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On “Rudy’s Got A Case…Of the Monday’s

Rudy is not at all a good lawyer anymore, especially at this level of practice. This is where you want future Supreme Court justice material presenting arguments, as happened in 2000, not TV attorneys.

This particular legal case was staggeringly weak. Just because Republicans were denied proper access and oversight of the county process does not causally mean that Democrats were cheating. That would be like trying to convict somebody of theft, simply based on the fact that their buddy happened to be blocking the security camera. I don't know of anyone sent to prison simply because a witness had their back turned, so that a crime might have occurred, when nobody could see. Before you establish aiding and abetting, you have to establish that a crime was being committed. That trail of argument doesn't work in reverse.

Pennsylvania is election rigging writ large, and the Republicans have to be able to defeat the Democrat position of "Yes, but we used such a wide variety of tricks that you'll never be able to prove that just one type of fraud would've changed the result!" That is, indeed, a head scratcher.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Post-election Intramurals Edition

Um, Norway is more capitalist than the US. Their minimum wage is zero. Their highest tax rate is not much different from their lowest, and that tax rate kicks in on people making around $500.00 a year.

Norway also makes a fortune on North Sea oil. You could regard the country as basically an oil company where the average employee is worth over $150K just from what they have invested in the New York stock exchange. They stay rich by selling oil to the rest of Europe at inflated prices.


The raw vote totals (with timestamps) in many states is such a pile of garbage that it's hard to know where to start. For example, the running vote count in Pennsylvania, from 1:14 AM on election night to 11/10/2020, has 533 updates. Summing the negative updates (shifts in the total count) shows Trump getting -408,527 votes (negative) and Biden getting -637,879 votes (negative). There are all kinds of statistically screwy and improbable patterns in the data, but how do you pulls those out while ignoring the negative one million-plus votes? It's like looking at garbage from an accountant who was taking LSD.

Whatever system we're using, if it produces data like what I'm looking at, we need to abandon it wholesale, because I have no more faith in the outcome than asking random fifth graders to make up numbers representing the two candidates totals.


Hey, I want to replace humans with genetically engineered super-soldiers who will be better at fighting the robots and cyborgs that will be fielded by the Chinese A.I.'s.

Now, needless to say, we can engineer the soldier's lifespans so that Social Security is redundant, and most of them will die in epic battles anyway, but there won't be any great need to eliminate it. And we'll still need a safety net for the soldiers that are injured but recoverable, and we'll still need regulations because unlike our cyborg opponents, we won't have rule sets hard-coded in at the factory. Not only won't we do away with UBI, all the super-soldiers will have standard food rations and basic ammunition allotments.

So yes, he's describing a viewpoint that is definitely extreme fringe, unlike my far more mainstream views where we completely replace humanity, but retain many of those basic programs.


How can they certify the results when the process and results show evidence of massive fraud?

Their job, is certifiers, is to not certify invalid results, otherwise we wouldn't have created that step in the process. It's the same as professional engineers refusing to sign off on flawed bridge plans.

That critical step is supposed to make everyone pour over everything to identify what is wrong, what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how to possibly fix the problem.

On “On History and Being Doomed to Repeat It

Perhaps because we're living in fear of being doxxed, are being deplatformed (we're all in Twitter and Facebook jail), and are afraid of being attacked on the street or at home by mobs of violent leftists, while Democrat politicians loudly say we'll have to give up our cars, give up our health insurance, pay vastly more for energy, give our jobs to Guatemalans, and be forced to atone for our group sins as white oppressors.

I'm sure in the earlier era we're discussing, you'd be carping that it's crazy for Jewish bankers to express fear when they control everything in Germany, money, society, and culture, with their grubby little hands.


Great post Kirstin.

One of the most in-depth history books on the rise of the German party in the 1930's made a point that it's three fundamental pillars were faith, hope, and charity. It presented profoundly moving arguments about life and how people should come together to help each other. But deeply embedded in those pitches was the idea that some people were evil and selfish, and whose presence prevented the attainment of true socialist goals that everyone should support.

There were capitalists and bankers who sought to take advantage of Germany's weakened state. There were groups who'd stabbed it in the back. There were, in our phrasing, lots of mouth-breathing troglodytes who'd been exploiting the weak and the needed for generations. There were people who'd gamed the system, and socialists who'd made big promises and failed to deliver because the were either weak, corrupt, incompetent, or all three things. That pitch was similar to what you hear from Bernie and AOC about why Obama, with control of both houses, didn't deliver free-college and free universal healthcare, as they were undermined by Democrats who were in bed with the evil insurance industry, etc.

Once they took power, they focused on providing universal health insurance, generous and efficient welfare, and objective, verified news - by undermining any competition in those areas. Opposition or neutral newspapers were deplatformed and shutdown. Competing charities, such as Catholic charities, were either forced to become arms of the state, turning over all their donations to the state for redistribution, or simply destroyed. Businesses were forced to either cooperate with the state, or they were taken over by the state, because the state was run by true believers who knew what was best for all of society, and who were grounded in Faith, Hope, and Charity.

The whole attitude was "We're the good guys. Anybody who doesn't agree with everything we stand for is evil, and should be silenced, shut down, re-awakened, or kicked out." They didn't leave any breathing room for anyone to voice doubts about the group's rightness, discarded long-established legal safeguards as obsolete and rigged for the elites, and got all the big companies on board with the program. It was morally-driven group-think, writ large and given absolute power.

Much of what the party did that won't form a repeatable pattern was due to the peculiarities of their particular peeves and obsessions, weird excuses they made up for why this or that country must be conquered and occupied, or why this or that social policy must be suddenly enforced. Those actions are much like seeing what a Twitter outrage mob is focused on this week, as opposed to last week, because group-think flits around like a flock of starlings as the group tries to gauge what's trending, and it's usually whatever the media tells them is trending.

The main thing they were good at producing was self-justifications for all the crazy things they were doing, and those usually boiled down to "We must fight the evil people by any means necessary! Everything is at stake!"

It has happened before, it will happen again, and it is happening now.

On “Let’s Just Let This Play Out

I may have had something to do with that, though I'm not sure. I've been talking it up. One of the odd statistics I'm seeing is that Biden is outperforming Hillary by pretty good margins in many cities, but not Milwaukee, Chicago, Philly, Detroit, and parts of Atlanta. It's like voter turnout went way up in the key states, but not in the cities known for cranking out fraudulent votes, where we would normally point to a ridiculous rise in turnout as evidence of possible fraud.

So what I've been suggesting is to look at the postmarks on the ballots, not for the time stamp, but for where they originated, as they get postmarked at the first post office that processes them.

With mass mail-in-balloting, the fraud-factories in the machine-cities would've been smart to forge ballots for contests everywhere in the state - except the city of origin. So Philly will look clean, and simultaneously it will look that there was an unusually large Biden turnout in Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, and Hershey that nobody expected.

But if they did that, large number of ballots in those smaller towns and cities would likely carry Philly postmarks. Say there's 800,000 of them. There's no way 800,000 Pennsylvanians drove to Philly and crashed on somebody's couch just to mail a ballot. The same thing would be true in Detroit, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee. Almost no Hershey ballots should carry a Philly postmark, as anyone who'd moved to Philly shouldn't be voting in Hershey.

Yet even if the ballots are separated from the envelopes, the envelopes are still election-related papers that must, under Federal law, be retrained for 22 months after an election, so at some point that will be looked into. The pattern to look for would be an unusually large number of mail in ballots from across a state that came from a particular place.


Many Trump attorneys are quitting because they're being doxed, having their firms threatened, and getting death threats. That's a common occurrence in Third World Countries where all the elections are rigged. We're supposed to get used to it under Biden.

On “All The Socks That Need Darning

I had a vinyl air mattress that had some small leaks in it, due to a small black kitty, so I just cut it up to form a leg. Air beds are made as tubes, internally, and it's trivial to cut them into what I need. I'm not sure that I can properly make a caterpillar joint in vinyl as opposed to nylon, but it's something to play with.


Well, you wear the socks the 99% of the time your not on an EVA.

As an aside, I had an idea for a force-free suit joint that I haven't had time to prototype.

You stitch up a typical sleeve, with the usual gathers around the elbow (like a wooly worm section), with two pieces of nylon that that keep the worm section from stretching out. That's pretty much the standard pressure suit elbow or knee joint, as you'd have on a Russian or US suit. But since it's not a constant volume joint, it wants to straighten out under pressure.

So you build one and measure it's torque-displacement curve (you can see some of these posted for various designs). The more you bend such a joint, the harder it is to bend.

But for any particular joint, that torque-displacement curve is constant. So all you have to do is counter the torque by a fixed function of joint angle. To do that, you give the joint a natural elbow. For an elbow you use some short rods and a bearing, or just a couple of rods joined with a piece of nylon webbing, or you use solid pipes for the straight sections away from the joint, with the upper and lower sections, looking much like a medieval armor.

Then you attach a tendon cable, which will act just like the tendon connecting your bicep to your forearm. The tendon cable could attach to a spring, somewhat counter-acting the natural tendency of the suit joint to straight under pressure.

But then you have the spring pull on a cord that goes around a pulley, while a second sheave of the pulley is cut as a cam that's based on the natural torque-angle curve of the suit joint. That should allow you to completely cancel the joint's natural stiffness.

But instead of a spring, you could use an air piston, with one end open to vacuum and the other end connected to the suit pressure, so that the force applied to the pulley/cam system by the piston is directly proportional to the pressure differential of the suit. As an interesting aside, what this mechanism ends up doing is making a constant-volume suit joint, with the motion of the air-piston exactly compensating for the change in internal volume caused by flexing the joint. Thus no work is performed in bending the joint.

At some point maybe I'll try to build a little prototype. When I was last looking at doing it, I had a piece of nylon tent cloth sewn into a tube, and was trying to find a good sealing compound. There are quite a few polyurethane coatings used for inflatable rafts that might work well.

If you got really fancy with the cams and cables, I think you could make a 3-D joint on the same principles, for a neck, a torso, or possibly a hip.


I darn socks all the time. The last time was about three days ago, on a heal that was wearing through. The week before that I was darning a the ball area on a sock that had already had the heel darned. I use an LED light bulb for a darning egg.

Everybody says it makes no sense to darn socks, and that I should just run out an buy more socks. I tell them that when the apocalypse hits, or perhaps during the coming civil war, they'll be coming to me inside of six months to get their socks darned, because the sock factories will be shut down.

When we send humans to colonize Mars, there's not way they're going to send enough socks with them. One of the critical skills of a space colonist will be darning.

I'm wondering if Elon should send a couple of vintage, hand-cranked sock knitting machines.

Youtube video of making a sock.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Post-election Intramurals Edition

Yeah. I'm sure everybody is using a government socialist smart-phone...

Have you seen many advances in your city water delivery in the last fifty years? Are you able to get ten times more water than you used to?

With utilities, the debate isn't so much between "socialist" and "capitalist" but between "socialist monopoly" and "capitalist monopoly". Nobody is going to run three independent waters or electric systems all the way to your house. Even when phone systems were either Bell or GTE, you couldn't choose between them. They had regional monopolies, similar to California with SoCalEdison, PG&E, and a few others.

Socialism is essentially a controlled and regulated monopoly. Graham, of Graham Cracker fame, once proposed moving the entire population of the planet to Texas and running humanity as one vast, monolithic corporation. How is that different from socialism other than branding?

On “Let’s Just Let This Play Out

Okay, so we looked up people who had the same name, same Zip Code, and were born in the same month and year as each other, each over 100 years old...

So there were thousands and thousands of them who were dead, who voted, and yet had that doppleganger who shared their Zip, name, birth year, and birth month, who were obviously also over a hundred years old, and these quasi-twins were still up and kicking?

That's really the defense argument you want to go with? How dumb do you think people are?


Nobody demanded any red flags. We were just looking at the obvious fraud, and seeing it everywhere, each person noting dozens and dozens of indicators. Finally someone just asked if the sheer number of indicia of fraud is a direct sign of fraud, in and of itself.

The answer, from fraud investigators, was a resounding "Yes!"


I didn't copy and paste it, I wrote it off the top of my head, just based on all the fraud I've seen. However, it's now being copy and pasted all over the place. I posted it at Instapundit and told everybody to grab it, use it, and expand it, and they did, posting it on their own blogs and sending it to their friends and family. It's just going to grow.

Try explaining any four of those red flags, much less all of them.

Heck, maybe there's some rational explanation for why Virginia votes in floating point numbers, so a person can cast 1.29 votes for Biden. I'm assuming it didn't get flagged earlier because most everyone who's set up an automatic processing of New York Times raw vote data would have programmed their end of the feed to use integers, so they weren't even seeing what was really coming in.

Maybe there's a natural reason that some batches of Virginia votes had -373,121.35 votes (negative). Maybe there's a reason that all the tiny little numbers coming in had the same Biden/Trump ratio with a standard deviation of 0.001%. I can't think of one. Can you?


The bellwether counties aren't random guesses, or they'd miss about half the elections. Everybody would miss about half. An election is not like the NCAA tournament, because the outcome is determined by how the people in the counties are voting.

Counties that are strongly Republican will miss all the elections where a Democrats wins, and counties that are strongly Democrat will miss all the elections where Republicans win. Thus, of those 3243 counties, the vast majority are horrible at picking elections, unable to beat 50%.

But in between those are counties that are very evenly spit, mirroring the country as a whole. Each of them has turned out to be a very representative polling sample of the nation, and each has a county-sized sample. Not 1,000 people as in most polls, but 20,000 or 30,000 people.

So it's like a network built over a dozen giant, carefully-crafted focus-groups and had them all actually vote. That should be the best election predictor possible. The odds that all those focus groups would be wrong are, essentially, none, because they are just a very representative subset of the population that is making the decision about who actually wins.

And I added 1960 to see how it changed things. It dropped each county's odds from 90.58% accuracy to 88% accuracy. I then ran 10 billion elections, which would be older than the universe itself, and there was still no case where 5 bellwethers were wrong.

The outcome simply isn't possible. It's what you might term a statistical tell. Natural outcomes don't have the same signature as rigged outcomes, because the fake votes cause a major deviation from natural patterns, whether spatially, temporally, demographically, or in turnout, cross-over patterns, down-ticket patterns, male-female vote ratios, precinct-turnout rates, and all kinds of other natural statistical relationships that get violated. As you compare the statistical patterns of natural elections to rigged ones, huge anomalies pop out. You might see something where people who voted early in the day aren't remotely similar to the people voting right before polls close (or days after!), and go back and look to see that the pattern doesn't remotely match that pattern seen in ten previous elections. There are all kinds of statistical features that are indicating that this was a rigged election. Bellwethers are just one of them that I happened to do myself.

Yesterday I was completing a spreadsheet of the vote totals in the 50 largest metropolitan areas in 2012, 2016, and 2020. All kinds of glaring anomalies are popping out. Heck, Virginia 2016 looks highly suspicious.


Gee. Democrats said the exact opposite in 2000 and 2016. Apparently you can only demand thorough recounts or allege foreign election interference if a Republican wins. We're still waiting on Democrats to concede the 2016 election. They never did, and spent four years saying that Trump was illegitimate, in the absence of any evidence to support it.

As the fraud investigators pointed out, sometimes there's one or two red flags but no fraud, but it's rare to have three, and almost unheard of to have four and not be able to prosecute the case to a successful conviction.

This one has dozens of red flags. During the act, we have:

1) Trump was winning all the keys states by huge margins on election night. Even people here said 2020 was reminding them of exactly what they went though on 2016. And then, in the middle of the night, Biden surged ahead. That doesn't happen in multiple states.

2) All the key states mysterious stopped counting at about 1:00 AM, and only the key states stopped counting. Why would a state do that? Red flag.

3) Georgia claimed they stopped counting, saying the Atlanta arena was flooding from a burst pipe and the vote counters had to be evacuated. That was false. The arena never filed any paperwork for a contractor to come and fix anything. The only confirmation that there was even a leak said it was a minor drip that was quickly mopped up, and was nowhere near the counting. Red flag.

4) Republican observers were sent home because ballot counting had stopped, and that’s when the new fake ballots showed up. The delivery vehicles full of ballots were caught on video. Ballots aren’t normally driven across a state to be counted somewhere else. Red flag.

5) How did Biden’s lead massively increase while ballot counting was stopped? If you’re not counting ballots, the number shouldn’t be changing. Yet it did, by hundreds of thousands, but only for one candidate. That one would cause any international election observer to throw a red flag.

6) Republican election observers weren’t present when the new ballots were arriving in the middle of the night, because they’d been sent home. Another red flag.

7) Republican election observers weren’t allowed to observe in many of the states. Trump is correct, as backed up by their affidavits. Many were barred, many were ejected, some by “security”. In Philly they weren’t allowed to observe, even with a court order. The sheriff blocked them. That went on for days. Huge red flag, and another that UN observers take as evidence of election fraud.

8) Long delays in counting the votes in key states. Under international standards, long delays in vote counting are taken as suspicious, and usually indicate election rigging. Counting just isn’t at all hard compared to making up fake ballots that can survive cursory scrutiny. A long delay likely means they’re making sure they have enough “recount survivable” fraudulent ballots, or enough to cover for a rigged vote tally that was made up on election night.

9) All the long counting delays concerned cities with a long history of machine politics and rampant election fraud.

10) Observed real-time vote tally’s in multiple states where Trump or Jorgensen’s total count decreased. Negative votes aren’t supposed to exist. That’s a sign that the election were being hacked.

11) Mail-in-ballots arriving in Pennsylvania before they were even shipped out. That can’t happen in this universe, and is definite sign of fraud.

12) Large numbers of dead people, who were born over a hundred years ago, being recorded as having voted. I’ve confirmed plenty of those myself.

13) Large number of women reporting that someone voted under their maiden name. This happened to some of the women I comment with.

14) Large numbers of people showing up on election day and being told they’d all ready voted.

15) Republicans checking to make sure their ballot was recorded and finding out that it wasn’t, and then having to harass election officials for days to get it recorded. This happened to a blogger I’ve read for years, who happens to be a member of the US diplomatic corps.

16) The use of different voting standards in Democrat counties compared to Republican counties. One of Trump’s lawsuits is based on that.

17) New ballots showing up days after the election. The number of ballots still to be counted kept increasing, for days in some counties. Nothing like this remotely happened in normal states.

18) Late changes to election laws (in many states) and last-minute changes to election procedures and standards. Changing the system virtually during the act is a sign of election rigging by people in power. Trump has already had some rulings in his favor on that issue, as state election officials only have the power to enforce election laws, not to modify them on the fly.

19) Turning off or turning down voter signature verification so fraudulent ballots aren’t caught. This occurred in most or all of the key states. One reporter in Arizona voted nine times under different names, and all but one of the votes passed their signature checks. Pennsylvania’s mail-in-ballot rejection rate plummeted from 0.95% to 0.03%. It should’ve gone up because of the vast influx of first-time mail-in-voters, who often have a 3% rejection rate in that state. Since only election officials (the people running the election) can do that, it is a sign of election rigging.

20) Observations of people outside election areas making fake ballots. Some of this is on video, with “activists” signing multiple ballots just outside the election locations, with boxes of ballots in their vehicles, and with attempts to keep people from photographing them.

21) That the media was making very unsupportable calls on election night, all favoring one candidate over the other. In other countries, this is taken as evidence of a thumb on the scales.

22) The press suppression all allegations of voter fraud. Again, that happens in banana Republicans and is often evidence of voter fraud. Note that the same media organizations doing this are the ones who spent four years hyping every last hint that the Russian’s may have flipped even one vote, or that big data may have been used, or that dozens of people trolling Facebook counts as election rigging.

23) A rush to be declared the winner and get a concession, so as to avoid any recounts or investigation into election irregularities. Shoplifters try to get out the door as quickly as possible, just as all criminals try to avoid being searched or questioned.

24) Attempts to intimidate opposition lawyers. Some of the law firms hired by Trump have quit because of attacks, doxing, threats to their firms, and death threats. This is common in corrupt countries where an election has been rigged, and is a clear indication that one party does not want any evidence presented because it will expose their criminal activities, or show that the rigged an election. In normal legal practice, law firms are rarely if ever threatened, even when they’re defending ISIS terrorists.

25) People coming forward saying they were paid money to rig the election. That’s was already happening even prior to the election.

26) Whistle blowers coming forward saying they were told to perform illegal acts to sway the election. We’ve already got those.

27) Attempts to suppress and intimidate whistle blowers, along with attempts to silence or discredit them. We’ve already had that.

28) Attempts by top officials to suppress evidence that there was a coordinated effort to rig the election. We’ve had that too, with threats by a state AG to prosecute a reporter for playing a tape of instructions being given to election workers, in which they were told to attack Republican observers and throw away Republican ballots.

29) Attempts by media or other large communications concerns to suppress any discussions of election rigging, or anything questioning the results of the election. We’ve got that happening at Communist Chinese levels of censorship. The conservative half of the country can’t say anything on Twitter or Facebook. This just screams organized election fraud.

30) Organized media and tech suppression, to extreme levels, of stories that would harm their candidate, especially stories about ongoing criminal behavior. It means access to public information is being restricted, and if they will do that, they will do anything else. In other countries that is taken as a glaring red flag that the media is as corrupt as the system itself.

Statistical red flags

31) Extremely large and unusual voter turnouts in key areas that overwhelmingly favor one candidate. This is very prevalent, and also appeared in Putin’s re-election.

32) Voter turnouts that are above 90%. The highest turnouts in 60 or70 years in some areas (breaking records set when election rigging was commonplace), while most areas have close-to-normal turnouts, is a red flag of of election rigging to all international observers.

33) Voter turnouts exceeding 100%. If you run out of people long before you run out of ballots to count, you’re obviously counting fake ballots. In this election, some precincts exceeded 200% turnout.

34) extremely high turnouts for one candidate among certain demographics, which didn’t occur in similar cities in nearby non-battleground states that have similar demographics. This sticks out with a sore thumb where ever you look in this election, with northern Indiana and northern Ohio looking nothing like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, or Atlanta compared to Birmingham, etc.

For example, in Miami-Date, Baltimore city, and New York City’s five counties, Joe Biden got less votes than Obama or Hillary (99%, 99% and 76%). He barely outperformed Hillary in Chicago (up 4%), Columbus (11%), San Francisco (8%), Boston (3%), Washington DC (8%), New Orleans (10%), Arlington VA (14%). But then he does 50% better in places like Phoenix and Colorado Springs, 40% better in Austin, and 32% better in Atlanta? And Biden does this after ditching the Democrats’ famous and effective voter-turnout ground game?

35) Unusual ratios of Biden votes in mail-in-ballots in only certain areas. In Pennsylvania, Biden’s gap over Trump in mail-in-ballots was 40% of Trump’s lead in same-day voting, across all counties, except in the problem areas around Philly, where the gap inexplicably skyrocketed.

36) Swings in the Biden/Trump ratio of mail-in-ballots over time. When you look at the time when mail-in-ballots were counted, they’ve been randomized by the individual voters’ daily routines, personal procrastination levels, pickup routes, post-office procedures, sign-in times, and where they got placed on the floor at the election sites. The ratio should be like an isotopic signature at the point, and be extremely constant, as it is in non-key states. In the problem areas were fraud is historically highly prevalent, this ratio goes nuts, with the later ballots becoming more and more skewed towards Biden. The only way that can happen is through fraud.

37) Biden getting more and more of the expected number of votes, as predicted by the ratio of straight-ticket voters, as a district or precinct becomes more heavily Republican, again judged by the ratio of straight-ticket voters. This can only happen via a computer algorithm, because real voters don’t know how everybody else is voting, much less defect to Biden the more Republican their district is. In fact, the opposite should happen due to social influences like seeing thousands of signs supporting their favored candidate. This is very clear evidence of intentional election rigging via computer, and appears on a very wide scale.

38) Straight lines showing up in scatter plots that should look random. This is related to red flag #37, and show up in data in Wisconsin. Real data is messy, and when a statistical analysis turns that mess into a perfect, straight line, you’re seeing the work of a computer rigging results, not the actions of human beings who are hard to predict, and who drink a lot and sometimes lick Tide Pods.

39) The polls, which were wildly wrong, apparently got the suspect states surprisingly more accurate than states that got their ballots counted quickly. Basically, it looks almost like the vote in the late-counting states is being rigged to match polls that were wildly off everywhere else. Obviously all the pollsters shouldn’t have been close only in a couple of states.

40) It’s pretty much impossible for the result to deviate so much from the bellwether counties. Even if we’d been holding elections since before the Big Bang happened, we still wouldn’t have had a result where even eleven of seventeen bellwethers were wrong. This time 14 of them missed. Statistically, that simply can’t happen. When you find a result that is statistically virtually impossible, it is. So Biden forgot to rig the bellwether counties when he was rigging the key states, because only statisticians care about bellwethers.

41) The New York times election night live feed of raw data – for Virginia. Virginia is odd in that it apparently allows fractional voting, so a batch will come in that looks like this:
Batch stamp (GMT) Biden #, Trump #, Biden %, Trump %
2020-11-04T13:02:17Z 252.39 210.09 54.573171% 45.426829%

That one had 252.39 votes for Biden, and 210.09 votes for Trump, which were added to the running totals.

42) But the fractional voting gets weirder, because some of the batches have huge negative votes, like 2020-11-04T05:12:38Z, which had -37,510.39 votes for Trump. Kind of odd, eh?

43) But it gets weirder. In that dump, the first seven batches each gave Trump 45.4278% of the batch total, even when the number of votes was 11.28 to 9.39 or 1544.41 to 1285.57. The standard deviation of the Trump % of those 7 batches was 0.001653%, or a thousandth of a percent. The next 11 batches shifted slightly, giving Trump 45.22% of the vote, with a standard deviation of 0.02587%. The second group differed from the first group by 7 standard deviation of the second group, and 125 standard deviations of the first group. Only a machine creating fake ballots could do this, and by the way, there’s no such thing as a floating point vote. My assumption is that some coder didn’t realize he’d declared the wrong data type for his fake vote generator – which fed the New York Times election feed.

44) Hundreds of thousands of votes came in for Biden, out of nowhere, late in the night, while hundreds of thousands of Trump votes disappeared from the totals. The vote ratio on the later batches didn’t look remotely like what it had been in the first 125 batches of votes, in which Trump was taking a commanding lead. It’s like someone saw Trump was easily winning Virginia and hit the election-rigging panic button.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many, many other red flags, but the point is that three or four red flags usually indicate a strong case for conducting an investigation that will most likely result in prosecution and conviction. Here, off the top of my head (except those last 5 because I’d just been punching them through a spreadsheet), are ten times the number of red flags that you’d probably have when looking into a company like Enron. There’s so much of it, that you can probably see this fraud from the moon.


They're collecting affidavits, not grading them.

The woman who's dead son voted is towards the end. I've looked up lots of dead people who voted in Michigan, by their year of birth and Zip Code, and they indeed voted. I've even seen their death records.

But that's just one kind of fraud. This time they used pretty much all known forms of election fraud, such as voting under women's maiden names, voting for people who'd moved away (America's national champion wrestler found out he voted in Arizona, and he doesn't live there anymore and didn't receive a ballot). A reporter there sent in eight ballots under eight names and the signature machines let all but one go right through. Pennsylvania is likewise not checking signatures, intentionally, or their mail-in-rejection rate would've shot up instead of plummeting to almost nothing.

Votes in Michigan were being moved from Trump to Biden using a simple algorithm based on the Republican/Democrat ratio of straight ticket voting (STVR), which would range from 0 (no Republicans) to 1 (all Democrats), as told by the straight ticket votes.

If (STVR > 0.2) then 'district is not more than 80% Democrat - heavily Democratic
'precincts are untouched

shift = Trump_total * (0.15 * (STRV - 0.2)) 'start stealing votes at the 20% STVR
'range, and steal up to 15% of votes in direct proportion to the STVR ratio.
Trump_total = Trump_total - shift
Biden_total = Biden_total + shift

This left a glaring statistical foot print, which MIT researchers uncovered, and which cannot be explained in any other way.

And they sometimes just punched in made-up numbers, which is why Biden's votes counts fail Benford's law of first digits, unlike all the other candidates. You can't even say "Benford's Law" on Twitter without risking an account suspension. As they say, you know you're over the target when the firing gets intense.

And there's the swing over time in the ratio of Biden to Trump votes in mail-in-ballots. That ratio should remain fixed, or swing every so slightly towards Republicans due to their more rural locations and longer mailing delays. And indeed, those ratios are rock solid in states like Florida. But in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Minnesota, they are dramatically different. Since that ratio is like an isotope signature, and the Postal Service doesn't have gaseous diffusion equipment, it means that the swings in the ratio were almost certainly due to fraud.

And there's the percentage of ballots with no down-ticket votes. Anomalies in that rate are a red flag for election fraud, and three Pennsylvania counties stick out like a sore thumb in my plots. And there are wild anomalies in turn-out rates, with some places apparently exceeding 200%. And anomalies compared to other, similar demographics in similar cities. In explaining why blacks in city A where shattering turnout records, with Biden getting 178% of Obama's turnout, you also have to ask why this wasn't happening in any similar cities that finished their voting quickly and cleanly. Why did it only happen in the cities known for rampant voter fraud, which were still counting votes two weeks later?

An author asked professional fraud investigators their opinion of the case.

In your entire career, have you ever seen a case that threw up this many flags that DID NOT turn out to be fraud?

Their professional opinions were clear.

The answer was that none of them has ever even seen a case with this many red flags before. Usually they go on one or two red flags, sometimes three. This election has dozens and dozens. And again, they said that when a case starts out with flags like this, it is ALWAYS fraud. They knew of no exceptions.


Here are 234 pages of allegations, including people who said their dead relative voted (PDF).

The media is gaslighting the American public when they keep saying "There are no allegations of fraud." There are lots.

Also, see my above math on the statistical near impossibility of Biden being the actual winner. The Democrats rigged the vote in some key states, but they forget to rig the vote in the bellwether counties.

The problem for Democrats is that people like me, and the 70 million like me, aren't going away. We're going to be extremely vocal, forever. Victims are like that. That's one reason normal, non-criminal people don't run around robbing people blind.


The bellwethers are bellwhethers because for the past 60 years they been the most representative possible subsample of America as a whole. What happens in America happens in those, too.

For this result (only three right) to occur even 25% of the time, the odds of each bellwhether (which are scatter all across the nation) have to drop from 90% to 20%, in just four years, with no real shift in the voters. That's about as infinitely unlikely than the previous result.

We're talking unlikelihood so big that I had to change my approach to the problem because an Intel double-precision number doesn't have a big enough exponent. It only goes to 2^1024, and I needed it to go over 2^6000.

And that's just one of a staggering number of statistical analysis indicating massive, overwhelming election rigging, such as impossible turnouts, impossible ballot ratios, such as in Georgia where 95,000 ballots without any downvotes on them went 94,993 for Biden, 7 for Trump, or another apparent batch that was 20,000 Biden and -1000 Trump. How do you get negative votes?


I would say the conspiracy theory is that Biden won.

Only three of 17 bellwethers said he did. In aggregate, those 17 bellweathers have a 90.58% success rate, with 231 correct calls out of 255, across 15 election cycles (ignoring 1960 because it was rigged).

What is the expected number of bellwethers to miss at that rate?

18.6% of the time, it's a perfect call - all counties correct.
32.9% of the time, one county should miss.
27.3% of the time, two counties should miss
14.2% of the time, four counties should miss
5.1% of the time, five counties should miss
1.4% of the time, six counties should miss
0.29% of the time, seven counties should miss
0.047% of the time, eight counties should miss
0.0057% of the time, nine should miss
0.000066% of the time, ten should miss

11 or more didn't miss in a billion elections (billion with a B), which would be almost as old as the Earth itself.

This time, 14 bellwethers missed. Either this was the one election that shouldn't happen during the entire age of the universe, or all those hundreds of red flags indicated election fraud are really indicating fraud.

Happily, it only took my Ryzen 5 3600 a few minutes to run a billion simulated elections to give me those numbers. :-)

On “Attention Must Be Paid: The Electoral Lessons of the Working Class

India has a cultural problem that the US used to have. I'll relate a story told to me by the son of one of India's ambassadors to Russia. The son had tried several businesses in India and learned some things the hard way.

One is that some level of theft is expected. He tried running a propane tank delivery business, and almost every day someone would steal one of the propane tanks off the back off the delivery cart. What was actually happening was the delivery guy was selling some of them on the side. That was considered normal behavior, like getting a tip. But the losses were so big that he had to fold the business.

The other is a combination of two things.

When you want a suit in India, you go to a taylor, just as you might've done in London or New York in the 1800's. You explain what you want to the taylor, maybe show him pictures of some Western suit, and come back in two weeks.

What you get isn't going to match what you wanted. It's going to be what the taylor thought a suit should look like. You will try to argue your point, and the taylor will explain that you know nothing about suits, and that he is an expert and that his family has been making suits for six generations.

In India, the customer isn't right, the customer is ignorant compared to the vast knowledge and expertise of the vendor. Arguing just lets the customer confirm the vendor's beliefs in the ignorance of customers. So don't buy suits, or much of anything else, in India.

So I explained to him that the US also had this problem, and it caused massive headaches with government rifle production. A part from one gun couldn't fit on another gun, because all the parts made by different gunsmiths were different, and they were all perfect, according to the gunsmiths who were experts at making guns.

The way the Springfield arsenal solved that cultural issue was to introduce a gage system, with go and no-go gages. "Your part may be perfect, but it doesn't pass the gage tests, so I am not going to pay you anything for it." And all the parts became standardized, and the "expert craftsman" learned to work to spec. That rippled out through society, and now we don't even think about it.

The problem with Indian QC is the mindset. They'll have to change it like we did.

On “Let’s Just Let This Play Out

I think Biden could solve that problem with ease. "If you are a soldier fighting in Syria, you're not American!"

On “Attention Must Be Paid: The Electoral Lessons of the Working Class

Yes, I was focusing on, oh, how we might be better at building airliners than than growing rice, etc. But if we sell Boeing to China, then we'd become horrible at building airliners and would fall back to growing rice.

If a country sells off all the things it's good at, then it's left only doing all the things that it wasn't very good at, in comparison.

And you can do things like that to targeted countries. The Swiss excel at fine work, like watches and instruments. If we bought their watch companies, we could have them train US workers to do their jobs, then fire all the Swiss. The experienced Swiss would still have a huge set of skills, but those might go unused, and no new Swiss apprentices would be learning how to make watches. After a few decades, Switzerland wouldn't have any more inherent skill at it than Peru. They'd have sold off their core competency and would end up posting yodeling videos on Youtube.

Must of the rust belt was feeling like that. Their factories were being offshored and they were told to make yodeling videos.

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