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On “President Ye?

Exactly. Who remembers the candidacies of Pat Paulsen?

On “They Who Must Not Be Named

My daughter's college alma mater went through a similar name change a few years back. They were known as the Siwash (which apparently is a corruption of savage), and Prairie Fire was chosen as the new nickname. The old alums still use Siwash and disdain Prairie Fire. People who never knew them as Siwash are perfectly fine with Prairie Fire. It's all a perception thing, and I guess in the grand scheme of things what we call our sports teams is pretty small beer.

One of the smartest naming things was when Baltimore had a CFL team after the Colts moved to Indy. The PA announcer would just say Baltimore and leave a pause for the crowd to yell Colts before continuing with the rest of the announcement.


Maybe they could just go the old timey newspaper route and just be called the Washingtons, or the Washington eleven.


I didn't realize the Redskins had moved. I was aware the baseball game was in RFK.

On “They Who Must Not Be Named

It's kind of amazing to me that this name has lived on for so long. Its longevity is probably due more to stubbornness than anything else. They even lost their trademark for a bit when the USPTO deemed the word to be pejorative.

As for the stadium, I can't believe Snyder hasn't conned some municipality into footing the bill for a new one. I went to a Nationals game there in '07 and couldn't believe what a dump it was.


Heh. The Fireball thing is just a bridge too far.


I had the same basic idea, posted 50 minutes later.


I was just talking about this with a friend whose husband is a Chicago police officer. She's been posting a lot of stuff recently trying to counteract all the anti-police stuff showing up on Facebook. A common thread in all the videos is the years of seeing the stuff cops see changes a person for the worse.

Having someone in a job like that for (insert number of years it takes to change a brain) years is proving to be detrimental to society. Perhaps we ought to have enlistment terms for police like we do for the military, let's say 5 years. When the hitch is up, give whoever wants to re-enlist a psych eval. If that's passed, given 'em a year of desk duty to decompress. No soldier stays on the line for his entire term of enlistment.

On “Sunday Morning! “Stoner” by John Williams

I read this book several years ago on the recommendation of a co-worker. It was one of the most melancholy works of fiction I’ve ever read. My take on the character is that he is, like most all of us, here in the present but will hardly, if at all, be remembered 100 years from now. It’s so rare to see a life come to naught in a novel.

On “Pity Parler

How is this not the featured comment?

On “Weekend Plans Post: Making a Homemade Fancy Schmancy Pizza

That's a nice looking pizza! You're opening up the meat under/over the cheese debate, however. I'm under.

We're heading out to the farm for a little family do this weekend. It'll be nice to get out of town.

On “Wednesday Writs for 6/24

That guy has some other good stuff. Those 36 seconds summarize QI pretty well. Especially the last line.

On “Thursday Throughput: Xenon Edition

Here's one for ya that's a bit older.

On “Wednesday Writs for 6/24

From the article: "The shooting officer said he suspected Hallaq was a terrorist because he was wearing gloves."

If that's all it takes, we're all dead.


You just ruined every cop porn movie ever made.

(I agree.)


Heh. I've never heard that. The things you need laws for are just mind boggling.


Interesting. Sen. Scott makes a good point about how some measures the Dems seek are not really available to federal law. Really, the only federal control available is withholding of funds.

In the past, the feds have coerced states into lowering the speed limit or mandating seat belt use through the threat of not allocating highway funds for states that don't fall in line. Today I saw a clip from Fox News where Sen. Loeffler called for withholding highway funds from cities that cut their police budget.

So, here's an interesting thought experiment. Sen. Scott's bill allows for a maximum of 25% of federal police grants to local authorities to be withheld if certain guidelines are not met. Say a Dem. senator proposes 100% instead. Should it pass?


I just read the Senate bill, and I'm sure the people who wrote it thought they were giving away the store. From what I read, the Dem fear is that amendments will not be considered, and that the bill would become law as written. The chances of this thing getting through the House as written, however, are nil.

One section I found interesting was the Closing Law Enforcement Consent Loophole Act. Under this law sexual contact is prohibited. The punishment is fining, imprisonment, or both. I'm not sure we want to deal with rapists wearing a badge by fining them.


They can secede and set up a police state.


Here’s a summary from the Milwaukee paper:

Sounds pretty crazy, and I’ll bet it turns out the girls just decided to go walkabout.

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