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On “Impeachment: A Briar Patch With No Rabbits

"I read the letter written about the insurrection at the Capitol building. It was a lot of nonsense about voter fraud and stolen elections and Venezuelan communism. I just tossed it in the trash. Those people are crazy don't think like I do."


If OBL is to be believed 9/11 was a *response to* American interventions in the ME. Pretty sure Dark won't agree with OBL though.


2021 and peeps are still going on about clinton.

Remove Clinton from the equation and focus on the political content being expressed. Clinton's error wasn't her personal failing (i mean, it was, of course :) but reflective of how Democrats - especially Democratic leadership - views politics. Think of Hillary as a product of 30 years of Democratic party politics. The question/issue then is: have Democrats learned any lessons from HIllary's campaign about priorities, messaging and policy, and if so, what?

Consider this: by most accounts the Trump presidency was a disaster, his unfavorables throughout his presidency were historically low, yet had 20,000 some odd votes in three states flipped Biden would have lost the election. On top of that Pelosi managed to *lose* seats in the House. Americans don't like the Democratic party right now.



Pelosi *lost seats* in 2020.


If the point of impeachment is to remove, or in this case punish in abstensia to prevent further acts, then conduct your impeachment in a way to get that result.

Pelosi views everything through the lens of how it effects the most vulnerable Dems in the House caucus. Not even that much can be said for Schumer though.


Republican Rep Katko asked the Pelosi-led Dems for 10 minutes of floor time to make the conservative argument for why Trump should be impeached and convicted. He was hoping they'd agree on seven minutes. Pelosi gave him one.

Pelosi is a good leader of a caucus, she's a very good vote counter and a pretty good whip. But she's an absolutely awful retail political leader. Schumer is even worse on all counts.

{{Adam Schiff's instincts are lightyears better than Pelosi's.}}

On “Fox News Shouldn’t Have Called Arizona When They Did

Also note, which I think is directly related to your worry, that the EC, and not the popular vote, handed the presidency to a totalitarian who tried to use his power as Chief Executive to overthrow his duly elected successor, and did so in a multiplicity of ways, by some accounts almost succeeding. (The most recently reported attempt involved the DOJ.)

Ie., I don't think the electoral college is a check on the type of abuses you're worried about.


Which you know, is exactly what advocates of eliminating the EC don’t want.

Another way to look at it: if the POTUS *already* has king-like power, then isn't it better for the person wielding it to represent the will of citizen voters than the will of abstract entities like states?


I (certainly) don't know enough about elections to know when to call 'em, but I was surprised by two things re: Arizona: that it was called by Fox so early and the length of time they were left as the sole site doing so. I figured, as you did, that their decision was based on early ballots being last counted.


What I firmly believe, however, is that the Arizona call was very premature, not justified when they called it, and nearly a disaster.

Not really. The vote totals are just the vote totals.

Calling a state, however, is not just a prediction. It is declaring it over.

So what? The vote count still continues, and it is what it is.

Americans seem to think the running vote-count is like Alabama and Clemson trading touchdowns and three-point kicks. Like one candidate is making a push, only to have it countered by the opponent. It's weird, and just another indicator of the quality of our culture.

On “On Writing of Wrongs

I'll say it now, on the record: I don't want to live in any state that doesn't want its own carrier strike force.


Now that I think about ... we've always been at war.

On “What, exactly, is a $2000 check?

lol Nobody was promising $2600, but Tlaib and AOC are arguing for it. It's so crazy I understand your reluctance to believe it.

On “Ryan Adams Cleared by the FBI

Good news for Ryan from a criminal/legal pov obviously, but as you say it doesn't lift the cloud of creepiness hanging over his head. As a Ryan Adams fanboy, I remain conflicted. Anyone who knows his music understands that he's emotionally stunted and socially dysfunctional, and as much as I'd like to excuse his behavior on those grounds they're not enough. Full grown adults are supposed to behave better.

His latest release is pretty damn good though.

On “What, exactly, is a $2000 check?

Both Tlaib and AOC are *on board* with the $600 +$1400 doesn't = $2000 argument. They've twitterized as much. Seems like a bizarre hill to stake a flag on when the math is clearly against them and Biden has *quite clearly* advocated exactly what they wanted prior to changing their minds.

My own recollection of things is that neither of those CCers had publicly argued prior to Biden's move (ie., to include an additional $1400 in direct payments) that $2000 isn't enough. It's bizarre, distracting, and makes the left look as ridiculous as their worst detractors say they are.


I've learned that the hard way lol

Re: the substitute word "fish", until today I thought that was a (pretty lame) attempt to present as civil by the curse-word squeamish.

Now I know better.

On “I Love My Country, But Let’s Not Kid Ourselves.

This will be a useful change of topic you can respond to Pinky:

A majority of Republicans, 51%, say GOP leaders who supported Trump's efforts to overturn the election *did not go far enough* via ABC/Washington Post poll. Only 16% say they went too far; 27% say they handled it about right.

The Party of Moderation yo.

I don't know about you Pinky, but I'm just not seeing a lot of humility in the Republican party anymore. Thoughts and feelings?


Pinky, I understand that you confuse your feelings for facts. I'm not sure why I need to read anything to clarify that point though. But if it's a worthwhile topic maybe you could explain it to me in an OP-length essay about the origins and thought processes of Christian conservatism. It'd be nice for you to, so to speak, lay your cards on the table.


Even that's condescending. I was alive when the song Back In Black was used by Cadillac in a commercial ya know.


Who cares, though?

That you're effectively lamenting the demise of the Jeremiah Wright scandal says something about you, though. Not sure what. I could make some guesses...


Thanks for that insight Jaybird. You've changed my entire perception of the 2016 election!


Really? That's your response?

Dude. You should be *apologizing* right about now.


I choose to read your comment as if it only included the first sentence to preclude attributing to you an insulting level of condescension.

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