kimble v. Marvel

I think they just failed to notice there was no expiration on the royalty payments in the contract, which made it indefinite. Bad lawyering for sure.

On “Self-injury & Me

This was kind of amazing. Great comment.


Mine was like yours. I think the one in the photograph might actually be a really old version.