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And yet you're not arguing that massive fraud wasn't committed, you're arguing that nobody is able to stop Biden from getting away with it, or that mass fraud would require large numbers of Democrats to commit fraud, which is begging the question, because that is exactly what is being alleged. Large number of Democrats, at all levels, engaged in rampant fraud.

We have mountains of eye-witness testimony that that is, in fact, the case.

Further, we have Democrat's obstinate objections to any thorough recount or audit process. If they didn't fear that widespread fraud would be shown, they shouldn't have any serious objections to audits and recounts, especially given that they spent the last four years telling everyone how easy it was to rig an election.

The head of the FEC has said that even now, the evidence meets the scrutiny required by the federal standards of civil procedure for dismissal, and in the summary judgement phase, all the witnesses are assumed to be credible.

One party has committed one of the largest crimes in US history, and is desperately trying to get away with it, and the other party is trying to stop them from completing the execution of this crime.

One of the purposes of a functioning legal system is to prevent aggrieved parties (80 million angry Republicans in this case), from taking matters into their own hands. Now surely none of us want that to happen, because what they might do might know no bounds.


Um, no. Not at all. The affidavits are sworn statements, by the parties involved, saying they will testify in court to events they witnessed. They are not affidavits saying "Bob said that Joe said..."

These are not being used in court as evidence, which would be hearsay use, they're being presented to support a motion, which is a way of saying "Here is the witness testimony that I will present before the court."

By your reading, trials could never actually happen because nobody could ever present any "evidence" to get a judge to hold a hearing, because all "evidence" presented to justify holding a hearing is "hearsay".

As for hearsay, maybe your state is different, or maybe my attorney is OCD (he was trained in hearsay by the author of a book on hearsay evidence). He always objects by saying "hearsay outside the exceptions", and there are dozens of exceptions, such as dying statements, that are perfectly admissible. There are statements made at the time of the events, which are gold. That's why police interview everyone at the scene, in case they try to change their story later.

There are written documents, official documents, professional documents, personal records, religious records, diary entries about vaguely remembered events, and all kinds of other written materials that are admissible.

Apparently getting Biden in requires everyone to pretend to be blind, incompetent, or both. It's not a good look.

In any event, the Third Circuit has granted an expedited appeal in Pennsylvania, with everything due tomorrow by 4:00 PM.


His name was linked at the top of the thread, attached to his affidavit.

He's Steven J Miller, author of the book Benford's Law: Theory and Applications.

He also wrote "An Invitation to Modern Number Theory", published by the Princeton University Press, and "The Probability Lifesaver".

And he's just one of many legions of professionals who are weighing in.

You see, the problem you have is that millions of people witnessed something huge, and you're trying to argue that nothing happened and nobody saw anything.

When everybody went to bed, Trump was ahead in a landslide victory, even in the key states. Then all those states said they were stopping the vote counting, which is something that never happens, and while they weren't counting votes, millions of new Biden votes somehow got counted.

That defies logic. Why would Democrat votes take longer to count than Republican votes? Why didn't that happen in non-key states? Is there some reason Democrats were required to wait to the last second to cast ballots, but only in the key states? How come no Republicans waited to the last second?

How come the states that couldn't count ballots with any speed could somehow count hundreds of thousands of Biden ballots, apparently in mere seconds, when it suited them? And the more you look into it, the bigger and more ham-handed the whole thing was.

None of it is going to look right because none of it is right. There's no way to somehow produce a tranche of 100,000 ballots that run 99% for Biden from a population who's previous and subsequent mixing ratios were 60-40 or 70-30. Statistically, we can say with certainty that the outlier was not selected from the same population.

Facts are stubborn things, and they're not going to change. All you might accomplish is bringing about the Democrat's worst nightmares, a Democrat President who everyone knows is only there through criminal fraud, carried out in collusion with hostile foreign powers. An usurper who was not elected by the people, but installed by billionaires, with the aid and support of pretty much every politician with a (D) after their name.

If Biden gets in, the repercussions for Democrats will be Biblical. 2020 will be seen as the happy times, like the glorious and beautiful spring of 1914.


He's not a random mathematician, he's a professor of statistics at American #1 liberal arts university, who has written multiple books on statistics. Tons of experts are weighing in saying there's clear evidence of fraud. In response, the only sound from experts on the left has been crickets. They're not going to destroy their professional reputations trying to argue against multitudinous mountains of evidence, because the fraud wasn't subtle, it was over-the-top and extremely sloppy, like you'd see in a banana republic.

And indeed, the larger argument that there's no evidence of election fraud is a losing argument. In fact, it's not even a theoretical winnable argument, since it requires proving a negative. I'm surprised anyone is still trying to cling to it, instead of moving on to the next positions on the list of arguments everyone is going to make, that the fraud wasn't widespread, or that the widespread fraud didn't change the outcome, or that Biden didn't personally know about the widespread fraud that changed the outcome.

And that's what this will come down to. What did Biden know and when did he know it?


Indeed. People here seem to misunderstand the hearsay rule. It only applies to hearsay purposes. Sworn affidavits are perfectly fine in support of motions. And of course the proper objection isn't "hearsay", it's "hearsay outside the exceptions of the hearsay rule", since some hearsay evidence is admissible.


I take it you're in a hermetically sealed information vacuum, like most Democrats who think that CNN, MSNBC, or ABC, etc., are providing a shred more information than they did on Hunter Biden's laptop.

Have you read though some of the Dominion user manuals? I have.

Have you read many of the affidavits? I have.

Have you analyzed odd patterns of voting numbers for hundreds of counties? I have.

Have you calculated standard deviations in turnout numbers, and correlation coefficients to to county demographics? I have.

Have you conducted multiple lines of your own analysis, and compared them to what stats and data forensics people are finding? I have.

Have you considered that perhaps you know less than virtually any Republican, who are now awash in information, is that your sources are determined to make sure you're completely ignorant of what's going on? I'm definitely thinking that may be the case. You might want to look into that.

This is perhaps the biggest US story since WW-II, and so many people who like to think they're smart are just sleeping right through it, saying "Nothing to see here! Move along!"


Look again. Large batches of pristine mail-in-ballots were seen during one of the recounts. One of the things about mail-in-ballots is that they get folded to fit in the envelope. But heck, maybe they've got people whose job is to iron out the creases.

They've also seen large numbers of "pre-printed" ballots with Biden's name already filled in. Once the ballots were separated from the envelope, the number of ballots is limited only by the amount of blank paper on hand, since the workers can just hit "print" and fire them off on a laser printer.

And plenty of the affidavits are from people who went to vote and were told they already voted, or voted and then, when they checked, found that their vote wasn't recorded. This seems to affect hundreds of thousands of people. That happened to some of the bloggers I read. And there's the women who found out someone voted under their old maiden name, which happened to several women I comment with.

And that's just the low-level fraud where ballots are physically handled. The other problem is hundreds of thousands of votes with no associated ballots. We know those exist because vote totals were going up three our four times faster than the available hardware could count ballots. We know it happened because some areas had 300% turnout. We're seeing bizarre and impossible statistics that we don't see in previous elections, nor in most non-key states whose election systems weren't easily hacked, and by hacking, I mean things any junior high kid could do.

The Dominion machines don't have any form of security. Their Internet data traffic isn't even encrypted. They have one password for everybody. You can hop on them, from the Internet, and delete files. You can pull up the vote total file and edit it in Notepad, and it doesn't leave a trace. You can make up any number of votes you want, copy them to a USB stick, and copy the votes onto any other voting machine.

And from the look of it, it wasn't that someone was hacking the election, it was that multiple groups were doing it. By the activity, it looks like some of that was uncoordinated, so having different players adjusting the totals in different ways just multiplied the number of obvious red flags.

And the data analysts are seeing this all over the place. One described the interesting ways the cabal tried to hide the fraud by spreading it around to different precincts at different times, shuffling votes from place to place. All of those moves were leaving records in the real-time vote totals, which anyone could scrape with freeware on Github or other places. When we're talking about votes "moving", it's because we recorded them disappearing from Trump and appearing in Biden's total. In Pennsylvania, the number of negative votes in those files is close to a million. How do you cast a -1 vote?

As I said, the fraud was easy to perpetrate, but it was also trivially easy to detect. And it looks massive. It's quite likely that the 2018 Kentucky election was stolen, and it's also quite possible that the Democrat control of the house in 2018 was likewise due to electronic election fraud. Getting Biden in doesn't stop the ugliness, it multiplies it, and the right is already talking about Biblical responses and repercussions that will still be talked about a thousand years from now. All those primitive, superstitious people who clings to guns and religion? They mean it.


I argue law with a highly experienced, borderline-OCD trial attorney every day. He loved putting a jury in a box.


How about the statistic professor from the top liberal arts school in the US, with math and physics degrees from Princeton? Does he count? How about all the professionals who run companies that investigate the relevant elements, such as data security, fraud, and other related crimes?

How do you explain fractional votes in floating point? How do you explain 53 consecutive tranches of ballots that had the same Trump Biden ratio, accurate to four decimal places? That's a software "feature" on the Dominion machines.

And again, you're trying to get me to except that Chad rolled 14 ones, against 197 billion to one odds, with reams of evidence pointing to election rigging. The way this goes is that you will soon believe the election was rigged, as will everyone else who's currently saying it wasn't. That's what happens when there's mounds of evidence that a major crime was committed.

You're in the position that many Republicans were in when they heard that some plumbers with ties to the White House had broken into a a hotel in Washington. Back then plenty of Republicans didn't think it was in any way connected to anyone important, much less Nixon. Those beliefs didn't last long.

So the real question is what you'll think if Biden is in office, and 90% of the public thinks he's a criminal who rigged an election to get there, and had enough water-carriers willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get him across the finish line? Harris was obviously in on it, along with Pelosi, so you won't even have a line of valid succession until you hit Chuck Grassley, which you're not going to accept anyway.


By that reasoning, we can be certain that Bill Cosby is innocent, too, because all the early cases against him were thrown out.


Dude, there has yet to be a single allegation of Republican election fraud. In contrast, we're piling up thousands of sworn affidavits alleging Democrat election fraud. Someone was definitely not participating in good faith, and it's not the Republicans.

If you want a corrupt autocracy, how about taking a look at the billionaires who were rigging it? How about looking at Dominion (whose website no looks like it was written by a schizophrenic facing life in prison).

Recall that everybody went to bed on November 3rd with Trump leading 51.7 to 46.8 in Wisconsin, 57.0 to 41.8 in Pennsylvania, 54 to 44.4 in Michigan, and 53.1 to 45.6 in Georgia. Then those states, for some inexplicable reason, all stopped counting. While they weren't counting, somehow Biden got hundreds of thousands of extra votes, in cases at rates that exceeded by wide margins the physical capacity of the vote-counting machines to count ballots. In some cases, 100% of the ballots were for Biden, which is a statistical impossibility given the ratio of ballots that preceded and followed those batches.

The still unexplained votes from nowhere failed, in many cases, Benford's law of first digits, physical possibility, and a host of statistical tests. The more we dig into them, the more it looks like they were a combination of software vote-stealing algorithms and numbers that people just made up on the fly. And making them up is trivially easy. The software allows any operator, with a few keystrokes, to enter any number of votes as "write-ins".

And now we're finding out that many states hooked all their voting machines directly to the Internet, reasoning that instead of having Dominion employees on hand, they could just work from home to reduce the risk of Covid.

So now all the forensics people are piling in, because everybody loves a good who-done-it. We're way beyond talking about if fraud was committed, to dissecting how it was committed, moment-by-moment, technique-by-technique. Moving the stolen votes from Trump to Jorgensen, and then moments later from Jorgensen to Biden, still stumps me, but I'm sure the programmer had a reason in mind. The amount of apparent election rigging in Montgomery Count Pennsylvania is insane. There, 90,022 mail-in-votes showed up three days after the election, 95% of them for Biden. But mysteriously, they only added 9,534 votes to his total, implying that about 80,000 in-person votes somehow disappeared.

And the floating-point vote totals, which were widespread in the New York Times database, are obviously a sign that the machines weren't actually counting votes, they were generating them according to algorithms. When you see someone getting 63.39 votes, you know things aren't on the up-and-up.


Not necessarily, I think. The affidavits would be hearsay regarding the contained allegation of a particular person committing a particular fraud, or a particular procedure that was illegal or invalid. But they are evidence that election witnesses are saying they witnessed instances of fraud or illegal or invalid procedures.

So when the defense is claiming "No one says they saw any evidence of fraud", all these affidavits say that, in fact, people did say they saw evidence of fraud. That should let a case move forward, where such witnesses can be deposed.


Even 30% of Democrats think Biden stole it. The narrative didn't work as intended, and it's going to fail harder and harder as the statistics professors, computer security professionals, and witnesses weigh in.

It will be established that Biden is only ahead through widespread and multiple forms of election fraud. As I pointed out, there's no way only three bellwethers called the election correctly, considering they each have a 90.58% reliability (88% is the 1960 election is included, which registers very high on the bellwether fraud-o-meter, as does the 1968 election where the winner had to resign the Presidency over, um, trying to rig an election).

To put some numbers on this, I modeled it was rolling seventeen ten-dice where one is wrong and all other numbers, 2 through 10, and a correct call. That gives each die a 10% chance of getting the election wrong, just as the bellwethers do.

So you've got a high-stakes roll-playing game that involves rolling 17-ten dice, and counting the ones. The average roll is 1.7 ones, but zero, one, two, and three are common. Four is pretty rare, and you've seen those come up before. You've never seen anyone roll five ones, and you heard about a guy who rolled six in a tournament, and then got banned for cheating, and a guy who rolled eight ones, but everyone knew the mafia had rigged that game.

So, you're way ahead against the final player, Chad Thompson, and you head to the refrigerator for an organic soda. You hear wild cheering, come back, and Chad and his buddies are all celebrating. One pipes "Chad rolled a fourteen!" Chad is grinning like a maniac, and all his buddies are snickering. The odds against rolling 14 ones are 197,281,461,461 to 1. That's 197.281 billion to 1 odds against it being an honest roll, or that it's 197 billion times more likely that Chad and his buddies cheated while you were in the kitchen, than that they didn't.

If you accept Chad's roll, you are a chump. If you accept Chad's roll when your webcam footage shows him and his buddies turning the dice to one, individually, while laughing under their breath, you are a real chump.

And that's what happening with all the multiple, independent confirmations of widespread election fraud, and both statistical and common-sense approaches to determining its magnitude. What we're seeing now, on the part of Democrats, are desperate attempts to get away with it. They are modifying recounts, counting freshly printed ballots, counting pre-printed ballots (what were printed with Biden already filled in), and apparently shredding Republican ballots that they hadn't counted. As they say, the cover-up is often worse than the crime.

The Democrats have shown they can no longer be trusted to be involved in anything election related, which is a very disturbing development.


Most of it is admissible in court, because it's evidence. Sworn statements by witnesses are not hearsay.

And then there's analysis of election statistics by professionals. For example, a Princeton math and physics PhD, who is a professor at Williams College (the #1 ranked liberal arts college in the US) and who publishes books on statistics, submitted his analysis of Pennsylvania.

Thus I estimate that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted range from 89,397 to 98,801.

Doing a more detailed analysis with confidence intervals, I estimate that almost surely (based on the data I received) that the number of ballots requested by someone other than the registered Republican is between 37,001 and 58,914, and almost surely the number of ballots requested by registered Republicans and returned but not counted is in the range from 38,910 to 56,483.

And he just looked at those two types of election fraud. When you dump the other party's ballots in a landfill instead of counting them, it's not really an election, and the other party need not abide by it.

Or more to the point, if Biden was really winning, why was he having to commit so much election fraud?

On “A Quick Note About Comments & Sanity

Vox disagreed, and lists some of the donations from foreign governments, oil companies, and businessmen, all with business before the State Department.


Um, if you check you can see 500+ URL's listing evidence.

In Michigan alone it is certain that 200K late-night Biden votes can't really exist because a 300K vote spike was counted in 2 hours and 38 minutes on vote counting machines whose maximum burst throughput, if somehow sustained, could only count 90,000 votes during that period. It's based on how many pages each machine can feed per minute, and how many machines they had.

That kind of impossibility was happening all over the place. Basically, those late-night spikes can't be real votes because votes couldn't be counted fast enough to produce them. If the counting machines could, everybody would have finished counting by 9 PM.

Back in the 1960 and 70's they could rig elections and regular people didn't have the access and computing power to detect what happened. Now we all do. As has been said, mail-in-voting makes it fairly easy to commit election fraud, but it also makes it trivially easy to detect.


I flipped more Hillary voters into going 3rd party than the Russians did. The Russians had some people trolling Facebook, but couldn't match my effectiveness.

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One of my friends, who was a communist organizer for the Haight-Ashbury rallies and who became a history professor at Kentucky, despised hippies because all those people he'd tried to get to martyr themselves became big Reagan supporters. This upset him for a decade or so, like the useful idiots had betrayed his communist revolutionary movement.

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Well there's a guilty argument if every I heard one. It'll play as well on a witness stand, and in the court of public opinion, as it did in "A Few Good Men."

"Did you order the Code Red?!"

"You're d*** right I did!"

Again, it's just more criminal thinking. "The police should've stopped me!" is the attitude of a criminal whose trying to blame his crime on, you guessed, the failure of authorities to stop him.

What's amusing is that Democrats think they're somehow winning something. Unless you're personal friends with Joe Biden's family, you get screwed. His cabinet picks and top postings are all corporate elites. Basically, billionaires bought the election, and he's delivering their booty.

Democrat voters have been rendered obsolete, since they're support is no longer required to put Democrats and big tech CEO's in charge of everything. They are now mere serfs, and will have to be grateful for any scraps thrown their way as they go about their miserable lives, locked down, worried over climate change, watching their bills skyrocket as big corporations just loot them.

Their opinions and votes don't matter when some keyboard commando can just punch in numbers for public opinion and election results.

You remember West World season 3, where the future public was told what to think and do by an A.I., and only a tiny handful of people fought back against having their lives programmed? That's what the Democrat machine wants for you. And note that the machine is only Democrat because that was the cheaper party for the billionaires to buy. You think you have a choice, but you don't. You think you have information, but you don't, because they don't want you to know anything. You're not getting the candidates you want, you're getting the candidates they're telling you to want. Almost no Democrats were supporting Joe Biden until they were told to, in a hundred different ways, by the same people who rigged the election for Joe Biden.

A cabal of extremely corrupt people took over your party, and they'll use it to serve their ends, not yours. They're also so incompetent that, instead of being the hidden hand behind the scenes, making subtle changes here and there, they pulled over-the-top, pound-you-over-the-head levels of fraud, which exposed their scam for what it is.

They've ran your party straight into an iceberg, because they're not only corrupt, they're incompetent at being corrupt. A Democrat party run by criminals, Wall Street, foreign governments, and billionaire drug addicts is not going to work out well for any Democrat voter. You can be assured of that.

Once these events turn harshly against the perpetrators, and it is, Democrats need to clean house, and brutally, or they will never have a voice, never have any influence, never have any power, for perhaps several generations.


Punch in the numbers yourself. The problem for you is that it's math. The number of votes cannot exceed the number of voters. That's happened in lots of places this election. The vote total needs to match the number of ballots cast. It doesn't remotely do so in many places. This election was rigged, blatantly, and Republicans are not going to act like oppressed serfs in Soviet Russia and just look away, keep their heads down, and go along with obvious fraud.

Fraud investigators know full well what fraud looks like, and this is it. Trump victories in 10 states that disappear at 4:00 AM, in all 10 states, isn't something that happens absent blatant fraud. And when you look into the data to try and show it wasn't fraud, you just find more fraud, like those impossible batches and their impossibly consistent vote ratios, with a standard deviation of 0.001%.

Explain to me how 53 places can produce Biden votes and Trump votes in the exact same ratio, accurate to four significant digits. You know that is impossible as well as I do. You know only a computer could do that, just as well as I do.

You simply don't want to believe that you are cheating. You don't want to get caught at it. But you have been caught, and you're not going to get away with it.

And that's your entire focus now. Getting away with it. If you didn't know that there was massive fraud to uncover, you wouldn't have any objections to extremely thorough audits and recounts, overseen by both parties. But you strenuously object to the idea, just like a criminal, caught in the act, who desperately tries to avoid being searched.

And the same is true all up the Democrat and media hierarchy. We know they're guilty, in part, because they act guilty. They're trying to silence witnesses. They're trying to intimidate lawyers and officials with death threats. Social media has forbidden any mention of fraud. Who does things like that? The mafia, communist revolutionaries, and totalitarian political parties trying to get away with election rigging.

Did the media block any story about Trump and Russia collusion? No they did not. Did Trump block any stories? No he did not. Obviously this new rule "You must not talk about election fraud!" was just made up so they could avoid covering the obvious, and try to get away with it.

You're arguments boil down to "We got away with it! The judge threw it out! You can't prove it! We're going to win anyway! You can't stop us!" These are not arguments you hear from an honest person. These are arguments you hear from criminals who know they committed a crime, and who are trying to escape justice. Well, justice is coming, and it will be harsh.


Actually, none of that his happening. Democrat officials are refusing to recount the votes, and where forced, are rewriting the rules for recounts on the fly. In Wisconsin, only 12 Republicans are being allowed to take part in the recount process.

If Joe Biden becomes President, he will rule over ashes.


I have the same fever as tens of millions of other Republicans. We're getting a completely different news feed from Democrats, because the mainstream media is just lying to everybody's face. Even Fox has been abandoned, with MSNBC's morning program badly beating Fox & Friends for the first time in 19 years. We decamped. We're not under media control, naively believing the same people who've been lying to us for years.

We said all the polls were garbage, and we were right. We said mail-in-voting would produce unmatched levels of election fraud, and we were right. We said corrupt officials would rig the election, and we were right. We said big tech would censor any mention of it, and we were right.

And you all know it was rigged. On election night you went to be looking at a massive Trump sweep. Earlier that night many of you'd been saying "Huh. Are you guys thinking the same things you thought on election night 2016?" And you folks said "Yep."

There was no "come from behind victory" at 4:00 AM. That was vote rigging, with hundreds of thousands of ballots, 100% for Biden in some cases, arriving in unmarked vans, or numbers just appearing in election totals, even though nobody was, in theory, counting votes at that time. It was patently obvious to everybody what had happened, but the Democrats, media, and people here thought "How do we sell this?" Since then, it's been group-think writ large.

But Republicans, who won the election in a massive wave, winning 25 of 25 "toss-up" House elections, and winning massively down-ballot, are not part of the group. The group is a minority of extremely partisan hacks led by people who are being paid a fortune to rig an election and pass it off as valid. It's simply not going to work.

The rigging was too widespread, sloppy, and ad-hoc, and left blindingly obvious clues all over the place. For example, in the feed of raw election updates from the New York Times, there are treasure troves of impossible things. All that late-night counting that wasn't even supposed to be taking place produced tranche after tranche of ballots. In every key state almost all of those tranches are fraudulent, the result of computer program because there wasn't enough available man-power to make them up by hand.

For example, in Georgia Trump was leading 57% to 42% with 50% of the votes counted. Then batches of fake Biden votes started to come in. How do I know they were fake? I know they were fake because in 53 consecutive batches, the ratio of Biden votes to Trump votes was exactly the same, to four decimal points.

I looked at raw data from Pennsylvania that had been flagged for that, and found that the standard deviation in the Biden/Trump vote ratio for 7 sequential batches was 0.001653%, before the ratio shifted by 0.2278% for the next 11 batches, whose ratio had a standard deviation of 0.02587%. Those batches couldn't have come from voting, because people can't vote with 5-digit precision.

Heck, it's not even votes, because votes are integers and those batches were too small for integer division to produce ratios that accurately. Some coder declared is fake voting variable as floating point, and that's what got scraped from the New York Times raw data feeds.

Everywhere you look, more evidence popped out. I punched in data from Georgia counties, going in alphabetical order, to see if there was evidence of a massive turnout of black voters. I found the opposite.
The higher the percentage of blacks in the county (which ranged from 0.4% to 66.1%), the less votes Biden gained over Hillary 2016.

For example, Baker county is 50% black, and Biden beat Hillary by 0.31%, whereas Trump went up 15.7%. Calhoun is 61% black, and Biden beat Hillary there by 6.9%, whereas Trump was up by 12.3%. Burke is 49% black, and Biden went up 10% while Trump went up 20%. Heavily black counties, and Biden underperforming badly relative to Trump, and in once case Biden only got two more votes than Hillary did.

In contrast, Banks county is 3.2% black and Biden went up 36%. Catoosa is 2.2% black and Biden went up 45% over Hillary. Cherokee County is 5.6% black and Biden went up 69% over Hillary. All the Biden gains, outside Atlanta, are coming from the heavily white areas, not the heavily black areas.

The black percentage of population, versus Biden’s percentage gain over Hillary, when plotted, shows that the big Biden gains happened only if the county had a low percentage of blacks. For the first 40 Georgia counties in alphabetical order, the Pearson correlation coefficient between the two variables is -0.5426, which means there is a moderate negative correlation between black population and Biden gains, the opposite of what the media claims. The p-value on that result is 0.000303. The result is significant at p < .05.

So statistics (science!) says that Biden's extra Georgia votes are definitely not coming from increased black turnout across Georgia. On the graph, all of his unusual gains only come from heavily white areas that vote heavily Republican.

And the MIT team uncovered the algorithm to steal votes from Trump in exactly that kind of pattern. Coincidence? Not at this point. Very few on the right is believing a word coming from the media, and those that do are immediately put into everybody's "sucker", "loser", or "part of the con" baskets, along with Fox News.

The problem Democrats face is that their plan to steal the election depended on getting away with it quickly and cleanly, and that obviously isn't going to happen. The victim didn't roll over and chose to fight, and as I've pointed out, all the evidence is piling up on their side, at an unbelievable rate. The media won't let you know about any of it because they're all in for aiding and abetting, which happily means that the government can seize all their assets and equipment under Trump's pre-election executive order regarding foreign election interference.

As I said shortly after November 3rd, you don't have to convince yourselves that you won, you have to convince Republicans that you won. At that you are failing, miserably.


There was no election. Some Venezuelan's and Democrat coders punched numbers into computers and presented it as election results, but those numbers don't bear any semblance to actual votes, cast by voters. In 75% of Wayne County's precincts, the number of votes doesn't match up with the number of ballots on hand, not by a little, but by a lot.

And Democrats keep making the problem worse, illustrating how the country is being split into two camps, smart people and stupid people. In Georgia, the recounters in one county went through a batch of ballots and counted 10,707 for Biden, 13 for Trump, which isn't actually possible unless the ballots had previously been segregated according to the winner, with 13 errors. The other mathematical problem was that the batch only contained 1,084 total ballots. They've apparently hired the stupidest person in Georgia to work the recount, one who thinks that you add a number of a number by attaching the new digit to rest of the digits. "Those are three votes for Biden. That's three ones. Three ones make "111".

The Republicans simply aren't going to accept the results as anything other that foreign and domestic election rigging. That used to be a common feature in Appalachian politics, and after giving up on the DoJ and other agencies to correct election interference, we solved it just by surrounding the corrupt officials and engaging them in gun battles until they surrendered or died. Athens Tennessee did that in 1946. The police, surrounded and outgunned, surrendered at 3:00 AM and the citizens found that they'd won the election by a 3:1 margin. Heck, in my home town it was so bad that one of the prominent wives that my mom knew was killed with a car bomb in the parking lot of grocery store. If the election rigging is not resolved, we will probably have a whole lot of that. Nuclear civil war is preferable to rigged elections.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Post-election Intramurals Edition

And now they've redecertified Wayne County, saying they only certified it because they were threatened. By now they probably got teams of spec ops volunteer bodyguards.


Democrat Abraham Aiyash from Wayne County just threatened and doxxed his fellow board member Monica Palmer's children, announcing names of their schools after calling their mother racist.

She changed her decision shortly thereafter.

The State AG also threatened to force them to sign. Documents signed under duress are legally invalid.

As always, Democrats are shameless criminal thugs, from top to bottom.

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