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On “Cornonavirus Outbreak Causes MLB to Suspend Games

Quarantines were always hard to maintain

Where I live there was a solid 7-8 weeks where there weren't cars on the road. The couple times I drove through downtown Boulder, the emptiness, the stillness, of the place was eerie. Just a ghost town. Then the Gov started relaxing restrictions, opening things up....

People here quarantined. I have no idea how much they complained about it.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Your Premise Is Bad Edition

It's the end of it if you think the IC populists will control the party going forward. IF they don't, ICP antagonists will be well positioned to get feet into doors and hands into pockets.


The NeverTrumpers want the Ignorant populists to go back to believing *their" lies, not Trump's lies.


My guess is a combination of expressed guilt at destroying the Party and a desire to remain relevant. That led over time to them actually finding their footing as relevant (they do much better attack ads on the GOP and Trump than Dems could ever hope to produce) and subsequently leveraging that for cash (not necessarily the grift yet!) since their one true and lasting commitment is to destroy Trump and Trumpism for ripping the lid off the cynicism upon which they'd built their careers and reputations.

Whatever hope they have of becoming leaders of a future Republican party hinges on how well they play the role of antagonist to (what they view as) ignorant conservative populism.


Personally, I'm impressed that the Dems gamed this out. I criticize them early and often for appearing to be caught with their pants down, so from my pov, this is good news.

On “What is Democracy’s Selling Proposition with Respect to China?

North, the policies she's speaking about have two thirds majorities of the public, not the Dems. I'm not sure that affects your overall point, but yes, surely the way poll questions are worded shapes how people respond. None of the specific policis she includes are particularly surprising to me (though some of the granularity in the carbon rediction policies struck me as unreliable) since polls over many years have shown that conservatives support the same suite of policies.

On “Thursday Throughput: The Hope of a COVID-19 Vaccine

You've been saying that since the lockdown began.


Thanks Michael. Fascinating stuff. So fascinating that I watched a video of Kasparov's sixth game against Deep Blue in '97. Dude obviously shouldn't have left his knight at risk like that. Rookie mistake. I saw it a mile away. :)

In all seriousness though, the video I watched explained pretty well the "mistakes' Kasparov made, which, given the opponent, was pretty interesting.

I know nothing about chess.

On “Seattle Police Department informs City Council that Police will have Adjusted Deployment Responses

"The police have become a huge authoritarian bureaucracy that will take away our liberty."

He blasts conservatives who don't get that for having something wrong with their minds, that they can't understand basic English.


"Ammon Bundy comes out in support of BLM and defunding the police."

Here's the linky:

On “Thursday Throughput: The Hope of a COVID-19 Vaccine

How do computers do against high stakes poker players?


Depends on the content of your comments and how trollworthy they are.


the political establishment realized they needed to do stuff to keep up moral on the home front during World War II.

Dearest Mollie!


People are already starting to break quarantine and best practices.

A story told in two headlines:

June 19: Colorado bars can reopen this weekend for up to 50 people

June 30: Gov. Jared Polis closes Colorado bars again after coronavirus cases increase

11 days apart!


My hobby community has been negatively impacted by Covid-19

More than 40% of US renters are at risk of eviction

And I bet some of those people are introverts too.


Consider this: the Introverts *created* covid in one of their nerdy little labs to get righteous revenge on their mortal enemy the Extroverts.

It's possible!

On “Thursday Throughput: The Hope of a COVID-19 Vaccine

I'll just say this, anecdotally: Deep Blue was over twenty years ago.

On “What is Democracy’s Selling Proposition with Respect to China?

No, we aren’t putting black people in concentration camps or anything remotely like it.

The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world.



I made the mistake of editing a post with a linky. Mod Gods, hear my plea!


Related: Trumwill linked to an essay written by a CU-Boulder student (go Buffs!) listing policy positions vafored by at least two thirds of the electorate which are not, and seemingly never will be enacted into law. It's a pretty amazing list. I'll see if I can find it.

Found it!


Here's one way to look at it: Democracy is sold as the idea that governmental policy is responsive to the citizens demands because we can elect people who'll enact the changes (or not) we, collectively, prefer. One trivial example of how this *doesn't* happen - and I say 'trivial' because the only thing at stake was signalling value - is the failure of the Dem Party to include legalizing pot in the offical party platform despite 83% of the voting base approving of it. The intransigence of the political PTB on that and other issues is, in my mind, indistinguishable from a totalitarian political system.

"But unlike a totalitarian regime, at least it's *possible* for voters to change policy."

"Why do you think totalitarian systems are incapable of changing policy?"

On “Thursday Throughput: The Hope of a COVID-19 Vaccine

I wonder if part of it is the introvert’s revenge

Recycling the oldies but goodies I see.

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