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On “Veronica Mars and the Case of the Overused Sexual Tension

Thank you for letting me know that. I really do think that for me, it would have been a lot of wasted time.


Thanks for reading. I appreciate your time.

People enjoy different elements of shows. To be honest I couldn't tell you a single case Veronica solved in any of her hourlong adventures (I do remember the plot arc mysteries). So for me it was a big loss.

On “Little Miss Don’t Disappear

That is very much the process I went through to get to the point I could enter the public sphere. A lot of self-talk where I realized that I was my own worst enemy and it was ok to do things I didn't enjoy for a higher purpose, and most of all to do things imperfectly. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


I'm so glad to hear that! Thank you!


Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.


It's funny, I wrote the bulk of this piece a few weeks ago and then ended up in a dark place for a variety of reasons and haven't written much. I really appreciate the kind words.


I do tell myself that. Much easier to comment than to produce. Thank you!

On “Worst Use of “Will They or Won’t They” Ever: How I Met Your Mother

Awesome piece!! I did not watch the show, but heard enough about it so I caught the drift. Sounds absolutely enraging!


Oooh exciting!! I'll be looking for it.

Thank you so very much!

I think you're a really strong person in other ways that I am not so let's just agree we are kindred spirits. :)

On “Night Shift

Great piece! I've worked in food service a lot over the years and it really resonated with me.

My most frustrating place of employment was also servicing college kids. Just like you describe, management wanted us to always have food on hand because we'd often get late runs and turning customers away cost business, but unlike you describe, they had a different business model - they'd rather see the food thrown into the trash than allow anyone to eat it. We weren't even allowed to take it home ourselves. So it put us in the unenviable position of either getting in trouble for running out of food, or getting in trouble for throwing too much away. And since we were all making minimum wage, it sure hurt throwing away thousands of dollars of perfectly good food every day.


My personal pet peeve - no "not" button. You could do a lot of weeding yourself if you had a button that could thin out the ranks a little. I spend a massive amount of time looking for things that I know I read in the past, but newer things with similar names have come along to supplant them. :/

On “The People Problem of Fast Food Labor

Yep we were just at McDonald's in Moses Lake, Wa (not exactly a major metro area) and they had the ordering kiosks both at the drive thru and indoors. Lots of people were using them. Up till now I've refused on general principle but we recently had a pretty lousy experience at a Wendy's with worker error, so it's a hard call to make.

On “One More Slice With Andrew

I really enjoyed this. So sorry to hear of your loss.

On “So Close, Yet So Far…

I had missed this the first time, so glad I got a chance to read it.

My husband ran for Congress in 2000 (as a Libertarian, he didn't intend to win) and then spent several years on the Town Council, and he often says that no matter what the future holds, he feels like we did our part to influence events as best we could. :)

On “Not Ready To Call It A Career Just Yet…

I really really enjoyed this. I've worked all kinds of jobs too (including shit jobs, literally) and I wouldn't trade any of them. Thanks for writing it.

On “That’s Amore!

What a wonderful piece! Thanks so much for sharing it.

On “Tuna Pizza, the Spice of Social Media

Great piece!!! I don't get the hating on other people's likes and dislikes in the food department, makes no sense to me. If I ever have the opportunity I'll give tuna pizza a whirl!

On “American Sandwich Project – Baked Bean Sandwiches

I give these to my kids regularly, only they insist on having some form of sugar with them of course.


I somehow missed this comment the first time through but that is very similar to my story. I never ate them growing up (other than refried beans) but as an adult I've realized I do really enjoy them. Thanks for reading - and I'm actually doing another sandwich article finally!

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