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On “Weekend Plans Post: Stumbling into Autumn

Nerdfest is this weekend. 6 hours of D&D, good food, and drink.

On “Leave The Amazon Be

So to sum up a very long article....Brazil should not develop the amazon any more. OK...sounds like an internal Brazilian issue. So unless we're going to drop a few billion to Brazil to incentivize them not to develop the rain forest, why should anyone care what Brazil does? It is their country.

On “The Most Insidious Viral Marketing In The World

The clip shown here I thought was funny. I'll probably watch the show one day. His skit with Wayne Brady was "da bomb" back in the day. He's offensive. Meh so what. "I don't care". I don't care that others care. Turn it off. Stuff taken to the logical absurdity IS funny. Frankly, obsessing about stuff that a lot of people obsess about these days is tedious and, in the long run, irrelevant. My not agreeing with someone's life choices doesn't mean I have to voice my disagreement to them. Sadly most other people seem to think getting up in my business because they OBJECT to something about me is their right. It's not.

On “Speaking of Terror

I've spent my life around guns in less and more heavily regulated areas of the country. Blue states and Red states. I've lived in small towns and big east coast cities. I've lived where "trespassers will be shot" signs really meant that. That small town? No one locked their doors...but we did. Habit from living in a more urban area. My garage door was always closed, my car always locked.

I am always was aware of where Ii was and who was around me and what they were doing. It's not's prudence. When two dudes start smack talking each other at the bar, I back away. I don't live in fear....but I'm aware of what's going on....i'm not on my phone ignoring my situation. That's enough probability wise to do.

On “Breaking Bad: Picard

Good post. I liked DS9 more because it seemed more real. I especially remember when Sisco made a deal to sell some biomemetic gel to some bad guys 'cause he had no other choice to get the job done. Hard situations make hard choices. And the story arc about Bashir getting recruited by Section 19 who almost committed genocide to keep the federation safe.

On “Greta Thurnberg’s Semi-slow Boat Upon the Stormy Seas

This article caused me to spend @ 3 minutes paying attention to someone who doesn't deserve it nor do I give a damn about their opinion.. They are 16.

On “Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings

I think people spend too much time thinking / listening to people who talk for a living.

On “Weekend Plans Post: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Well, I got a ring of evasion last gaming night so I can make my saving throw even when I fail it :)

On “Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings

It's funny all this internet ink about what some guy on the internet thinks....and likely no one reading this site has ever met him. He doesn't impact your life but his opinions matter to you. Frankly, my interpretation of what he said was "if you're not where you want to be in your life you should be working to get there and not complaining on the couch about how your life sucks. That's a fair comment. I know a lot of people who prefer to complain than actually change their circumstances.

On “Pushed Over the Edge

Women can be merciless in dealing with other women like this....they don't have the capabilities to be physical (generally) so they backstab and snipe.

On “Jane Wick

I never thought Bond was a muscular guy. It was his swagger and confidence, and his aloofness that got the job done, I think.


I agree. Women have a harder time taking physical punishment. Avoidance would have to be a large part of their "game".

On “How You Can Advocate for the Disabled When Our Government Doesn’t

It likely comes from the same location that "the right to health care, housing", etc. comes "i want it".

On “Jane Wick

Frankly, I often see women beat me or fight me to a standstill, in jujitsu. OK, it's not a "real" fight in the sense that no one's life is in danger, but I've experienced women half my weight and strength resist my efforts to choke them or triangle them. They will never have the raw power of strength or cardio, but leverage, flexibility, and technique can often win the day. And men have "sensitive spots" to be taken advantage of. Nothing says a spy has to be confrontational. Sneaking around is what they do isn't it?

On “Weekend Plans Post: Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

Patience is 16+ and in similar straits. She will not be long for this earth. So we cuddle and scratch and I send pictures to her mom who no longer lives with us. Her mom will be invited when we go to the I know what you're going through. Other cats of ours have taken a similar journey that Patience will soon take, but I try to think of the positives: she is warm and fed and safe and no longer on the street.....and nothing is too good for her...

You have my sympathies...been there...will be again...wouldn't have it any other way...because then I wouldn't have had her in my life... now excuse me why I go hug her :)

On “The Things My Father Gave Me

A very long time ago..30 years ago...i loved cooking and wanted to be a chef and work in kitchens. Then I realized that the 1) the probability that I would be the next Gordon Ramsey was very low and I'd likely toil for little reward in kitchens for no success. 2) it would ruin me for cooking for myself. I choose to purse a more financially stable profession and realize my passions on my own time.

On “How You Can Advocate for the Disabled When Our Government Doesn’t

"The business community has a special role to play in advocating for disabled inclusion and equal rights. First, because the disabled have a right to gainful employment just like the rest of us, and second, because the business community has the combined power to accomplish nearly anything it wishes."

That's a statement of power of the business community, not reasons WHY they should help. Then you say "If you’re wondering if it’s necessary to go these extra miles for your disabled customers, it is. You will get to help others while making yourself stand out among the many others that fail so miserably." Well so what? What's the benefit to the company besides "being better than the rest"? Not sure that's a bottom line impacting position. You got financial, economic, market penetration, etc. reasons why companies should do this?

On “Endorsed: Other Options

Welp...this was fun reading..especially the comments. 138 Million voted.....or 100M didn't if I did my math right. That's a lot of people who didn't vote....

I'm one of them. I believe I'm like a lot of folks....washed my hands of the entire thing. Each party is one side of the same coin. I will say however that the TDS is much more entertaining then the ODS the repubs had. It'll continue that way until someone actually starts shooting. Most likely it'll be antifa beating the crap out someone and that guy will pull a gun and kill a few antifa. Then things start getting interesting.


Well, I'm not that bad....but I live similarly. I listen to the news during the commute or music. I do socialize--with nerds, the gf, and at class. But if I've been on social media a dozen times this year, it's an aberration. I use it a lot only when the gf is visiting "ze home country", otherwise I ignore the insanity. That probably is the single most significant thing I do that keeps me "free". My liberal friends and I generally have an unwritten rule that we don't talk politics--same for my more conservative friends. If you "go there" then I either smile and shrug my shoulders-keeping my opinion to myself, or I go full anarchist and start pushing back on every they said so much that they get frustrated and annoyed that I challenged their world view.

I'm not likely to change my opinions, neither or they. But my world doesn't require that I only associate with people who agree with me, unlike too many people I've run into over the years.

On “We Don’t Really Care Why

No one wants to talk about how to stop the killing in the inner cities either...and no one "cares" to try and stop it since it happens to "those people".....similar to what you describe above.

No one wants to talk about how the US's foreign policy actions effect mass migration from South America and Africa/Middle East to North America / Europe.

I could go on....

On “On Changing The Subject

I guess I'm part of a dying breed that likes my news and entertainment SEPARATE. I don't want to watch a game and have to listen to a bunch of politics that tangentially impact / effect the game/industry/sport but has little to do with the actual outcome of the damn game.

On “So Close, Yet So Far…

"government is A tool to fix problems when no other tool has fixed them."

Indeed, because society hasn't figured out to fix the "youtube autoplay" disaster, we for sure need a law!

On “Saturday Morning Gaming: Crokinole and D&D

Our regular to semi regular D&D group--god I'm more of a nerd than I'll admit-meets in a week. Been about a year or two of play. We're about level 10. It's always good fun and the DMs wife is a fine cook. In fact, several folks in the game are good cooks, so there is always several sides, desserts, bottles of wine, etc in the kitchen. There are even several dogs and cats for the animal lovers to pet and scratch. After all, man does not live by 6 hours of D&D alone :)

On “Tuning Out

I listened to some of the highlights on NPR on my commute home. Mueller sounded like a broken record, when he wasn't sounding like a senile old man, while the question askers each spent more time crafting a narrative his answers were to highlight. I could have fallen asleep to the Q&A and it revealed nothing...nothing new. And we're talking NPR, not Fox. If NPR broadcast a snooze fest, who do you think would care except the damn fringes?

On “U.S. Hasn’t Signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control — But Are We Surprised?

So what? Why is it any of America's business what other countries choose to do about smoking? Frankly, the 200k of deaths is a drop in the bucket in terms of deaths.

I'm a firm believer that if you're willing to "die for your country", you damn well ought to be able to have a drink and a smoke. Additionally, it's none of anyone business what I consume or don't.

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