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On “Massive Explosion in Beirut

It's pretty hard to get AN to explode without using a pretty descent detonator, such as an exploding fireworks factory or ammo depot. Most of what detonated is indicated by the giant red cloud, which is probably NO2.


Man, the aftermath videos of that place look almost as bad as Portland or Milwaukee. ^_^

Is it time for the region's urban centers to discuss zoning laws and why we have them?

And a big thumbs up to the Mossad for inevitably taking the blame for whatever happened.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Your Premise Is Bad Edition

How many times did Obama explain that he wasn't a king before he went ahead and did the thing that he said he didn't have the power to do because he wasn't a king?

And AOC is only non-radical by Khmer Rouge standards.


I figure that if there's any doubts about the outcome, the Russians will sort it all out for us.


I didn't see much reason to look beyond the URL. "...bipartisan group secretly [verb]..." A bipartisan group can't secretly [verb], so whatever it is, it didn't happen. Further, if there's a story about it in the press, then "secretly" is obvious false.


I could easily imagine Never Trump Republicans as The Downton Abbey elite. They seem convinced that only someone of proper breeding and manners can be in charge, someone they'd invite over for tea or go fox hunting with. The idea that some ruffian is President, well, it strikes them as something far worse than having some butler or footman ascend the throne, because at least the servants are part of the proper hierarchy. To them, Trump is a direct threat to their status, privilege, estates, and carefully refined culture with its complex rules of etiquette. He's the worst thing to happen to their kind since the Vikings attacked Lindisfarne or Oliver Cromwell started collecting heads.

The trouble is, nobody has need of any Downton Abbey elites. They never do anything other than cluck their tongues over cocktails, and they never take a stand on anything, unless of course it gives them an opportunity to posture, preen, and deliver a condescending lecture to prove how well bred and well educated they are.


I think the big advantage of vote-by-mail is that it will let husbands vote for the whole family, which is how elections should work anyway.

On “What is Democracy’s Selling Proposition with Respect to China?

"Did this ad make you feel good about the product?" - Yes.
"Did this ad make you more likely to want to buy the product?" - Yes.
"Are you going to buy the product?" - Oh heck no. Not in a million years.

On “Bad Strategery In Stumptown Threatens Portland, the President, and Us

They do wade out in the crowd to make arrests (which makes for hilarious video when a protester realizes that there are consequences to trying to burn down a federal building with people in it), but the police also know that the crowd protects the perpetrators because everybody is in on it, and the crowd just has to slow down the cops a little bit for the perp to make a retreat and an escape. But they're all on video so they can be rounded up and charged later. Some of the things they done carry a penalty of twenty-five to life.

Just yesterday a black videographer was stabbed by a white Antifa/BLM protester, who is now in jail on a $250K bond. The protester was also a convicted pedophile, so he'll be segregated from the regular prison population. The left is currently pro-segregation, so at least he won't be charged with hypocrisy.


How would that be an different from an unarmed citizenry, which is an almost universal feature of tyrannies? In fact, some Harvard historians (all liberals) found a strong correlation between an unarmed populace and genocide. Genocides can't fly under the radar in armed societies because lots of police gunfire is required and the neighbors notice those things, reporters notice those things, and everybody ends up talking about those things instead of just assuming that all the Jews or some other group are being packed off on vacation.


Those guys are not the "bogaloo boys" you're probably thinking of, and they probably don't even know what the term means regarding the right.

Note that a person on the right would likely choose to die with honor rather than dress like that.

On “Seattle Police Department informs City Council that Police will have Adjusted Deployment Responses

Yeah, there must be hundreds of suburban women abandoning Trump over this. ^_^


About a fourth of Minneapolis's police department has decided to move on to better cities, while many more are just going to retire. Their homicide rate has roughly doubled already. I think a lot of cities are now competing to outdo Detroit and Baltimore.

The Feds put a stay on the Seattle city council's order, so for now the police still have a viable alternative to having regular folks shoot the protesters and letting ambulance crews deal with the mess. Washington is a castle doctrine state, so that's legal in some circumstances. As they say, the police aren't there to protect the public from the criminals, they're there to protect the criminals from the public. John Locke wrote about that.

On “Bad Strategery In Stumptown Threatens Portland, the President, and Us

Well, maybe the black and Asian ones are, but fortunately there's massive mobs of angry white people willing to hurl bricks and explosives at them to keep them in their place.


What about the black people who show up at these white supremacist protests, get beaten senseless, and have to go to the hospital? What about the black people who get followed home by Antifa so the protesters know which house to attack?

If they would quit trying to set the Federal property on fire, maybe there wouldn't need to be federal agents guarding said property, just like they're not guarding it in the large swaths of the country that aren't overrun with violent Marxists. For example, I don't think my local federal courthouse has had a single incident of law enforcement injuring or abusing anyone. In fact, I'm not sure anybody is even there after hours.

We had an attempted protests back in June, but the police immediately arrested the ringleaders and charged them with inciting a riot, a class A misdemeanor that's good for a stay in the pokey till this blows over. If a riot actually start they'd have been hit with a felony.

The leaders of our black community are possibly the ones calling for the arrests, too. They run a tight ship and maintain excellent relations with the police. They enjoy the calm and peace, and have always come down hard on anyone, especially outsiders, trying to stir up trouble.


Oregon Live: Portland officials demand Feds remove courthouse fence in bike lane

“This fence was constructed without permission or permits on public property, and it is both an abuse of public space and a threat to the traveling public,” Commissioner Chloe Eudaly said in the statement.

But throwing bricks, explosives, and poison gas at Federal agents isn't a threat? What about giving two officers permanent eye damage with blinding lasers? If this is an example of the abject lack of intelligence in the highest reaches of Portland's government, they're in deep deep trouble. Just nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Did anyone in charge there manage to graduate from high school? Their commissioner of transportation, Chloe Eudaly, obviously didn't.


A more recent Gallup poll is mentioned The Washington Post. I saw another a few days ago that focused on how fast the pendulum is swinging in favor of police. There was a wide-open window for action, and the riots and protests are slamming it shut.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the swing is probably much larger than the polls indicate, because these days most people are to afraid to tell a stranger what they really feel if it is in any way politically incorrect.

Radical extremists almost invariably overshoot the mark, and most of what results is backlash.


I view it more as white elites trying to strip the rule of law from black communities so they can turn rape, robbery, and homicide into some kind of betting sport.

According to polls, the majority of blacks oppose the idea of taking away or decreasing funding for the police. But white liberals are going to do what they're going to do, and blacks will lose badly. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.


People who carry guns are very picky about not committing criminal acts, since committing criminal acts such as rioting, arson, and assaulting police officers, while armed, is vastly vastly worse when it comes to sentencing. As a newly convicted violent felon, they get to forever forfeit their right to bear arms.


I think the protests are the greatest thing evah! I've never had so many people changing their minds and start agreeing with me in such a short period of time. This is more fun than the 1968 Democratic convention.

What we're seeing is a rapid virtue spiral. The protest groups leaders are raking in tens of millions of dollars, so they're certainly not going to stop. The local commanders are getting out front and impressing their peers with their boldness and bravery, and certainly getting laid for it, so they're not going to stop. The rank and file are impressing their Facebook and Twitter friends with their virtue-signalling selfies, so they're not going to stop. They're not going to listen to Democrats because anyone who tries to reign them in is obviously a racist fascist class enemy.

But millions of initial supporters who were just normies, the kind who never show up at a protest with a can of spray paint, a shield, and an incendiary device, are rethinking their worldview. They're probably going to vote to change their mayor and their entire city council, and they're probably going to vote Republican for the first time in their lives.

The protest leaders won't care, because that will make the country even more "fascist" and they'll rake in even more donations by having more protests. It's what gives their lives meaning, and might be their main source of income, and they're going to milk it for all it's worth, no matter the consequences.

One could make a good argument that after the first couple of days, the protests kept on going because the people who organize protests get all their power (and in many cases an income) from organizing and leading protests.

It doesn't matter what the protest is about, either. None of them actually care about the issue their supporting or they'd go do some research on it. If it was issue driven the protests wouldn't be happening in the progressive cities with progressive police, or in overwhelmingly white cities, or in cities were the police have the least amount of power anywhere, such as San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, where anybody can just shoot up in doorways and poop on the sidewalks. When tourists from normal places visit, they're taken aback and ask "Don't you have police? Why doesn't your city just arrest all these people?" If the issue was real the protests would be happening in those normal places, not progressive Utopias like Portland.

The people setting fires in those cities might as well be rioting over the Turkish genocide of Armenians. They're going to produce a list of demand, but the demands are irrelevant, just text on a page or lines on a script. The only purpose the demands serve is that they are negotiating points to establish their power by making someone else agree to them, to gain reputation and credibility, just like some Renaissance duelist feigning an offense and challenging someone, just to gain face by making someone else lose face.

After the George Floyd video surfaced, the country was in 100% agreement that something had to change. The sale was made and the public's wallet was out. But the protesters wouldn't stop with the sales pitch, and by continuing with the sales pitch once the wallet is out, the wallet might go back in the pocket. That's why good salesmen immediately stop their jabbering and take the money while it's still on the table. We're seeing that lesson writ large. The protests have managed to turn 100% support into about 45% support, and the continuing protests will drive that number still lower. And of course Trump is smart enough to keep stoking them, because they've turned the 2020 election into a choice between civilization and violent fascist anarchy, and nobody mistakes civilization with looting, rioting, arson, and anarchy.


What makes anyone think that Karl Rove isn't the one running the protests? Judging by the massive shifts in polling, it would be a genius level move.


As expected, white women make it all about white women.

Part of the protesters' problem is that Portland simply doesn't have enough blacks. They would be comparable in numbers to the black folks in towns like Hinesville or Houma-Thibodaux, and far fewer than places like South Bend (Hi Mayor Pete!), Opelika, Goldsboro, or Dothan.

In large part that's because Oregon didn't allow black people in the state until until WW-II, and then tried to get rid of them all as soon as the war ended. Currently the progressives are trying to run the blacks out of the Seattle, so the few that are left find themselves standing on a police line guarding the rapidly whitening neighborhood where they grew up, watching their favorite stores get looted by mobs of white BLM activists.

What Seattle folks need to do is start protesting in black face, like the fake Zulus in old British movies. At the mom's protest one of the women in the sea of white masked faces was holding a sign saying "I love my black friends!" That about sums it up.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Distant Sounds of Inevitability Edition

How did the right-wing get dragged into this? Officer Chauvin was a Democrat, who worked for a Democrat, who answered to a 100% Democrat city council, with a Democrat mayor. The violence is all happening in liberal cities run by Democrats.

If anything, it's more like a slave revolt, and Republicans are, at most, just reading about it in the papers.


Well heck, the racists won the popular vote last time, so it's no surprise that a majority of the public acknowledges it. They want a society that pities black people, and makes sure black people know they are pitied, to remain forever apart from and beneath the enlightened white saviors at the rallies.

Forward: A New Intelligentsia is Pushing Back Against Wokeness


Well, you have to admit, Oregon was founded as a white utopia that didn't allow minorities to enter, and it didn't ratify the 14th Amendment until 1973. It had the highest per capita KKK membership in the nation.

Onward, Oregon progressives! From the racist past toward the progressive, race-based future!

As the recent interview with the Seattle PD officer pointed out, the white protesters won't let blacks chat with any of the black policemen, I assume so their mind won't become contaminated with ideas like equality.

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