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On “The “Atmosphere.”

Funny, I recently got hit up by a gal from Zimbabwean and took the opportunity to re-evaluate my past dating habits. I declined her offer for one simple reason: I don't find the majority of African or African American women attractive. I've got this thing for euro types and Asians. Meh, that's what I like. I see no problem with this.

On “Comment Rescue: Once More, with Feeling

This is why this guy doesn't take Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, and Republicans seriously. It’s the whole “human improvement” aspect. All you do is insert yourselves into MY life, telling me what I can and can’t do:

You tell me I can't smoke in my own house or condo, or in a bar or restaurant. You can't let the owner decide; no you have to tell him how to run his business.
You mandate automobile safety features that drive up the price of a car, for which I have no use, and don’t want. I don't need a rear view monitor on my car--I know how to backup.
You tell me I can't have a 32 oz. soda if I want one.
You tell me that I can’t buy certain types of light bulbs because they aren’t efficient instead of letting me figure out how to best spend my money.
You tell me I have to get certain type of insurance even if it's not in my best interest to do so.
You tell me I can’t text and drive when it’s already an offense to operate a motor vehicle when “distracted”.
On and on and on.
Frankly, the presumption that you know better than me how I should live my life is offensive and false.

On “Meditating on Hipsters, Irony, and the Role of Status

Honestly, my comments were not necessarily related to your post. I just find them annoying and was venting. :)

On “Comment Rescue: Once More, with Feeling

I think this post is going to get a lot of commentary, so I'll add some other thoughts and peruse the rest of the commentary later...

1) ALL drugs-heroin, meth, smoking, etc. are legal for anyone of legal age. No restrictions on time/locations where they can be used, assuming property owner consents.
2) I own my body: I should be able to sell a kidney if I want or all my organs upon my death with the proceeds going to my estate.
3) No US presence on foreign soil unless we're at war. Our armed forces should be majority defensive.
4) Eliminate restrictions on trade except for national security related items (like ITAR and EAR-and severely pare back those lists) that the gov't actually OWNS. I want to buy oil from Iran, I should be able to.
5) No search without probable cause/warrant for anything.
6) Eliminate the Fed-return to hard money currency-specie

On “Meditating on Hipsters, Irony, and the Role of Status


I read this and I came to the conclusion that hipsters were a bunch of pretentious posers trying too hard not to fit in all the while conforming to their own subgroup, like the goths, etc., only they are more annoying.

Heaven forbid they were passionate about something….
God those posers annoy me.

On “Misusing the Social Contract

Also, post-adolescent affectation? I've found the logic and consistency greater in libertarian thinking much greater than it either the left or right side. There, the SOP is to rail against whatever the other side is doing and claim that things need to change. Once in power, all that stuff that was wrong and needed to get fixed falls by the wayside, because it was only about getting into power. Ex: Bush the torturer.

On “Romney Logic

When asked if he expected anything for his campaign contributions, Charles Keating said, (paraphrase) "Why do you think I made them".

This applies to both sides. American "Democracy", the best money can buy.

On “Sailing Away to Irrelevance, Part IV: The Benghazi Scandal vs. The Benghazi Scandal™

Allow me to comment. Since I wasn't active on this site back then...

Yes there should have been investigations about this stuff. Frankly, I'm not real happy about the whole 9/11 Twin Towers investigation. I'm not some lunatic fringe guy thinking that it was a false flag thing, but I still don't think all the questions have been answered there.

Please don't associate me with the right wing batshit crazys, (not necessarily that you were).


It's not just about security. It's about whether or not disinformation was distributed to the public intentionally or it was due to incompetentance.


I agree with your point. That's why I don't pay attention to the batshit from either side.


"the stone cold fact that cannot be denied is that the attack did happen, and it did lead to the death of four Americans. That’s a giant fail, pure and simple. "


I glossed over the whole "right wing batshit media" stuff since I don't watch Fox, or left wing batshit media for that matter either, but this whole fiasco needs to be investigated.

1) We need to know what actually happened and what the administration thought was happening AS it was happening, and what their actual responses were.
2) We need to know why the security was at the level it was and why added security was denied.
3) We need to know what the purpose of that facility was for and what were the purposes of the other facilities in the area.
4) We need to know the activities of our people in country, up to, and during the night in question.
5) And, since politicians and 'crats are, by their very nature, CYA weenies, it all needs to be done with subpoenas in an official investigation and not behind closed doors. If a failure was identified, and I'm sure there were several, heads need to roll/consequences need to occur. I’ll use a well-known issue / event as an example:
If we learn that administration intentionally mislead the public about the nature of the attacks (i.e. it was a protest) when they had info to the contrary, or didn't know for sure, I want their head. If and admin official who spoke to the public relied on an underling (cia, fbi, nsa, whatever) for this info and was "innocently" misinformed, I want the underling fired. If there is no documentary proof the underling mislead the public official, the assumption is the public official had the most correct and accurate info on the subject and we revert to scenario 1. If there was an intentional misleading of the public for political reasons, I want mass firings of any 'crat who went along and didn’t immediately informe the public that this was an active deception. If there were diplomatic reasons for this deception, I want a full disclosure as to why it was considered necessary to lie to the public.

You may consider this extreme, I don’t.

On “On “Free” Markets

A real problem with regulations is that they are not static. Not to tangent off too much, but it would be one thing if Congress came out and specifically regulated one specific thing, say lead in automotive exhaust as an example. But they legislate "clean air" which the bureaucracy gets to then define and regulate, and the definition continues to expand over time. Additionally, the next 30 years are spent in litigation over the interpretation of those rules because Congress was vague. Never allow wiggle room to a 'crat; that's how they expand their empire.

Additionally, I'm for removing foolish regulations like banning lawn darts and bucky balls because someone stupid did something stupid and died. And if I want to drive my car without a seatbelt, I should be free to do so.

On “Sailing Away to Irrelevance, Part III: Obama and the United Nations are Coming to Take Away Your Guns

Perhaps you assume that the Repubs will never vote for something like this? I don't, mainly becuase they did so the last time.

"House Narrowly Approves Ban on Assault Weapons.....The legislation was supported by 177 Democrats, 38 Republicans and Rep. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., and opposed by 137 Republicans and 77 Democrats. One unexpected supporter was retiring Minority Leader Robert H. Michel, R-Ill., a World War II infantryman who previously voted against another proposed ban on some assault weapons."

Who says you need a majority to get stuff done?

On “We interrupt this acrimony to bring you MON TIKI’s first taste of Block Island Sound

I'm kinda thinking the rails on the 'tiki are going to spoil the look, unless they are consistent with the contrstruction theme...please don't put some crap ass steel railing up!


Shesh, how old do you have to be to not wear a vest in NY?

On “Sailing Away to Irrelevance, Part III: Obama and the United Nations are Coming to Take Away Your Guns

I agree with that part of his commentary. Of couse I also think that the left does this same thing.


I'm less concerened about the UN than I am Pelosi. There already have been several interviews with BOB and Pelosi where there is strong indication of their desire to bring the ASW ban back. They'll probably want to "improve" it as well, so part of your title, I think, is correct. Perhaps "they WILL be comming" is more correct. :)

On “On Markets

So, start with just markets, without the qualifier “free.” What is a market? Blaise P. claims
"markets exist only because regulation makes them possible,"

I lol-ed.

A market suggests to me more than two individuals. After all, prices (even in barter) generally come from many transactions, but I think that's a bit of a quibble as I generally concur with your line of reasoning.

On “On the perils of being willfully misinformed.

In general I'm a beleiver in most folks being rationale in the economic decisions, so this story, does ofc, seem a bit screwy, but, anectodeally, I met some folks who had a complete lack of understanding of the financial impact to various decisions on their life.

Case in point: worked with a guy who had no car and was taking the bus becuase he got into an accident and coudn't afford any insurance. This guy also smoked, and bought cigs from vending machines. I did the math on how much money he could save baesd upon his habit and the price he was paying. I then asked him if that was enough money to afford the car insurance. He was amazed.

100Hrs in a week. I've done more, once. It was a bitch. It's not sustainable over any length of time.

On “Economic Liberty after Obama

"Let’s start with the second of these propositions. As Jaybird has already noted, Tuesday night was in one respect a huge win for individual liberty: Colorado and Washington states both passed initiatives that would legalize, tax, and regulate recreational marijuana for adults. "

The jury is still out on that. Is it liberty if the state police doesn't arrest you but ATF does? We'll have to see what the Feds do first before calling it.

On “No, but it would help

I'm all for legalization of ALL currently illegal drugs, not just ganja.

However, do you really think the Feds are going to cave on this? Look what they did / are doing in Cali. The Feds can still raid a place and seize the assets of the owners. Additionally, the WOD has too many players feeding at the trough to go quietly. What do you expect the gov of Wash State to do when the Feds seize some property and throw some folks into jail that were operating in accordance with state law? How much money does the state get in various funding from the Feds that they can use to pressure the state?

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