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On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Your Premise Is Bad Edition

Didn't say that I did. My patriotism isn't shallow. I give a shite what anyone does during the playing of the national anthem, as long as they do it quietly.


HM2: Shallow patriotism, like shallow religion.

If your patriotism is so offended by a person kneeling for a drinking song, I bet your faith is seriously threatened by two strangers of the same sex getting married.


You joke, but the number of times my wife has threatened to vote my ballot for me so I don't throw my vote away on some goofy ass libertarian candidate instead of the sensible democrat...

On “What is Democracy’s Selling Proposition with Respect to China?

The Chinese state media doesn’t focus on problems, just success.

In contrast to our media, which finds 'good news' boring, and thus focuses primarily on tragedy and scandal.

On “Linky Friday: Last Day of July, or the 153th Day of March, Depending

LF7: So a 'Karen' decided to make that thing her own?

On “Seattle Police Department informs City Council that Police will have Adjusted Deployment Responses

Like I said elsewhere, I'm not going to lose any sleep over the guys who play stupid games with the police, and win their stupid prizes.

There exists reasonable standards for the use of force in self defense by citizens. Cops are citizens, hence they need to adhere to those standards at a bare minimum.

I can make a good faith argument that since police get additional training and have more experience in using force, they should be held to a higher, not a lower standard than the normal citizen.

If the police feel emasculated or hamstrung by having to adhere to the same standards you or I do, then the fix is simple, the types of call outs that armed police respond to is limited to cases where force (or the explicit threat thereof) is clearly called for.

No more wellness checks, no more mental health calls, no more rousting the homeless, no more calls for non-violent crimes, no more traffic stops, etc. All of that is handled by other people, other departments, who don't carry guns.

On “Spain Debates UBI-type Program Amid Covid-19

That's the kicker though, innit? The thing DavidTC is always going on about, how people the value of housing to always appreciate, and by quite a lot.

You can do nothing to your home except the bare minimum maintenance to keep it habitable and if the value doesn't rise faster than inflation, everyone will panic.


However you gotta sell it...

On “Thursday Throughput: The Hope of a COVID-19 Vaccine

Young engineer, too. Just hadn't taken a programming class, ever. He had the software record a macro of what he wanted to do, and just copypasta'd that 1000 times.

I felt bad asking him how long that took (days) and then showing him that the loop to do it took 15 minutes to write and test.

On “Seattle Police Department informs City Council that Police will have Adjusted Deployment Responses

The gender neutral term you are looking for is "hobbling" or "hamstringing".

My point is that the public is not asking the police to be less effective, they are demanding that the police employ other means to be effective that do not rely upon violence.

And such means exist. The police actively resist employing them.

On “Thursday Throughput: The Hope of a COVID-19 Vaccine


Now, given that evolution has done the hard part, I suspect we will get artificial brains much faster.


Back when I was doing support instead of development, one of my duties was to help users with their macros (within reason). One of my more memorable calls was the guy whose macro wouldn't run. Compiled fine, just wouldn't run. So I had him send it to me. When I got it, it was (IIRC) something like a single method with 60K lines of code. The JVM took one look at that Noped right out of there. Upon further examination, it was the same 40 or 50 lines, over and over, with CAD part name assignments.

Customer got a primer on the concept of 'Loops'.


And the human brain uses something like 20W a day.

On “Spain Debates UBI-type Program Amid Covid-19

Not enough supply to meet demand like we have here?

My one hesitation regarding a UBI is that if there is not enough housing, rents will rise to consume the UBI.

On “What is Democracy’s Selling Proposition with Respect to China?

Very true. What worries me (and admittedly this is probably just a result of how online everything is) but the number of people who appear to seriously pine for greater restrictions on speech (e.g. hate speech), such that there is still a chilling effect on speech.

On “Spain Debates UBI-type Program Amid Covid-19

I wonder if Spain has a housing crisis like we do?

On “Seattle Police Department informs City Council that Police will have Adjusted Deployment Responses

It depends on how you conduct the experiment.

Start with ending the WOD.

Move to having officers specifically trained, and constantly retrained, on mental health issues. If EMTs and medical orderlies can subdue combative patients without beating or killing them, there is no reason cops can't, except that they don't know how*.

Get them better body armor and throw some money at developing better less-lethal weapons.

But DO NOT let them get a pass at using enough force to seriously injure or kill a person. The need to prove their case, every time, that the use was as justified as if it was done by a non-cop. DO NOT let them have a pass at breaking the same laws everyone else is bound to.

*It's like the reason cops shoot dogs. By and large, they have no training on how to read dog body language, they don't want to get bit, and they face no penalty for destroying property, so the dog dies, even though pepper spray is massively more effective and safer for everyone.

On “What is Democracy’s Selling Proposition with Respect to China?

I still think we are better than China, but certainly since 9/11, the gap has been narrowing, and not because China has been getting better.

On “Thursday Throughput: The Hope of a COVID-19 Vaccine

ThTh7: It's not that complicated, you just have to understand what a standing shock is. Predicting when they will form isn't even that complicated.

Predicting WHERE they will form can be... complicated. And designing your aero surfaces to cause them to form in a specific location will keep your computing cluster humming along for days, even weeks.

On “Seattle Police Department informs City Council that Police will have Adjusted Deployment Responses

If emasculating cops leads to them not doing their damn jobs because their feelings are hurt, I want them out of the job.

Remember, I'm a vet, we did not get to play bullshit games like this. We had to fullfill our duty as per the orders of our superiors and if they had an inkling that we were slacking because we didn't want to, or because we weren't feeling appreciated, getting emasculated would be the very least of our concerns, because NJP and Court Martial were very much on the table and employed when necessary.

I have zero patience for men and women who want the power and authority of the badge, but don't want the responsibility and accountability that goes with it.

And don't give me any BS about cops being in a war zone, I've been in a war zone, I've friends who've been in war zones. There are no war zones in the US.


I think there is an argument for price if there is cartel behavior in the local market.

For instance, the case where you had to get a ton of training to be a florist, and then you had to essentially seek the approval of an examination board that was made up of the existing florists in the market.

Or cases like having to get the complete morticians certifications just to be able to make caskets.

In those kinds of instances, reducing the credentialing requirements serves to break the monopoly/cartel and will impact prices.

But how often is that the case...?

On “Seattle Police Department informs City Council that Police will have Adjusted Deployment Responses

You know, a lot of those video snippets are from the cops own body cams.

And in the cases where a bystander is taking video, or a security cam caught video, the police very often have their own body or dash cam video of the incident that they can release to counter any false claims.

So if an officer is getting railroaded because of video snippets, it's usually because the police either:

A) Can't find ANY other video at all (very rare these days, but it happens); or
B) They really don't want to release other video (and make no mistake, any claims to 'privacy concerns' are specious, since the police always release or leak any and all video that supports their case).

Thing is, I can go online and find tons of videos where the police were 100% justified in using deadly force. Like this one. Where the only people crying foul are the dead guys family and close friends, and everyone else is saying, "Yeah, I'd have shot him too."

Those aren't the videos that cause riots. Don't be acting as if they do.

On “Bad Strategery In Stumptown Threatens Portland, the President, and Us

Median angry mob in this country would be a group demanding a (black) criminal be handed over so he can be strung up on a tree.

Thing is, the way we deal with that is to make sure the mob doesn't have a reason to get angry over injustice.

Right now, we have angry mobs demanding blue criminals be handed over...

Oh, wait, we aren't. No one is, actually. They are simply demanding that blue criminals stop finding protection under the law and face trial like proper civilians.