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On “Tuning Out

I listened to some of the highlights on NPR on my commute home. Mueller sounded like a broken record, when he wasn't sounding like a senile old man, while the question askers each spent more time crafting a narrative his answers were to highlight. I could have fallen asleep to the Q&A and it revealed nothing...nothing new. And we're talking NPR, not Fox. If NPR broadcast a snooze fest, who do you think would care except the damn fringes?

On “U.S. Hasn’t Signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control — But Are We Surprised?

So what? Why is it any of America's business what other countries choose to do about smoking? Frankly, the 200k of deaths is a drop in the bucket in terms of deaths.

I'm a firm believer that if you're willing to "die for your country", you damn well ought to be able to have a drink and a smoke. Additionally, it's none of anyone business what I consume or don't.

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Perfect Pizza

I prefer to eat out at places with food that I can't make or is hard or takes a long time to make--like Sushi or Indian. Hey, I can make sushi but it'd take hours to make 5 kinds of nigiri.

On “Journalism Woman, Mississippi Man

A long time ago, I called the wife and said that I was going out to dinner with a former supervisor and would be home late. She was in town on a business trip. Her response was "you're having dinner in public alone with a single woman, as a married man"..or words to that effect. I chose to invite a third person to dinner. It keeps the rumor mill at bay.

I'd probably say what this guy said about his truck...but 100% he's using this for coverage....nothing i have issue with..he's a politician..

On “The House Knocks Back

This fight with in the dems is almost as good as Trump winning the pres election. *makes popcorn--sits down to watch*

On “Lee Iacocca: The Car Guy Who Could Count Beans

"And then Elon Musk went ahead and actually did it."

Yeah, no. Tesla isn't a car company. It hardly produces any quantity that could be consider mass production. And their not that reliable. Tesla makes $ from carbon credits. How many folks buy 80K roadsters that go less than 200 miles? Can they even match quantities that 2nd or 3rd rate car companies churn out?

On “Tenshot: Beyond Burger, Home Edition

I've never understood the desire to make something not meat look and taste like meat. It's not meat, it's something else. Sell it for what it is. And the ingredients? Ugh. Reads like a bad science experiment. Pass. And yeah, I'm not buying something that fails to disclose what it's made of. Afraid you'll scare off customers?

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Renaissance Festival

Top 3 things about the Faire:
1) Real Jousting
2) Shakespeare Skum (Think Macbeth in 30 mins and funny)
3) The cute girls dressed up as pixies and tavern wenches.

On “Trophy Lives

We talk about this concept a lot in jujitsu. When you roll or compete, there's someone else, but you're really competing with yourself. Yes, someone will win the tournament, but you got incrementally better...every experience makes you better. If you can stick it out to get a blue belt, you're going to get a black if you keep coming and working consistently. How much better are you now as a blue than you were two years ago? How much better will you be in 4 years? Maybe not the same level of progression or as quick, but you WILL be better.

You'll get there. Others get there faster or slower, but you really only have to measure yourself against yourself. Nothing else matters

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Summer Begins

Signing up for a jujitsu seminar. Looks like I'll be able to share a private lesson with a World Champ. Not bad for the price. Might even get a pic :)

On “It Really is All About the Money

Well, in my non public sector job, we don't have colas, we have merit increases, which typically have been 3%. Sorry, that's not merit..that;s a "merit cola". Now, 3% a year for 10 years DOES add up, but there were some years...a long time ago, I got 4% merit and 4% cola. Now that's a pay increase.

I've worked for companies that the AVERAGE budgeted merit increase was 1.5%. Whey would anyone bust their ass for that? Morale was bad, and all the non pay stuff was tried. That may motivate some, but not many. They even instituted a program of awards where they gave you a gold start to put in your office...a paper gold star you could hand on your cube or door. WTF? Are we 4 year olds?

On “Stretching Sugar

When I was fatter and less healthy, I drank soda but disliked the taste. One day in Europe, drinking a real sugar coke, I realized it was the HFCS that I didn't like. Now, as a diabetic, I only eat real sugar, if I'm going to eat something sweet. The artificials, I am convinced, cause my body to react the same way or worse than sugar. Might as well enjoy real sugar. But I've cut most sugar out and don't miss it. I've cut way down on carbs too. It can be done.

On “Miscarriage of Justice? More Questions Re: The Epstein Plea Deal

You're damn right he's got leverage on some important people. That's the game..POS like this guy don't survive with out that. And he's donated a lot of money to the Dems. And the DA was a Dem... little back scratching I think.

On “Ending The Cycle

The GF always takes recyclables from my house after a visit. "Why don't you recycle?" she asks. Hey, if there was value, I'd be paid to do it and the law don't make me. So I'm not. If the stuff is valuable enough, I'll either do it and make money or someone else will....and that's not I ain't doing it. My time is more valuable.

On “The Bitter Scribes

Allow me to comment on MY anecdotal evidence. I stopped reading my big city paper after the crash of 08 when it shrunk to almost nothing. Ad revenue ended and the sunday paper shrank to a size a usa today. Why should I pay for the same left leaning opinions I can read on Slate? When I got the comics and real estate and food and wine sections, I could make an argument....something to read at the table sunday am.

On “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Muthana?

if someone "puts a cap in her ass, the legal issues become moot. I'd assumed that was self evident.


That's just for domestic consumption. In the scheme of things the US has done much worse, or do you think overthrowing democratically elected gov'ts isn't worse?


There's an easy fix that makes this all moot
She's currently being held. All we need do is have someone make a phone call and suggest that her captors take her out, put her against a wall, and shoot her, like they do other captives.

Problem Solved.

On “The Green New Deal Isn’t Ripe

Yah, I think that worked quite well with the tobacco settlement....NPR had several articles a few weeks ago about how so little money is being spent on the intended funding, it mostly being diverted to cover other spending.


"The future will be planned by a select circle of oligarchs directing their vassal elected officials"

And if anyone gets in their way, there are always the "re-education camps".

On “Ralph Northam Resists Calls to Resign as Virginia Governor Over Racist Yearbook Photo

Can you imagine how much greater the outrage would be if the guy was a republican? Oh Lordy!

Oh wait....

On “Ashes in the Wind

I think SO people can see past the things that divide us. Some cannot or will not. That's fine. Just as there are some women who are attractive to me but have a personality that would have me run screaming to "break up city", there are many variables that make compatibility difficult.

Folks who tend to live in a political bubble and don't get out much from it usually are the worst for compatibility. They think everyone thinks like themselves and has the same views, unless they live in "reprobate land" like the rural states or Texas. It's the same reason some political victories come as a surprise to journalists and tv news reporters...they live in that bubble.

On “Visiting Disney World in the New Gilded Age

I used to live in Florida so I'd been to DW several times before I was 8. I had been back once or twice post Epcot creation, and I went back once with the now ex wife since she had a business conference there. I watched the line of parents pushing strollers line up at the hotel (it was that one that had the monorail go through it) barely awake, exhausted waiting for the elevator.

It was expensive-a 2 person dinner at a nice hotel restaurant was greater than dinner for 4 at a fancy seafood restaurant off site. I remember how everyone who served you worked to up sell you, and I remember how Disney calculated within 50 dollars how much we'd spend in 3 days--and they nailed it.

The ex remembered how clean the place was. I don't think I'll ever go back. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but....I don't have kids and I've seen it enough. Hell, I could stay at the El Tovar hotel at the South Rim for 150 dollars.

On “No Shades of Grey

"But such is the stuff of our romantic and erotic fantasies. The flabby middle aged dad gets seduced by the impossibly hot babysitter because, well, I don’t know really."

Really, this is so hard to understand? The young (likely virginal or maybe not) girl, in the peak of sexual maturity desires the old guy (who are biologically wired to desire her for reproduction reasons). Besides, what guy doesn't want to bang a hot young woman.


I never read the book, but I read MANY dating profiles of women who did. A while back, if that book name wasn't in their profile it was more surprising that not.

I've run into quite a few women that while they don't want controlling guys controlling their every action, they do want guys "controlling" them in certain aspects and at certain times. Women can be strange :)

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