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On “How to Lose Friends and Influence No One

Three of those examples had the Court upholding something that was unconstitutional, right? Only Dred Scott had the Court overturning something constitutional. So I think George's statement holds up as a general rule.

On “Always at the Abyss

You don't have to pull off to the side of the road when an anti-corruption truck turns on the lights and sirens.


I'd agree that such behaviour is worse. That's why Dante reserves the lowest circles of Hell for dishonest public officials. (Well, that and exposure to Italian politics.) But it's probably not more urgent. Three's nothing more urgent than arson.


This shouldn't be the first you're hearing about protest violence. "If it's in the NYT, it's true" is generally a true statement. "If it's not in the NYT, then it's not true" is a very different statement, and no one should believe it.

On “The Crimson Letter

Kristin - Please don't take this as an insult to you or the ideas in this article. But, 9000 words? That's too much. I wouldn't say anything, but I found myself nodding along with Gabriel's comment. I hate to comment on articles that I haven't fully read, but I was stalling out on this one before my right-side scroller was 20% down the page.

On “We Deserve Donald Trump

So, do we agree that it's unfair to complain that Trump got a minority of total registered voters?


Hold on. You raised the issue of non-voters. I assume, based on what you've said, that you were referring to candidates receiving a number of votes greater than 50% of the total number of registered voters. Do you have data on that?


Has any president received support from the majority of voters?

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Your Premise Is Bad Edition

Sorry for returning late to the party. Computer issues. Both The question and Philip H write as if my patriotism is only for show. There's no reason for that assumption. Patriotism is not confined to respect for symbols, but it is a part of it. Have I said "my country right or wrong", or that I don't want my country to be better? Nope.

On “MovieBob Syndrome

I could eat everything on that tray in 2 days. Would I, for $3500? I don't know. I can see $10k.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Your Premise Is Bad Edition

"Shallow patriotism"? Says who? Maybe a shallow dimension of patriotism, just like not calling the missus a "c" is a shallow dimension of marital love, but it says something about the kind of person who would break that norm. Our patriotism shouldn't be simply shallow, but small gestures aren't meaningless.

On “Saturday Morning Gaming: The Turn-Based vs. Real Time Debate and Missionforce Cyberstorm

I love his story about converting the program to real time. Serendipity is so rare in programming, because everything's done for a reason, as efficiently as the programmer knows how. I remember hearing a story about some very simple battlefield game, you know the kind where the enemies run right at you, firing. The programmer turned off the "run at the enemy" code, and made the troops prioritize cover, then ran it to see what happened. All of a sudden, the enemy ambushed him. He'd never written that specifically, but the change in code made it viable.


One of the creators of Diablo I did a 20th anniversary "postmortem" that's available on YouTube. It's pretty interesting. The game was originally turn-based.


Well, yeah. Half of what we do on these threads is figure out how to help people engage in more rational behaviour. I coddle you while I try to improve your thinking, and you do the same to me. Also, that's what the article is about. So how about if we find good ways to encourage mask use, implement them, and then make little plaques commemorating how right we were.


OK, so you've got the negative criticism, the scolding, the politicizing, and what makes you feel better rather than what is effective. If you could figure out a way to blame a third party, you could be committing all five "don'ts". And yet somehow the conversation was unsuccessful!


That's one of the reasons I said I had to see the conversation. In this dialogue, you seem to be radiating contempt. Is that how the mask conversation went?


I don't know what you mean by this comment, but I don't think you're addressing my point. It doesn't matter how many of *us* believe an argument, or whether you find an argument satisfying. People are making the argument, and it's rational.


"The only thing happening is that we are arguing that it is absolutely morally essential that everyone wear a mask because of the covid and it’s important for our community, for our families, for our health, and for our future.

"Nobody disagrees with this."

I think people do disagree with this. If I were driving somewhere with my mask on the passenger seat, and I saw someone get hit by a car, I'd get out to help him. If I forgot to grab my mask, so be it. My calculation would be that the immediate care I could give would outweigh the risk. All other things being equal, I'd want to be wearing a mask, but it wouldn't be the highest priority. Likewise, the people in the street protesting who aren't practicing social distancing are making a calculation that the care they're providing outweighs the risk. I may think their calculation is way off, but I can understand it.


It's not that person A has priority over person B.

Let's say that person A is ignoring social distancing while protesting for improvements in society and person B is sneezing on a cashier and not wearing a mask. Person A's actions may net out to a societal positive, while person B's actions don't. Or at a minimum, person A's calculation is more supportable than person B's.


"Wearing a mask is the Christian thing to do" can under certain circumstances sound like "if you're not wearing a mask, you're not a Christian". My proposal was "wearing a mask is the right thing to do". I'm not saying that necessarily would hit the sweet spot either, but I think it's got a better chance.

On “A Clash of Symbols

England had Brits?

England had English. Britain was a code of behaviour, something much closer to an idea than an ethnicity.

On “Making a Difference: How To Communicate About Using Masks for COVID

If you take the position that the justice system constitutes a threat to black people, then it logically follows.


If you're this easily baited into deprioritizing basic hygiene, you actually do undermine the mask argument.

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