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On “Biden Picks Kamala Harris

Yeah, I think a lot of people her as the obvious. Young. Ish. A safe seat they won't miss.

On “On Not Wanting to Rest Content

And as we have pointed out again and again, this is imply not true.

On “Only Politics Stays U.S. Postal Service From Their Appointed Rounds

1) Rasmussen is a joke. They've now hired far right political commentators for their website. They missed the last election by a mile.

2) 28 million ballots gone missing sound suspicious until you realize that the problem is they weren't turned in. To me, THAT's the biggest concern here: that millions of votes will not be counted because people fail to mail them on time, fail to sign them properly, etc.

Look, the GOP can bitch all they want. Mail-in voting is happening. And it's happening in mass numbers. They can either work to make it as seamless as possible. Or they can obstruct and cause chaos. It's pretty clear which path they are taking.


Yes. The Forbes article I linked gets more in depth into this. The retirement thing is pretty standard and only accounts for about half of the USPS's deficit

On “Thursday Throughput: The Hope of a COVID-19 Vaccine

For some reason, it's reminding me of the Hithhiker's scene where the philosopher's ask what's the point of staying up half the night arguing whether there may (or may not) be a God if GP-3 gives you his bleeding phone number in the morning.

On “There Once Was a Girl

The only thing I had close was I got a bunch of anonymous valentines one year. I figured it was a joke because they kept talking about my blue eyes and my eyes are very green. Other than that, no girl looked my way until I was ... uh ... older. Much older.

On “President Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Sentence

Saw a state that Trump has made a record-low number of pardons/commutations, only 36 so far -- a tenth of the usual number. Of those, 31 have been for people with a connection to him.

On “Thursday Throughput: Missing COVID Deaths Edition

I don't understand it well myself. But apparently antibodies can fade but the T cells will remember a virus and mitigate future infections.

On “Supreme Court Sacrifices Reproductive Choice for Religious Rights

Meh. The Dems have gotten 97% of what they wanted on the contraception mandate but decry the 3% as a literal Handmaid's Tale. If they really wanted to improve access, they would follow the recommendations of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that all birth control be made available OTC, which would make it both cheaper and easier to get. But that would run afoul of Planned Parenthood and their $45 million, so ...

On “Thursday Throughput: Missing COVID Deaths Edition

It's not clear that this means much. Antibody levels falls as an infection fades. What matters is cell memory, wich we can't probe.

On “Remembering The Ice Age

Who can know how many years ago 1990 was. It's literally incalculable.

On “Thursday Throughput: Missing COVID Deaths Edition

Oh, OK. It's too early for me to be reading the comments. :)


Masks break up the airflow meaning droplets don't go as far when you breath, speak, cough or sneeze.

On “DC Statehood: 68.34 Square Miles of Constitutional Conundrum

I'm sorry, but the creation of a rump federal district persuaded me against it. So we're going to create a district within Maryland and then a district within that district like a nesting doll. So that the State of Maryland effectively had 4 Senators and 6 extra electoral votes?

No thanks.

On “From NBC New York: Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Sources Say

Funny how having their incompetence splashed all over a Netflix documentary spurs them into action.

On “Hollow Rights & Hollow Points

Great piece Will. People think that rights are magic spells, that our right to free speech or bear arms or whatever are just self-enforcing. But they require constant vigilance. And a de facto attack on black people's rights is no different than a legal one.

Thompson's argument is garbage by the way. We've seen police shootings rise even as gun ownership falls (# of guns are up, but percentage owning them is down). And black people are less likely to own guns but more likely to be shot. It's not the presence of guns that makes cops trigger happy; it's the training and lack of accountability.

On “The Layered Genius of Miyazaki, Part I

Calling your daughter Ponyo while she's in the womb is, like, the cutest thing I've ever heard. Repeated viewing have massively increased my love of that movie. It's quite good.


Wait until you read Part II, Kristin. I have a whole thing about how Miyazaki writes female characters!

On “The Shark Still Works: 45 Years of Jaws

There's a great breakdown of how well this movie shot and how Spielberg works his magic:

It's truly a great film. And I'm envious that you got to introduce someone to it.

On “SCOTUS Rules in Favor of LGBT Rights in Workplace Discrimination Case

Gorsuch with the opinion. Wonder how Trump's evangelical base will respond to that.

On “The Protest Wave: COVID-19, Perceptions of Science, and Mass Events

There's been a slight rise over the last week or two. But the problem is exponential growth. COVID has a median 5-day incubation period, then another week or two before symptoms get bad enough to go the hospital. In that time, more people get infected. The numbers we are seeing now are from who was infected about two weeks ago. But a small number will grow very fast.

Remember, we had 15 cases in February. By March it was 3000. By April it was half a million. So 3000 infected protester may take a month to develop into hundreds of thousands of new cases.


Yes. The link shows 1 million active infections out of 2 million total infections. But with 100,000 deaths and a 1% IFR, that implies the number of total infections is more like 10 million, with 5 million active.