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On “No Shades of Grey

I never read the book, but I read MANY dating profiles of women who did. A while back, if that book name wasn't in their profile it was more surprising that not.

I've run into quite a few women that while they don't want controlling guys controlling their every action, they do want guys "controlling" them in certain aspects and at certain times. Women can be strange :)

On “Weekend Plans Post: Flurries of Activity

I have my blue belt test and nerdfest (D&D). I'm hoping the DM's wife makes something like green curry, as was promised last time before the meet had to be cancelled due to snow.

On “Video: President Trump Speaks on Shutdown, Border

Really? Even Wikipedia disagrees.

"Americans are nationals and citizens of the United States of America."

On “Shutdown, What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing.

What's the shutdown been good for? TRAFFIC.
My commute is vastly easier there are so many cars not on the road. If it keeps up, we might be looking at re-evaluation the need for so many of these workers. RIF baby.

On “Threading the Needle Between Fat Shaming and Fat Acceptance

We're not going to get far with you arguing that's she's attractive. Shall we line up 3 thousand people and conduct a poll. I doubt many will find her attractive.

Shallow? OK...that doesn't change the facts. There's a reason why historical parameters of beauty haven't changed much....they are fundamental to human nature.


"What they really meant was that Tess didn’t deserve the recognition reserved for the traditionally attractive"

And they were correct. She's not attractive by an historical metric.


"there are reasonable objective historical data points on what is considered attractive."

She doesn't fit that bill.


I remember that cover.
Frankly, I don't think she's attractive at all. But my opinions of what's attractive are that..mine.

However, there are reasonable objective historical data points on what is considered attractive.
I think it's fair to say she's outside those historical norms..


"That does not mean, however, that fat shaming is either ethically defensible or a logical approach to the obesity epidemic."

I can't even get past the point of it being rude and uncivilized. That's just unacceptable from a common courtesy perspective.

I have some fundamental problems with the whole BMI concept and the food pyramid. The pyramid has been revised so many times, and doesn't really reflect the variations in humanity. I put on weight eating carbs for instance, all other things being equal. I'm technically considered obese due to my bmi, and really should be 180 pounds, but I have legs like tree limbs, and the cardio and physical strength to spending 30 minutes doing full rolls in jujitsu (that's 5 rolls) . Even if I lost all my belly fat, at best I'd still be considered over weight. This strikes me as fundamentally wrong.

Nothing above in my comments doesn't mean that I'm "healthy" or "normal" or that america doesn't have an obesity problem, nor does it mean that a bad bmi calculator is the main cause of the problem, but none of that is actually doing anything to help the problem. When Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered obese by BMI when he was "the terminator", the tools aren't valid on the wings of the distro curve.

On “The Story After the Story Tells the Story

I don't know if you even need to reach out. Just buy spending time with folks you can gain a different perspective and an understanding that "the other" is more like you than different.

I've spent most of my adult life living with and amount liberals. In the last few years I've spent more time with gays and other minorities--a lot of the current GF's friends are gay and lesbian. We have many of the same concerns and worries and are only divided by a few--a very few- political issues.

On “The Symbolism of the Border Wall


Of course all they have to do is follow the law and it's not a problem. But cheap illegals serves both sides of the political isle. That's the main reason why nothing has been done and likely never will.


I wasn't referring to NZ in these blogs. See anyone in the media or politicians or other groups looking at other countries immigration policies and bitching?

I don't give a damn about white or black or brown, or protestant or catholic or muslim. It's about time we reviewed the Immigration act to decide who we let in going forward. All policies do not endure the test of all times and should be periodically reviewed.

On “Your Job Or Your Life

Instead, companies just increase more copays and lower deductibles.

On “The Symbolism of the Border Wall

Can we land mines too like the Korean DMZ?

That, the watch towers, razor wire, and mass of military shooting at anything that moves in the DMZ seems enough of a deterrent.


A wall isn't necessary, but tougher immigration control IS. We get to decide who we want to let in, and as far as I'm concerned, we should be letting in rich folks who are able to start business and create jobs. We should be incentivizing all those chinese who study STEM to stay here and settle down. We really don't need low wage earners. When their supply drops, wages rise and our current underemployed will have jobs. IF, later we need to do some re balancing, we can, and alter the ratio of who we are letting in. Almost every country has harder immigration controls that we do. I don't see folks bitching about New Zealand immigration laws.

On “Louis CK seems to be changing his target audience

I wasn't attempting to portray it as a conspiracy. Weisten got away with it because he had power, made people money, made people famous, and they were willing to tolerate it, look the other way, cover it up, etc. for their own reason: fear, a piece of the loot, what he could do for them, whatever.

When he became "inconvenient' he was burned at the stake.


And he did get away with it for a very long time. Actress were warned by other actresses. And yet...they still went.


"and plenty of show biz careers have permanently ended over less." And probably a lot, maybe even a majority, didn't...because it was convenient for them not to lose their status...or they had too much power or leverage..or they served a purpose. Harvey Weinstein anyone?


I read the Slate piece and heard a portion of the audio...and it aligns with what Slate had. Frankly I laughed at the "shoved a fat kid in the way" comment.

I don't think this is awful. I think it's funny and tactless. That's what comics do. I'm offended rather often and I don't go about bitching about it.


I read the slate article and heard a portion of the audio on youtube.

Frankly I laughed at the "you pushed a fat kid in the way". It WAS funny. Frankly, I don't care if it offends anyone. I'm offended quite often and I'm big enough not to be a whiny bitch about it.

On “She’s Running: Elizabeth Warren Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign

My time frame wasn't the 90s, it was forever. Politicians, by definition, are about advancing I'm agreeing with the OP.

On “Louis CK seems to be changing his target audience

Andrew Dice Clay...ah the days...
And the days of The Greaseman.....

On “Some Thoughts on an Occasion of Sudden Death

One of the things I realized post divorce was that life's too short to 1) give a damn what most people think of you and 2) Grab life by the collar and do what you want to do...NOW.

No compromises.
No remorse.

On “She’s Running: Elizabeth Warren Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign

"In the end, Elizabeth Warren’s problem in seeking the presidency might well be that she just doesn’t stand out from the crowd enough to be heard"

How could someone who lied to advance themselves before they got into politics not stand out in the crowd...oh wait.....

On “Your Job Or Your Life

I used to joke about losing weight doing the "farmer method". You could eat anything you wanted, if you ate what you grew and you plowed the fields by hand.

What the guy is complaining about is industrialization, specializations, and non laborious labor. That and crappy advice on what to eat from our dear leaders. (aka food pyramid). How many office drones are willing to go back to being serfs and grow their own food, and essentially be moden day amish? Not many I think.

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