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On “Rebuilding from Ashes

We only get away without having special election monitors because of the antiquity of our Constitution and that we are the 500 pound gorilla in the room. Nobody is powerful enough to tell us to reform now.


We see this in how McConnell is taking the filibuster to new levels and using it to prevent the Democratic Party from taking control of the Senate. This has literally never been done before and is going to require fast and hard partisan action to teach McConnell a lesson.


A lot of people don't want to deal with this problem because it is something of a problem without a solution. Democracies have been struggling with the issue since Ancient Athens, what do you do with the anti-democrats in the system. People also don't want to deal with the fact that family and friends might be authoritarian anti-democrats too. It is a very troubling thought.

On “The Perils of Impeachment

It is pure psychology. Yesterday, I heard two young women complain about the Democratic Party is doing nothing with their power while the Republicans would run rampshod over us all if they had this power. They had to be young because they clearly don't remember the do nothing Republican trifecta from 2016 to 2018. The Democratic Party wants to govern and that requires taking things serious rather than putting on a show. Also legislation is a lot harder to do than executive action but more permanent, so when we go for big laws it looks like a long laborious process to idiots.


Seconding my brother on this one. Not impeaching is much more dangerous than impeaching. The Republicans began their usual power games as soon as the Democratic Party resumed power on January 20th. State Republican politicians are planning to introduce new voting restricting legislation. The Republicans as a whole must be taught a lesson because a lot of them seem to be developing a dangerous taste for minority rule.

On “Electoral Trends: Into The Biden Era

Or he was just a big bamboozle fraudster as he always demonstrated throughout his career. Anybody surprised that Trump used the Presidency to engage in theft and bullying needs to get their cognitive skills examined.

On “The Feast

Women in their twenties and thirties didn't look like matrons in their fifties and sixties even if they lived a tough life or had a few kids. It's not like we don't have pictures to refer to even for lower middle class and working class families. To the extent that people did look older, it was because the hair and clothing styles were to make people seem older. To the extent that physical stress played a roll, I think it was more like a steep decline once you hit your 50s rather than anything else.

On “Electoral Trends: Into The Biden Era

He then proceeded to govern with the highest level of felicity to Republican orthodoxy.

On “Fox News Shouldn’t Have Called Arizona When They Did

What if dealing with the system the way it is requires the Democratic Party to abandon it's more vulnerable base? The entire idea of the anti-idpol or class or race theory of politics is that by engaging in the right policies and saying the right words in the right order, the Democratic Party can break the stranglehold that the Republican Party has over White America? What if that is wrong? What if a lot of White America really does want herrenvolk democracy and is increasingly fine with the anti-democratic parts of American government because of that?


Causing further damage to the body politic because there is money to be had seems really bad. There is a point and we are rapidly approaching it or reached it already where things like Fox News, OANN, and NewsMax become really dangerous. They already caused a lot of suffering and a near insurrection that if it went a little differently could have gotten a lot of Congress people killed. There are people in Congress that should have never been elected like Hawley, Cruz, Boebert and several more. A lot of Americans need to be dragged towards sanity.

On “Inauguration Day in America

I am very happy. For the past four years, I've had to look at the faces of Trump, Pence, Sessions, Barr, and whoever else when I walked into an immigration court or USCIS office. Now, I don't have to do that. I get to look upon pictures of Biden, Harris, and Garland. Biden's immigration legislation seeks to recognize that the United States is a nation of immigrants by changing the word alien to non-citizen. This might seem like a small thing but it is very big. Alien implies something or somebody who really shouldn't be in a place. It is a hostile, awful word. Non-citizen has no such negative implications.

On “The Lost Art of Book Learning

The real problem with printed encyclopedias is that updating information in real time is near impossible. These days something believed to be true in 2018 can be known to be false in 2020. I'd also hate to see the politics of deciding how to deal with things like Israel-Palestine and other hot button issues.

On “The Politics of Survival: Putting Yourself in a Box

People don't see the libertarian platform as offering freedom or the welfare state as being from a heavy-handed government. What people see the libertarian platform as offering is life as a tight rope with no safety net. One wrong move is fatal and you are on your own plus any help that you could either afford or that people are willing to give. It turns out that in a very autonomous society where most people aren't living in deeply rooted families and communities, taking this sort of chance isn't that attractive to most people.

On “Yann’s Hot Dog Stand, Chocolate Milk, and Hometown Tradition

For some reason, I was expecting Yann to be Chinese. Maybe his family exchanged the g in Yang for an extra-n somewhere. This seems to be the sort of restaurant that be run by somebody of a different ethnic group than the majority of the surrounding population. Yann does look like something of a tribesman though with that nose.

On “Pity Parler 3: Amazon Brings the Receipts in Lawsuit Filing

The current constitutional consensus on Free Speech was based on mid-20th century broadcast and other media technology. Now most people have more broadcast power in their pocket than Walter Cronkite could dream of. I'm not sure if the constitutional consensus can survive this unless people are willing to deal with a lot of potential disorder and really messy politics as a side effect.

On “Amazon Turns Out the Lights, The Parler’s Over

Amazon is a private company, so this isn't really censorship. Unless your position is that once a media corporation reaches a certain size, it becomes a de facto government entity. In that case said media companies should be subject to the democratic process with the body politic electing it's officers and the profits being used for the benefit of all citizens.

On “The Destructive High Water Mark of MAGA

No, absolutely not as James K. pointed out. A lack of career politicians would make the situation even worse.


A bad joke demonstrating poor taste and a bit of hypocrisy shouldn't be used as a way to engage in whataboutery when it comes to sedition and treason.


She was attempting to impose dictatorship on the United States and overthrow the Constitution in a violent sedition against the democratic process. When you try to have a revolution, the people in power generally fight back. That is what happens in revolutions. All told, the Video Game Freikorp managed to get away with a lot more damage than the most peaceful of liberal protests. This is like Saint Elizabeth of Knoxville, a venerable Joan of Arc, crying after she was pepper sprayed on the same day because she attempted to rush a barricade.


I'm a nerd that feels left out and I don't support Freikorp coups and the subversion of the democratic process.


So if I'm reading this right, a slightly impertinent and imperfect comment by a liberal celebrity means that an attempt to overall a democratic election by Magat Freikorps isn't really that bad?


George Turner seems intelligent enough to realize that his usual shtick will not be tolerated at this momement and he is giving us a brief respite. If we are very lucky, he might even by having a Road to Damascus moment.



The most likely scenario is that this was a happy coincidence because many of our law enforcement officials have MAGA sympathies. It sure looks like coup from the outside.

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