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On “Falling out of Love with Hate, Part 3: Mending Fences

I agree. I've gotten into this discussion with folks before in a similiar vein. Someone did me wrong and owes me a substantial amount of money. He never paid up. Folks said to "forgive him" and move on. I moved on but never did forgive. I don't belive in forgiving someone for them doing me wrong without a sincere, heartfealt apology. Everything else is a lie. It's not my job to make him feel better and I don't need to forgive him to "move on".

Is he an enemy? Not really. Would I think twice about breaking if he was in a cross walk crossing the street while I was in a car going through the intersection? Yes. Would I break? Probably yes. :)

On “If you happen to live in Maine (or Washington, Maryland or Minnesota)

I'm a big fan of most folks doing their own thang. I really see no need for the state to be involved in this issue. Yes it's easier to "ride on what's been done before", but I approach this argument from a different perspective. Since the state doesn't / shouldn't be involved in telling you who you can marry, there is no need for "allowing" you to marry. Remove the state's involvement from the start. Yes, it's more work, but the benefit is to a greater number of people, otherwise, we'll be having this conversation when the next group wants rights to legally recognized marriage.

On a more snarky note, I find it curious that on several pages on this site people have talked about how the "community" or "society" requires certain things from its citizens when I have pushed back (taxes, and the like) and have suggested that I have to pay this because, in essence, "the majority voted for it", but posters now come here on this thread and talk about they are ashamed this is being put to popular vote? So democracy is only ok when it gets your desired outcome not when it doesn't?

On “The South Hasn’t Risen Again

Well, I saw more interracial couples in Seattle in one year then I did in my 25 years on the east coast. I heard more open and subtle hostility to it on the east coast than I did on the west. In all cases the woman was white and, curiously, most of the hostility to her came from other white women.

On “Hurricane Sandy, and Why Sound Risk Management Should Always Trump Populist Banner Waving

I'm really not talking about catastrophic disasters like Katrina, although that 'cane is one of the best examples of how incompetent federal disaster help can be, or massive earthquakes, etc. I'm talking about areas of the country the flood regularly. I'm talking about houses built on barrier islands and sand dunes. I'm talking bout living in a documented river flood plain below the 100 year mark.


I'd have a lot more support for gov't disaster plans if they simply removed the subsidized flood insurance. I don't care whether you're rich or poor. I'll give you one disaster, then I'm done. If you chose to continue living in an area prone to consistant flooding, then I see no reason why I should have to pay to continually rebuild your house. Move or the next one's on you.

On “Bookdragon Asks…

As Kim said,
1) Walk quickly. Don’t EVER look lost — look certain, even if it means having to circle the block three times before you find your apartment.
2) The danger zone isn’t (often) dark residential streets. It’s places people can be expected to go… at the edges of the party, parking lots.
3) If you see someone in a danger zone — head for the lights and music.
4) Beware of ambush points. Plenty of good lit places where someoen can haul you into a dark alley in three seconds flat.

I told this to my ex wife too and more below. She was short and small framed, thus more of an "easier victim".

Don't be looking at maps.
Don't be looking at you damn phone!
Situational awareness.
Walk quickly AND head held up confidently.
Look at people directly in the eyes.
Carry you car keys in your hand (if nearing your car)
Mentally have some contingencies--if attacked in the parking garage, what will I do?

On “The South Hasn’t Risen Again

I've lived in several areas of the country. The NE, the SE, and the PNW. The least amount of racism I saw was in Seattle. The most hostile was the Mid Atlantic. This goes for white to black and black to white. I actually think it's worse in the NE. The hostility is cleverly masked by "proper thinking" camouflage. Folks tend to "sus you out" first and use code words before clearly identifying themselves (at least on the white side). At least in the South, they’ll come out and say it directly without all the foreplay. I'd rather have someone give it to me straight than have to decode their meaning.

On “The best political ad of the season is a celebrity-endorement satire from Joss Whedon

"Which goes a long way to explaining why 40% of Americans can’t identify which party is Pro-Choice and which is Pro-Life."

I chuckled at this. Arguing over which side you want telling you what you can and can't do with your life/body. Funny.

On “George Lucas Taps Out

Hey, as long as we can see cute chicks running around with their midrift exposed, aka Natalie Portman, I'll watch the movie when it comes out on TV. :)

On “How Big Is the Multiplier?

My bad. I should have inserted "productive" into the converstion....

On “Because the last thing we want is for Juan Peron to beat both Romney and Obama

The election monitors are really here to see how to Americans conduct voter fraud. We do it right!

On “Disruption Junction, What’s Your Function?

This is why I've not purchased an e-reader. I want what I "purchase" to be mine and I don't want to boot up the machine one day to find my stuff has been deleted. I'll stick to hard copies for the moment.

On “How Big Is the Multiplier?

Well, actually, if the gov't spends it, it spends less than the amount taken in as it has to pay for administrative and other internal costs, so at the margin, the multiplier is negative by some amount.

On “The Towering Legacy of George W. Bush

Indeed. Thank god we have the other Nobel prizes for real achievement in something.


Please, my personal anecdote supports the reporting I saw of the campaign in my state. To wit: I worked in a company of over 300 folks, all within the same state, and said state is reliably blue. I worked in the most leftist county in this state: the vast majority of employees were of the left, far left persuasion. Everyone was quite vocal about their opinions about Bush, both before the presidential campaign, and during, and about BOB. Every day I heard employee conversations about this, people spoke directly to me about it, etc. Dude, it was all over the office and it was a microcosm of the state in general and that’s what was reflected in the new reporting here. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I lived through it.

On “How Big Is the Multiplier?

I thought this was a farily reasonable post. Well, except for the quotes from that tool from Slate….

But something I didn't see addressed is this: The multiplier: "When you spend a dollar that dollar becomes someone else’s to spend, and when they spend it, it becomes someone else’s to spend. How much increased spending this causes is the multiplier". So, in terms of fiscal policy, the gov't obtains money from three sources: taxes, bonds, or printing. Excluding foreign entities in play, all the money, the gov't has comes from citizens, if it doesn't come from being printed. So regardless of the equation on the right side, you're not addressing the left side, i.e. if the gov't taxes me 100 dollars and then spends it, your calculation of the multiplier lies solely on the impact of gov't spending the 100 dollars. Since that 100 dollars has been taken from me, where's that negative? That’s not money I have that I could have spent. I could have saved or spent some or all of that 100 dollars. Sounds to me like the you’re missing that component.

On “The Towering Legacy of George W. Bush

Personal experience dude, personal experience. I saw it and heard it from my neighbors and coworkers. I'll edit my comment to "everyone who was left of center I that I ran into during the campaign".

Happy now?


Rocking piece Jason!

A couple things to take away, in my opinion. Those on the left screamed bloody murder about various policies Bush implemented and they rallied around Obama as the savior and fixer of those complaints. They ended up with ash as BOB essentially continued the same policies. Conclusion: except for a few hard core folks that care about policy/ideology, all the rest just wanted their own guy in power--nothing but politics and they can be dismissed as posers.

All the politicians that objected to these new regulations and laws don't seem to object as much now that they are in control. Hmmm..... Odd no?

On “Presidential Debates Should be Deemed Cruel and Unusual

Let's have a "thunderdome". Two enter, one leaves.

On “Let’s Not Demand an Apology from Ann Coulter

You know it's funny. Why would anyone expect a professional bomb thrower like Ann to apologize? That's her shtick--throwing out these things and letting everyone get all riled up.

And god bless her. It's like watching a movie. I don't care who she insults, it's the reaction that's fun to watch. Now, if you just ignored her, she'd fade away.

On “Presidential Debates Should be Deemed Cruel and Unusual

You know the old saw about lies, politicians, and speaking. Nuff said.

I really don't understand the dismay/histrionics here. This is new to you? This has been going on for a long time. The key to politics is to be everything to everyone, then reneg on any promises once elected.

On “More on Being a Woman in a Male-dominated Field

I will amend my previous comments to this: There are simply NOT enough hot “super model” types around around me. :)

On “Electoral College Reversal

Oh Gee! I WONDER why registration for Democrats is on the rise in a "suburb" of DC in a heavily Republican state? Maybe it's all those tax feeders knowing where their next check is coming from?

I'm sure it's the case in MD as well. Both are suburbs of DC, both feed off the largess of gov't contracts and other programs. Why do you think that Mont. County is one of the wealthiest counties in the country? Proximity to DC is a major factor.

On “More on Being a Woman in a Male-dominated Field

I support Professor Dario Maestripieri's position, but it's worse than just not enough hot girls at this conference.

There are simply NOT enough hot "super model" types around anywhere! (With the possible exception of a Victoria's Secret fashion show.

This deficiency simply MUST be corrected!!!!

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