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On “From Elizabeth Picciuto: The Real Free Speech Violations

Progressives are all about their high-speed rail. ^_^

Land redistribution, worker representation in all business decisions, proportional representation and disbanding the Italian senate, a national council of experts, a tax on capital to seize expropriated wealth (Warren's tax), taking 85% of arms profits and nationalization of the defense industry, minimum wage and support for labor unions. They were also dedicated to fighting racism for almost two decades, until 1938 when Hitler pressured them to go after Jews, which was highly unpopular.


Progressive are leaning on both corporations and the state, just like Italian Fascists. They want one body (corporatism) where the people, business, and the state all act with one mind because they're just different organs of the same body.

As Mussolini said, ""Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state." Much of the left's focus on power-relations likewise comes from Mussolini, via Gramsci, who worked for him.


You should maybe have a former FBI director investigate the heck out of that, with hundreds of lawyers and spending tens of millions of dollars, to see if there's any evidence of it. ^_^


The Washington Post disagrees.

WaPo: Was McCarthy Right About the Left?

he Age of McCarthyism, it turns out, was not the simple witch hunt of the innocent by the malevolent as two generations of high school and college students have been taught.

The sum and substance of this growing body of material is that: Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, executed in June 1953 for atomic espionage, were guilty; Alger Hiss, a darling of the establishment was guilty; and that dozens of lesser known persons such as Victor Perlo, Judith Coplon and Harry Gold, whose innocence of the accusations made against them had been a tenet of leftist faith for decades, were traitors or, at the least, the ideological vassals of a foreign power.

The Claremont Review of Books took "A Closer Look Under the Bed" to say:

The Venona papers, together with these archives, made it absolutely clear that the American Communist Party was from its beginning the willing agent of Soviet intelligence, obedient to its orders, financed by its contributions, and serving not only as a propaganda organ for Soviet policies but as a generous source for the recruitment of agents who would thereupon influence American policy and gladly commit espionage as well. It is now plain that by 1945 every important branch of the American government, from the White House itself to the State Department, the Defense Department, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department, the Office of Strategic Services (predecessor to the CIA), and the Office of War Information, to name only a few, was infested with Communists busily doing the work of the Soviet Union.

Obviously all those people needed to be hounded out of government, if not tossed in jail, since all the Congressional Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are adamant that colluding with Russia is the highest possible criminal act.


McCarthy was right about the communists. Once the Soviet Union collapsed, we got access to the Soviet archives and could to read all about the people he'd targeted, who, not surprisingly, were Soviet agents.


Free speech doesn’t automatically challenge those in power. The people who wrote that first letter, and many who signed it, have power. They want to pretend that they don’t. They want you to believe that.

The right to an attorney doesn't automatically challenge those in power, nor does a jury of peers, nor does most of the rest of the Bill of Rights. So why not just ditch them all except the 2nd Amendment?

I can tell that our universities wasted a lot of time teaching people that "power relations" explains everything, because the result has been students deprived of actual intellectual growth running around like kids with hammers looking for nails.


Reason magazine addresses the Harper's letter: Are We Living in Crazytown?

The answer is yes.

As an aside, if conservatives spent their time making sure every media figure who they found offense was fired, there would only be a handful of journalists who would still be gainfully employed. They are almost all odious and should be fired for cause. But we let them slide because they also act as a handy source of talking points from the Russians, Iranians, and Chinese communists.

What's more amusing is that the writers who justify the crushing of "wrong" opinions do so by arguing that bad ideas could lead to hypothetical mob behavior, even as they lead real mobs that assault people, murder people, and burn down entire city blocks. Whereas letting right-wingers speak could, in theory, result in some kind of mob in some future dystopian world, letting left-wingers speak definitely results in violent mobs in the here and now.

On “Do All Lives Matter?

So you fire the cops. Is there a line of people waiting to fill out employment applications at the precinct who are somehow totally different from the current officers?

If policing is so darn bad, how come nobody noticed when Obama and Biden were in charge of things for eight years, when the police were killing vastly more unarmed black people than they did under Trump?

What really changed? Nothing, other than the left and the left-wing media lost their minds and started spending all their time screeching that we're living under racist fascism. The solution to that is apparently to elect an old white racist who defends the Confederacy, teamed up with segregationists to stop school busing, and who led the get-tough-on-blacks crime initiatives that put millions of blacks in prison.


Indeed. Allowing the protests to continue, knowing that thousands of innocent blacks would die as a direct result of the increased spread, shows that no lives matter to any of the protesters. They're just out virtue signaling and scoring some free big screen TV's.

On “From Elizabeth Picciuto: The Real Free Speech Violations

Well, that problem exists because for a couple of generations liberal arts programs have taught that every problem must be the result of racism, sexism, colonialism, homophobia, or some other ism that they just invented. This has produced a generation of activists whose entire intellectual toolkit is one hammer, and all they can do is pretend everything is a nail.

To those who escaped such indoctrination, such people appear to be, though not clinically insane, very stupid, very angry, and very destructive.

Their desire to uncover their favorite isms and punish the ists runs into another psychological phenomenon. When people are shown blue and purple dots and told to select all the blue, or a range of happy and angry faces and told to pick out the angry ones, they do quite well as long as the numbers are reasonably balanced. But if you remove almost all the actual blue dots or angry faces, the people still make the same number of selections be redefining what is purple and what is blue, and what constitutes and angry face. The upshot is that the less of an "ism" that exists, the more of it these people will find when they take on the task of finding it, simply by redefining what they're looking for.

Thus, when you tell ivy league college girls to find examples of male oppression on their campus, certainly the most liberated and female friendly environment that has ever existed in the history of humanity, they see it everywhere. When you tell white activists to find examples of racism, they likewise see it everywhere, even though older Southern blacks who lived with Jim Crow laws and marched with Dr King tell them they're just freaking crazy.

On “From Freddie deBoer: Ending the Charade

Calvinism? It's more like Calvinball.

No rule can be used twice, so you always play with new rules that you just made up.


Powerline: Princeton faculty letter demands end to academic freedom

Thus, as Zaid Jilani tweeted, the faculty letter “calls for eliminating academic freedom via a committee that would review all publications for racist thought (racist defined by the committee).”

The current group think is that there must be group think, and only group think, and all who don't think like the group must be purged. And so ends the age of enlightenment.


I think the Internet/Twitter angle is a red-herring. The problem is the larger conceptual framework where there are oppressors and victims, collective guilt, and where control of speech is that one ring to rule them all. The other day Legal Insurrection had an interesting post and video about a Zoom meeting of a New York school advisory council. It was vicious, chaotic, and completely dysfunctional.

The woke left model of human interactions is an abysmal failure because it renders groups of believers unable do anything. If they were riding in a car and it got a flat tire, they couldn't change the tire because they'd stand around for two hours screaming at each other about social justice and power relations.

On “Do All Lives Matter?

There isn't such a thing as under the table Jim Crow because Jim Crow was a system of segregation laws. We shorten it now, but the phrase is "Jim Crow law", which referred to "laws just for blacks" that mandated separate facilities, etc.

All the other kinds of discrimination blacks faced elsewhere (outside of federal service thanks to Woodrow Wilson) may have been racial discrimination, but it wasn't an example of Jim Crow laws, which is why people outside the South didn't sit around wondering if they should repeal their own Jim Crow laws instead of deploying troops to Alabama.


Well, why don't the police just take the attitude of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" regarding minority neighborhoods? Why are they patrolling there since whites don't need to care? Why do Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Chicago even have police precincts in minority neighborhoods?

Surely pulling the police out will solve all the problems in communities of color. Surely.


Jim Crow effectively makes black neighborhoods slums/ghettos/whatever you want to call it. Being the kind of place that would very much not like to attract the attention of the police (who enforce Jim Crow), crime finds a place to flourish.

I am pretty sure that Southerners weren't running New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, San Francisco, etc. Whatever horrible racist things Democrats were doing elsewhere, it wasn't Jim Crow outside of the South.


Um, no. Africans had so many different classes of slave that the Wiki goes on forever to try and explain it all. There also wasn't even such a thing as a citizen in 1601. Not even Englishmen had that status. They were just subjects.

On “Don’t Forget: Black Lives Matter

Activists ripped down a statue of Frederick Douglas. Going by what they target, I don't think a person could distinguish BLM from Antifa from the KKK, as if the activists were thinking "pro-slavery, anti-slavery, it's all just slavery!"

It does lend credence to my hypothetical that David Duke hacked all the activists iPhones and is playing them like puppets just to troll us and set race relations back sixty years.

On “They Who Must Not Be Named

They can get rid of the controversy by just changing their logo to a wine-colored Mr. Potato Head. Who doesn't like red skin potatoes?

On “Hollow Rights & Hollow Points

With that stance, you could equally argue that it's important that the state not stop lynch mobs, because lynch mobs are going to lynch and it's better to let a hundred people get lynched than to kill one Klansman.

On “DC Statehood: 68.34 Square Miles of Constitutional Conundrum

I could see that as a good argument to strip New Jersey of statehood and make it part of New York. It's a glorified PATH train stop for New Yorkers that is punching above its weight, why should it even haven one Senator? It's not a real state, it's a giant strip mall.

On “From political reporter Theo Keith: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has asked President Donald Trump for a federal disaster declaration

The folks hit by a hurricane didn't decide to make a hurricane.

It's kind of like fire insurance. It doesn't cover you if you intentionally set your own house on fire. Similarly, you don't get a free new neighborhood by deciding to burn the old one down.

On “They Who Must Not Be Named

The are calls to rename the New England Patriots because to the virtual signalers, "patriot" now refers to alt-right neo-Nazis. It can't be long before they get rid of the 49ers because they were greedy capitalist exploiters who displaced indigenous people and raped the land in a desperate rush to gain wealth and white privilege.

Regarding Dallas, "cowboy" is a derisive term for black slaves who worked on Texas ranches. That's why the word is "cowboy" instead of "cowman" or some other non-insulting word we'd have coined to refer to whites, like "policeman" and "fireman."

The name "Vikings" also upsets me, as they were a vicious, violent people who robbed, murdered, and enslaved my ancestors. Do we need a team that celebrates a racist pagans with a criminal warrior culture? I think not.

I'm also outraged by the Pittsburgh Pirates, whose name is offensive to everyone who uses BitTorrent.

On “From political reporter Theo Keith: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has asked President Donald Trump for a federal disaster declaration

I wouldn't give him a dime. It wasn't an act of nature, it was Minneapolis folks setting Minneapolis businesses on fire. I don't see why anyone else should be on the hook for that. Heck, maybe they've formed a cult that wants to have an annual "Let's Torch the City" festival to compete with Burning Man. If so, the festival needs a cover charge big enough to pay for all the fun.

On “Hollow Rights & Hollow Points

Outside of some cases like Syria and Iraq, very few people qualify for asylum, which requires a group or individual to be horribly oppressed by a government. Virtually nobody in the Western hemisphere should qualify for it.

Asylum is for political prisoners and genocide victims, not people wanting to get away from an abusive spouse, a local street gang, or to escape gambling debts.

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