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On “Wednesday Writs: Furman v Georgia and the Death Penalty

I've never seen a camo cop wearing a winter camo pattern even in mountainous or sub arctic climates. They wear the same old stuff. Makes me think the camo isn't about camouflage.

Of course they should all be in easily identifiable uniform.

On “Slate Star Codex has been deleted

Odd. Peculiar almost. But mostly evidence of deep bias. Sort of like T wishing Maxwell well. Just a meaningless blip of shit in the shit torrent so just ignore it. It's doesn't suit preferred partisan attacks, so nothing to see here.

Timing. No. You can only ignore the allegations as they come up.

Again. NYT was bad for doxing Scott's name even though he was being overly coy and trying to have his cake and eat it. But the NYT was wrong. Did i mention the NYT was wrong.


As long as we arent' talking about the allegations against the Foxer's i guess that's the point.

Do they have a history of printing the home address of people with allegations against them. Urrmm No.


LOL. Well caring about rape allegations is past it's sell by date i guess. I wish them all well.


Carlson was engaging in a preemptive attack on NYT to blunt the giant ass story of all the various allegations against Fox personalities. Classic "I'm really the victim" here move.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Distant Sounds of Inevitability Edition

We're still waiting for the sooper secret new tape of the Floyd murder that was going to blow the entire murder case showing it was all a big nothing burger. Is it coming out any minute now? Two weeks? Is trump wishing Maxwell best wishes the secret to release the tape? That's it!!!!! That was the signal. We'll be seeing new recordings of it any second now and Chauvin will be released. And to think we heard it all hear first.

On “From National Low Income Housing Coalition: Minimum wage workers cannot afford rent in any U.S. state

Huh? Once NY or Cali does it, it will be required by TX pols to condemn it as the worst thing ever commie marxist....blah blah blah.

Depending on the items in the basket, there can be problem with people from non basket states using the free basket stuff but not paying any of the taxes. Metro buses/ trains aren't an issue. Other things like HC will be.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Distant Sounds of Inevitability Edition

Hey now. His Muskness has invented The Tunnel so tourists can go up and down the strip in AC electric cars in some sort of tube through the earth. That is the Future (whoooosh)

On “From ABC News: Judge Esther Salas’ son shot and killed, husband injured in attack at their NJ home

Even when MRA types get in the vicinity of reasonable complaint they douse it in toxic bull shit. 66 year old guy hitting on young women at clubs!? Ugg. If that is his game then you gotta understand the deal: you are going to get shot down upwards of 99% unless you are famous or very rich. But clubbing at that age sounds so f'n sad. I'm sure it works for a few people if they have a strong community. This dude, he was magnetically attracted to getting shot down and blamed the world. Classic MRA.


Pope probably already has an email folder all about and from this dude filled with spittle flecked messages.


Apparently this is the dude. From Techdirt in 2016:

He sounds waaaay out there. Apparently all the media did a RICO. (call out to ken white fans)


Oh sweet Cthulhu, a MRA.


Plenty of lawyers are incredibly nuts. Don't really have enough to go on just based on an old case.

4 days ago? So. She wouldn't have had a chance to rule on anything or even possible set a hearing date yet. Another judge will be assigned. This a stretch. A very stretchy stretch.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Distant Sounds of Inevitability Edition

We can get plenty of reallignment, which i agree is coming, at the congressional/state level. Much easier to get a wave of younger folks there to start pushing the D's in a different direction. Let Joe be the kindly slightly risque grandfather who doesn't spark major fears outside of the fever swamps while we a new generation of D's. At least i hope so.

On “I Miss Prayer

The protests over police violence were a long time coming and it absolutely sucked that overlapped with COVID. Two terrible things at one time.( The anti Reeses Peanut Butter Cup) I don't blame the protesters since police violence to POC has been a burning issue for decades and the Floyd video was egregious. I saw lots of protests were people were masked up and trying to distance. That is separate from the fact we never had hard lock downs like many other countries did. Those countries are also doing much better then us now.

It seemed like the pro cop people used any argument to defuse the protests and any action that might come from them. It was a f'd up tricky time to protest decades of violence during a pandemic. But dunking on protests of police murder seems screwed up to me. We also haven't seen new outbreaks in cities where there was a lot of protesting so it isnt' clear they were a direct cause of at least some of the outbreaks.


Well you know the pro cop people really hated all those protests and loved to point out when they weren't peaceful.

On “Ordinary World: Torpedo the Thermal Exhaust Port Edition

Maybe there is something in it. I just haven't heard it. However i've been in social services/ mental health/court work for 30+ years so lots of things seem common place and old hat to me.


Well they are muzzling the CDC to hide COVID data so you know things are just going fooking great. The only sporking thing they know how to do is cover up and bs. The idea of trying to competently manage a crisis isn't even a memory in their took kit.

So No to 1. There will still be plenty of money to made by R's so they will be paying each other to rip each other off.


Just noting i've never heard a good word about something that is supposed to be ubiquitous and powerful. Someone must be reading it, but does anybody actually like it. Does it have any authority or is just the thing people like to hate so they keep talking about it since it easy to do.


OW6 It's funny i've never read anyone say one positive thing about White Fragility yet it's apparently a best seller. You think someone would have something good to say about it. I mean, it's sounds terrible to me, but someone is buying the book i guess. Is it all HR depts in big corps? I'm serious that could be the answer and explain a lot. But it also seems like a lot of pixels being spent on something so weak.

On “Andrew Scales The Lofty Heights of Mt Cuomo

Yup, nobody more victimized then those working the PR machine for a new gig.


Welp this clarifies the Bari Weiss thing. Andrew Sullivan just tweeted he is leaving the NY mag. They will be starting a project together. This quitting is the loud prelude to gin up energy for their new thing. Nothing announced yet but if this isnt' what happens i'll eat my pixels. It will be the freest thinking thing ever with a possible extensive look at The Bell Curve.


Are there any other sides to the story? Do any other NYT columnists get called vile names?


The Saudi's litterly killed a WAPO columnist. Who were the only people that tried to make a thing of that? The big news orgs. The trump gov did shite. That seems like a far far more serious "cancelling" then things we are talking about. Weiss herself has a fairly long history of trying to get people fired for views she didn't find proper.

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