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On “How to Lose Friends and Influence No One

Ouch, when I chuckle at a George line (because it's actually true), you know the Libertarian's are in bad shape.

On “Biden Picks Kamala Harris

I think they would run ads calling the Democrat's socialist if they ran a ticket of Joe Lieberman and the disembodied corpse of Scoop Jackson.


That poll was of all voters, Stillwater.

Not Democrats.

Yes, they'll call Kamala a socialist who's the secret President in waiting.

You know who else they would've said that about? Anybody, including Joe Manchin!


Considering polling currently has voters seeing Biden & Kamala has more moderate than Trump & Pence, I don't see the issue. If the VP was Bernie or AOC, there'd be an argument....but that's not how things are right now.

On “How to Lose Friends and Influence No One

Nah, I'm pretty sure it's because this site mostly Gen Xers who grew up under Reagan and thus have weird ideas about Democrat's that were drilled in your head forever.

The good news is there's an easy fix - every day, you get older and an 18 year old SJW becomes eligible to vote.


It's incredible me that so many supposedly smart people fell for the whole "Donald the Dove, Hillary the Hawk" think for a single millisecond.

Also, even if the polling is off currently, as much as it was in 2016, Biden still wins comfortably. But, I've also realized the people that comment on this website are in some weird bubble where the Democrat's never win, and never make the right decision, because no elections after 2016 have happened.


If all the people who told themselves "well, my vote doesn't matter anyway because I live in X," perhaps we'd be possibly seeing far different results, in both ways, than we do now. I've lived in a deep blue state, and I still vote every single time, because I think it's important to show support for a better country, even if it's marginal and "doesn't matter."


Dred Scott's owner agrees with you.

On “Biden Picks Kamala Harris

Nah, considering polling showed Warren voters going 96-0 for Biden and Bernie voters 85-4 for Biden, Harris was picked, because she's a good bridge to the future of the party - liberal, but not a socialist, younger, but not a Millennial, and more reflective of the makeup of the party than other possibilities.

Biden for 4 Years + Harris for 8 leaves plenty of time for the AOC's and other more left-wing members of the House to mature, become better politicians, and for the under-40 vote, which is far more left-wing than the over-40 vote, to become a more dominant part of the population.


It's a weird world where Density & I are aligned


For all the talk about Tulsi "taking her out" and everything, there's no evidence in the actual polls that Harris got hurt by Tulsi's attack, outside of Twitter people and people pre-disposed to hate Kamala, and at the end of the day, Tulsi will be forgotten about accept by Fox News viewers when she's brought on to be the next Fox News Democrat and Kamala has 50/50 odds to be the first woman POTUS, so at the end of the day, who actually won that debate exchange that I barely remember, and I'm a political dork?


I mean, before fairly recently, the whole Mountain West was largely Republican or filled with Democrat's who'd likely never accept a spot on the national ticket, and the West Coast, outside of Scoop Jackson and the Brown family, was firmly Republican.

On “How to Lose Friends and Influence No One

That's fine - don't vote for Biden.

Just don't whine and complain when you get the perfect Democrat you do want and everything they pass is shot down by a 6-3 or 7-2 conservative Supreme Court.

On “Biden Picks Kamala Harris

It's amusing you think any of us actually believe you weren't going to vote for Trump

On “The Crimson Letter

The Media set a boundary that thinking interracial marriage was wrong wasn't something they'd put forward in the media, when support for interracial marriage was like, at 25%. Was that wrong?


My whole problem with the idea that "powerless" people getting cancelled is far more people get "cancelled" from their job every year by their bosses every year for trying to organize their workplace or hell, trying to have some sort of stability and flexibility in their workplace, and they never get long articles written up about them in supposedly centrist or "free thinking" magazines.

So, I'll make a deal - I'll give a damn about the supposedly tons of powerless people who get cancelled for getting caught up in the changing norms of society, when we repeal right to work laws, and treat wage theft as seriously as we do burglary, since more money is actually lost with the former than the latter.

On “Ordinary World: Torpedo the Thermal Exhaust Port Edition

Both of these things can be true at the same time -

1.)The vast majority of Trump's supporters still support him
2.) Donald Trump will lose the election in a landslide.

A 55-44-1 election means Trump keep 97% of his support...and still lost in a historic landslide.

On “There Are No Bad People

Posting on Twitter or Facebook isn't "keeping it private."

As I think I've pointed out before, there were likely thousands, if not millions of racist and sexist people who somehow survived the changeovers in the 60's and 70's.

You know how they did that? By not openly talking about how they still wanted to grab their secretaries ass or how they thought their black co-worker got their job because they were black, in places those co-workers could hear him.

Well, in reality, a lot of them, which led to lots of "cancelings" in the form of multi-million dollar EEOC and sexual harassment lawsuits, but most people figured it out, just like most people have figured out that even if you think your co-worker is an anchor baby, not to post it on Facebook.

On “From Elizabeth Picciuto: The Real Free Speech Violations

People disagree, which is why we're in the cultural moment we're at.

Also, it's more like, things 20-100 were acceptable, and now we're working to make so that things 1-75 are only acceptable, but the people who believe 70-75 feel much closer culturally to the people who belive things 95-100, than the people who believe things 1-20 who have been silenced for decades.

On “They Who Must Not Be Named

Except there shouldn't be a new stadium at the RFK Stadium site. The RFK Stadium site should be redeveloped into housing, instead of another giveaway for a billionaire owned sports team.

On “DC Statehood: 68.34 Square Miles of Constitutional Conundrum

So, when will you be support the retrocessioning of all the Great Plains states created by both political parties in the late 1800's into one big territory, as they previously were?

On “Supreme Court Stikes Down Louisiana Law Regulating Abortion Clinics

John Roberts is the smartest strategic conservative in national politics. As Saul & Lee said, he knows the LGBT, DACA, and abortion decisions would've lost the GOP the last of the moderate suburbanites they're still holding on to, while on the other hand, the 5-4 decision next year that kills Chevron won't really be covered at all.

On “Conservatism Beyond Trump

Conservatism in 2024 is going to be Nikki Haley losing her home state of South Carolina by 30 points after Tucker Carlson attacks her for being "just another liberal elitist who bent the knee to cancel culture when she took down the Confederate flag" during a debate.


It's amazing hoe many conservatives only heard that one line from MLK, and didn't hear the other 99.999% of things he said.

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