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On “Chik-Fil-A: Why Can’t a Chicken Sandwich Just Be a Chicken Sandwich?

Do you believe that there are no negative consequences to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories as worthy of debate?


Huh weird if it’s so close I wonder why they don’t say what I said.


"There is nothing wrong with LGBT people, same sex marriage should be legal, and LGBT people deserve legal protection against housing and employment discrimination."

Pretty easy, huh?


It is the wildest fear, but ultimately the SA exists because people want to give it money, and what gives Rod Dreher the shits is that it might no longer be able to attract people's money if it continues to try to pander to assholes like Rod Dreher.


I also see questions like “what is it worth to us to feed the homeless?” studiously ignored when we’re discussing the cancellation of an organization dedicated to doing that sort of thing.

I see it just as studiously avoided when the question is what an organization that wants to feed the homeless should do in order to ensure that other people keep giving it money to feed the homeless.


So, why would CFA risk alienating its most ardent defenders? Have the protests taken a toll? They’ve built the franchise into the 3rd largest fast food chain in America, but were forced to close their first London location following protests. Several cities as well as college campuses have declared CFA unwelcome. Did they decide that changing some contributions would be a small sacrifice to make?

No matter how much you love capitalism, it will never love you back.


The Salvation Army just lost a major corporate donor, very probably because of what folks on veronica's side of the aisle think.

Maybe they'll make it up elsewhere. Maybe they won't.

But it's not at all obvious that it's veronica who is going to wind up entirely alone on account of her list of purity tests.


The fact that Chick-fil-A became a cause celebre among conservatives after liberals started objecting first to its CEO's positions on LGBT issues, and then to its pattern of donations strongly suggests that conservatives do not, in fact, shun this kind of thinking.

On “Public Impeachment Hearings Begin

So Trump intimidated a witness before the House Intel Committee while she was testifying via Twitter.

I'm glad someone is taking steps to liven these hearings up.

Also, in related witness tampering news, Roger Stone has been convicted of all charges.

On “Pete Buttigieg Tops Latest Iowa Polling

Pretty sure that there's no group of 50 000 people that a US political party absolutely needs to win.


I know some cops too.

Some of them are decent people.

Wouldn't want any of them to be President.

On “Public Impeachment Hearings Begin

Why do you think impeachment will fire up Trump voters to support him more than they already do, or, for that matter, fire up Dems to hate him more than they already do?

On “Pete Buttigieg Tops Latest Iowa Polling

Which of Saul's statements are wrong?

Also, when's the last time you took a shot at George for his absolutely delusional bullshit that he has every bit as much confidence in as Saul and then some?

Or is it only folks on Team Blue who get this kind of scolding?


Leon Cooperman, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, and arguably Bill Gates.


Of all the candidates who seemed like they'd be genuine contenders, Harris has done the worst job trying to thread the needle between the more Leftward and less Leftward wings of the Democratic Party.

Also she's a cop.


Yeah. Looks like it's a photo from a fair of some sort, where such accoutrements aren't uncommon.

On “Play Free or Die

Evidently a lot of what makes freemium games profitable is the same thing that makes casinos profitable. While there are a bunch of people who never spend a dime, and a bunch more like Kristin who spend a modest amount, there's a small fraction of players who will just keep pouring money in, to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Frequently those people are completely unable to afford this, and are blowing rent money and car payments on Monopoly money and imaginary hats. It's more about obsessive and addictive behavior than ordinary fun.

So not only is that ugly and exploitative (which is definitely the worst part from my point of view), but it also degrades the game for folks who just want to spend a few bucks on a fun game. All in all it's kind of a shitty setup.

On “Elizabeth Warren Releases Medicare For All Plan, Math Debate Ensues

OK, so the problem with this policy agenda for health care isn't that it's necessarily all bad or even mostly bad. I'm really skeptical that simply publishing prices and preventing shady deals alone would do the necessary work for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the way that emergency care works.[1]

The problem is that while individual Republicans have reasonable ideas about how to handle this, the party as a whole has completely and repeatedly failed to coalesce around any of them, while also doing anything it can to undercut attempts to reform healthcare in a more market-oriented way.

[1] If you're lying on a gurney in an ambulance with a dislocated knee you aren't really in very good shape to bargain hunt, and the number of choices you have may be strictly limited well, to cite one example with which I am personally familiar.

On “Michael Bloomberg Reportedly Entering 2020 Democratic Primary

Hey, if you want to vote for a moderate Democrat who was born in 1942 and has a last name that begins with 'B', well, now you have some options!


Not as funny as the time he talked about how he tried to fuck a whale TBQH.

On “Thursday Throughput: Nuclear Explosion Edition

The movie was extremely bad though, so there's that.

On “Vinyl On Pace to Outsell CDs: Here’s What That Means

And the automatic expectation that people will either laugh at the joke or that they will be polite and ignore it is a manifestation of privilege.

And, quite honestly, I don’t see why either of these statements are controversial.

The second is controversial because it rests on the idea that Trump supporters are an oppressed minority and that a failure to read the room is an oppression of privilege.

Mr Bradley's line was (as much as I hate to admit it) ill-advised, but it was ill-advised because of how many people here will start caping for Trump supporters at the drop of a hat.


"Microaggression" against Trump supporters.

For the record.


But I do think that it’s nice to come to a place where the discussions about entertainments are places where one can expect issues such as race, religion, or sexuality to be treated, at worst, neutrally.

I didn't realize supporting Donald Trump was a religion, much less a race or sexuality.

Like, I've seen people quote the insights of Richard fucking Spencer in articles about Star Wars.

Like here at OT.

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