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Yale's admission standards just got cancelled.

Here's the breakdown:

The enrolled student population at Yale University is 44.3% White, 13.9% Asian, 9.4% Hispanic or Latino, 5.67% Black or African American, 4.76% Two or More Races, 0.324% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.108% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.

why doesn't that add uo to 100%...

On “The Crimson Letter

Here's a perfect example of what I mean:

Tik Tokkers put more effort into their videos than my professor. Preparing for a final in a history class and counting the 'um's and 'uh's in the professor's video lectures. 20 in the first minute. I'm paying $3k a class to listen to teacher say um.

I get marked down when I dont live up to the standards of professionalism that he insists on. I deserve to have the self respect to want the people that work for me to live up to a very basic level of professionalism. I'm paying him very well to teach me

These kids are customers buying a service first, students second.

"I deserve to have the self respect to want..."

On “How to Lose Friends and Influence No One

I'll put this here, I guess, since it seems relevant to how and why people might vote:

I Resigned from U.S. Government After My Own Leaders Began to Act Like the Autocrats I Analyzed

I left government service after more than a decade because I lost faith in the courage of the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to refuse unlawful orders from the President. They effectively labeled me and other Americans expressing our views in a peaceful assembly as enemies. ..... I have seen up close the president’s disdain for democratic values, and recent events should be put in the context of a continuous slide toward authoritarianism.


Boy I can't wait to read it all! Though McConnell is throwing some cold water on RonJon's effort to really get to the bottom of it. Won't let him interview Comey... Maybe McConnell is secretly RINO traitor Obama guy too I don't know we'll see when the report comes out.


The Obama Admin tried to remove President Trump from office? How does that timeline work out?


Here's what I find inspirational about Biden so far, and its things he hasn't done. He hasn't made public appearances to grow his brand (the lesson of Clinton is well learned - the less exposure the better!), and he hasn't gone toe-to-toe against Trump (another lesson learned from the Clinton campaign). My hope is that he persists in doing both. But mostly I hope he stays in the bunker. It's a wise, and inspiring, move.


Lee, since you're a person with a graduate degree what makes you think the non-degreed plebes find him inspirational? Do you hang out with the working poor and blue collar crowd?

Honestly, I've seen zero evidence that he's inspiring anyone. What people are inspired by is denying Trump a second term. A potato could serve that role.

On “Biden Picks Kamala Harris

We're not talking about ads calling Dems socialists, though. We're talking about ads warning against Kamala being Potus because Biden doesn't finish his term.


I remember how we all thought it would be hilarious if Trump won the 2016 primary....


So you agree with me that they'll run these ads, right?


Of course you don't see the issue. You're a Dem voter. :)


Good for her!

{{Hillary 2.0}}


We're gonna see a *huge* rollout of Trump ads with that very message: "Biden's old and may die any day now. Do you want Radical Socialist Kamala Harris as POTUS? (dun-dun-dunnnn)."

On “How to Lose Friends and Influence No One

Chip said this way more diplomatically than I did but I am a hothead, voting has consequences.

In what sense? As signaling value?

If you'd said that elections have consequences I'd 100% agree. Fact is, though, Em's correct that her vote in WV is meaningless *except* for its signaling value. Framed that way, your argument to Em is that she should violate deeply held principles to merely signal support for a person she in fact cannot support.

Maybe response is that she should forget about Biden the person, and merely signal support for Democrats by voting for the Dem presidential ticket. But that doesn't rise to the level of a justification either since if she's an otherwise (pretty) reliable Dem voter, she'll be voting D for state-level offices.

At the end of the day, maybe the most compelling argument is that by publicly expressing her decision to not vote for Biden/Harris she's inclining other fence sitters to *also* not vote Biden/Harris, which reflexively leads to the accusation about who's side she's on. Is she siding with, to use your term, the "pigs" in the GOP?

At this point, though, notice how far we've moved away from the "voting has consequences" argument. We're no longer talking about the causal connection between casting a vote and "getting what you deserve good and hard" policy. We're talking about Em *refraining* from honestly expressing her reservations about supporting Biden with her vote for the sole purpose of helping him get elected. That strikes me as an incoherent demand. Why would she not express her views, especially when people ask for her reasoning?

People should vote their conscience as informed by a fair appraisal of political reality as they perceive it. You (Saul) are voting your conscience. So is EM.

On “Broken Sleep Books Poetry Kerfuffle

Right. Here's the disconnect, though: you say "when people get others fired for non-work-related reasons" which is an action taken by an employer, not the shamy shunners.

Universities and other employers *could* simply refuse to fire people for the shame/shunny reasons provided. But they don't, presumably because they have an additional decision calculus in play. You're criticizing the wrong group of people here. You praise shame/shun as a social behavior tool and oppose firings for non work-related reasons. You're problem is with employers who buckle to a type of social pressure you actually support.


But contracts being dropped?

Well, if we need more shaming and shunning, but not more contracts being dropped, but the contract is dropped because of shaming and shunning, what are we supposed to have less of?

Less of a connection between shaming/shunning and its effects?

If so, the behavior you object to isn't the shamy/shunny cancel culture, but the employers who apparently don't know the rules of this game and fire people (the ultimate shunning) merely because those employees have in fact been publicly shunned.

I mean, it's bizarre to me that the ideology which most emphatically championed shame/shun as an appropriate and desirable social behavior tool is the ideology that most vehemently opposes people doing that exact thing.



You're a recovering libertarian, so you know that *not too long ago* the social behavior tool favored by libertarians was shaming and shunning. They loved that s***. But it seems like libertarians (and the ish) are the most vehement opponents of cancel culture. So, serious question: what's the difference between cancel culture and shaming/shunning? I gotta be honest, I don't see much daylight between them.

Second question: are libertarians indirectly admitting they were wrong about shaming/shunning?

On “Biden Picks Kamala Harris


Chip: "Why are people so opposed to corruption? I just don't get the moral logic to it."


It's like you don't even understand retail politics. Which isn't true...

So you're pretending.


The irony (???) of course is that Harris was picked to shore up the "white leftist" flank of the party lol


George: "Harris traded sex for career advancement."

Chip: "Sure, but Newt Gingrich has been married THREE times."



I honestly, seriously, truly DON’T understand their objections to Harris’ relationship with Brown.

That's because they haven't expressed a view of that. What they're doing is *accusing* Harris of trading sex with Brown for career advancement. Which he admits he did!

"But what she did isn't worse than what Trump did! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!"


Chip, rather than pretending you don't understand conservatives criticism of Harris on this issue, it might be better to argue she ended up being a great DA and AG and Senator, so she would have risen through the ranks anyway.

You know, something that actually makes her look *good*.


But in any event, their accusations are harmless

Chip, if you didn't exist Democrat-God would have to invent you.

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