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"Trump won’t get impeached because of the insurrection but because of his threat to form The Patriot Party."

Although it would be pretty funny if that happened and a hundred years from now they're writing history studies about how Donald Trump and Teddy Roosevelt were basically the same person...


Or maybe the point is not whether it's done well or poorly, or effectively or ineffectively, but that it be done at all. The American governmental system has no concept of a "vote of no confidence", but the people demand that Something Be Officially Stated, In Writing, With A Seal, and impeachment is all we've got for that.

On “A Reverie On Failure Part 2: The Trials Brought by Love Thy Neighbor

And any conversation is fraught, because you're being critical, and any criticism must of necessity put the critic above the criticized, and there are some people who just cannot handle the thought of someone putting themselves above another. (Particularly so when the one being de-elevated is them.) Do you try the direct approach, and risk an angry expletive-filled retort? Do you try to be subtle--commiserate at the rotten hunting, say "yeah I usually try to stay out of the open in the evening, but lately they've been too spooky even for that to work"--and find that the person is not smart enough to pick up on the hint? Do you go over their head the property owner, hoping to avoid the charged emotion of a direct confrontation, and get called a tattle-tale?

On “The Politics of Survival: Putting Yourself in a Box

"marijuana is legal and sold in stores like candy."


I mean...where are you going with this? Because A) no it isn't, and B) I'm not really seeing how "you're allowed to do some things" means "therefore the government isn't restricting your freedoms".


"Through imposition of monoculture, they can convert the outgroup to the ingroup and cause the resentment of charity given to the outgroup to evaporate."

Or they can identify a particular group, declare it The New Outgroup, and then say "since there are only two groups, the Ingroup and the Outgroup, then anyone not part of The New Outgroup must necessarily be part of the Ingroup, and therefore is an acceptable recipient of social capital redistribution".


"The structures and rules you seek to impose on your fellow citizens will necessarily become the confines in which you yourself must also live."

Unless, of course, those structures and rules are imposed by a private company, in which case it's just someone defining the limits of behavior on their own property, and it's just private citizens deciding who they want to associate with.


"Seriously in your everyday life, where are you being weighed down? "


"you say that you worry about the government banning things we ought to be able to do, and to that I reply, have you tried simply no longer wanting to do those things?"

On “What, exactly, is a $2000 check?

boomer is as boomer does, sir.


"Who the fish cares what the twitts gibber?"

ok boomer

On “Game of Thrones: Little People, Big World

TS3: an important beat is how Bo Peep got thrown away between TS2 and TS3, meaning that there are genuine stakes for these characters, that they might not all get to spend Infinity And Beyond together, a bit that adds a strong element of maturity to the story
TS4: (literally a whole movie that's a Fix-It Fic for Bo Peep)

On “What, exactly, is a $2000 check?

It'll be an interesting contrast to the first year or so of Trump's administration, where we heard that he promised X, but we only got half-X, and therefore he lied, he lied, he's a lying liar who can't and won't deliver on his promises! And when someone said "you know, the alternative here was nothing," it was confidently explained that he had said X and that it was important to hold politicians accountable for their public statements.

(The next couple years, yeah, we ended up getting nothing after all.)

On “On Writing of Wrongs

well. Twitter Advanced Search lets you put in your @ and a date range, and you can get all the tweets from that range. You're right that it's not "click Profile and scroll down" but they are there.

Of course, there's people out there who have this thing where they routinely delete all their tweets older than five minutes, so half my tweets are either quote-tweets of nothing or responses without context.

On “Game of Thrones: Little People, Big World

Here's a fun essay describing the various characters in Game of Thrones as direct critiques of fantasy tropes and the Big Fat Fantasy-reading audience.

On “January 6th: A Layman’s Post About Group Behavior

"Prove that the maga chuds would have been perfect, peaceful little angels without the BLM protests."

literally the whole idea of the BLM protests was that if the cops weren't bastards then black(...-clad) people wouldn't be smashing shop windows and looting Target and setting convenience-store owners on fire


you've already conceded that "your bad behavior both provokes and justifies my violent response" is a valid line of reasoning

On “Drinking Cheap Vodka Will Kill You: A Twitter Parable

Well, that's just a private company saying that it didn't care to continue to associate with someone like you. I'm sure that if you're that salty about it you can go make your own Twitter, where you can be just as racist as you like. After all, we all knew what you really meant.

On “January 6th: A Layman’s Post About Group Behavior

Given the covid restrictions, I’m pretty sure that there would have been riots all summer long even if George Floyd hadn’t been killed.

Oh, I don't know about that. I think the riots were eminently stoppable, they just weren't stopped. Everyone in authority was told "if you don't let us do this you're racist" and they were too worried about being Racist to say "don't do it".

On “It’s Not Just About A Speech: Impeachment and President Trump

I pointed this out on Twitter but someone legitimately did shoot a bunch of Republican congress members at a charity baseball game, so it's not entirely unreasonable to imagine that a weirdo might come after them and actually get there.

On “Them’s Fightin’ Words: The First Amendment and Incitement

"DC as a city had requested that federal law enforcement keep a lower profile at demonstrations and rally’s over the winter. " know you just agreed with me, here, right?

On “It’s Not Just About A Speech: Impeachment and President Trump

"I bring you the Impeach Donald Trump And Also Help The Kids Who Can't Read Good And Other Stuff And Make Houses Better And Adjust The Price Of Everything So It's Reasonable Like It Used To Be And Also Pollution Is Banned Act!"

On “Thursday Throughput: Dark Matter Edition

Aether, or maybe just Ptolemaic Epicycles.

The thing people have forgotten (or, really, never learned) was that epicycles worked, for a given value of "work". They allowed you to predict when and where the different planets would come into view, and were accurate to within the limits of the measurement technology available. It's not like there was some religious decree that The Earth Is The Center Of The Universe and everyone just went with that, there was actual math based on that assumption that actually worked. And Galileo's theory about heliocentrism actually had less math backing it up, and the math actually worked less well than epicycles (because Galileo thought orbits would always be perfect circles). It's entirely appropriate to suggest that Galileo's version of heliocentrism was the MOND of his day -- some crank annoyed at complicated math putting forth a silly proposal to rewrite everything we knew of physics to explain some apparently inconsistent phenomena.

On “Them’s Fightin’ Words: The First Amendment and Incitement

(looks at the part he quoted) well hoss I don't see anything in veronica d's statement about Federal law enforcement specifically, so, I don't see how your post is a rebuttal to anything I wrote.


"If hypothetically there was some meat to the accusations that law enforcement was deliberately understaffed and that there were “stand down” orders from the White House"

considering that law enforcement was deliberately understaffed and had "stand down" orders from the city government, and that this was published in the news several months previously, there's no need to point to the White House for anything at all...


Jaybird, what you don't understand here is that they don't want to show that you're wrong, they want you to decide that you're wrong. They don't want to win; they want you to lose.


"The vandalism and looting was done without the urging or blessing of BLM leaders, and we have evidence that much of it was instigated by rightwing agitators who were opposed to the goals of the protests."

What evidence do you have in mind, here?

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