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On “From Elizabeth Picciuto: The Real Free Speech Violations

As we speak, Tucker Carlson and a mob (both Twitter and otherwise) from the Right is trying to cancel Tammy Duckworth for saying she'd like to have a dialogue with statue-haters. That is, they're attacking the idea that some people can even be spoken to (and calling a decorated veteran a coward who hates her country, because that's what they do.) Also, the president is suing to suppress the publication of a book that criticizes him. And a US congressman is suing two anonymous Twitter members for making fun of him.

There are no open letters criticizing this, nor is it being discussed here, because, honestly, it's what we've come to expect from that quarter. Which is why this whole furor seems so oblivious.

"We're out of peanut butter."

"You do realize that the house is on fire?"

"We're not talking about that right now. Do try to focus."

On “From Freddie deBoer: Ending the Charade

Also, it's specifically the suit against Twitter (a corporation with a staff of attorneys) that was tossed. The suit against the cow (an individual) continues.


Are we arguing about different ways of putting words in people's mouths?


The cow has hired a lawyer to help defend its right to anonymity. Or so it says, and I have no reason to disbelieve it. So, yes, real expense, real worry about being sued under its own identity. Real chilling effect on further criticism

Nunes, who lives in California and works in D.C. sued in Virginia, because it doesn't have the sort of anti-SLAPP suit statutes that would get the case tossed, as it deserves to be.


I'm not seeing much difference between "are we arguing" and "so you're saying",


IANAL, but if the band has clearly not been defending the trademark "Lady A" that they've had for 10 years if the singer has been using it for 20. Does that make it void?

On “Wednesday Writs: Kavanaugh v. RoboCalls Edition

There's a difference between what's a bad idea and what's unconstitutional.


WW2: Originalists cannot figure out that the reason of the Electoral College was for electors to use their own judgment rather than blindly follow the will of the mob.


Gorsuch cites Citizens United in extended the First Amendment to robots.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Miseducation Edition

Nothing is inevitable.

Death, taxes, and Trump making things worse.

On “Taking The Joy Out of Sailing Away

"Need to cancel your trip. They're not letting Americans in any more."

On “Remembering Carl Reiner

Groucho used to say that Dumont never got any of the jokes, but that's nonsense, of course; the starchy grande dame was a part she played, and very successfully, goth on Broadway and in films.

I was just looking at her Wikipedia page, and I had no idea that her godfather was Joel Chandler Harris. "Why, Mr. Driftwood. Do not throw me into the briar patch!"

On “President Ye?

If we're going to talk about a black celebrity getting into politics, keep your eye on LeBron, if only so at his inauguration he can tell Ingraham to shut up and babble.

On “President Ye?

He was a lot funnier than Pat Buchanan.


A celebrity with neither interest in doing the job nor any aptitude for it? We've already got one of those.

Seriously, if Kanye does anything about seeking the presidency beyond this one tweet, we can start to think deep thoughts about what it all means.

On “They Who Must Not Be Named

It's no loss if the Braves stop the chant and the chop, any more than it was when Chief Noc-A-Homa went away. (He used to emerge from his teepee and do a "war dance" when they hit a home run. I am not making this up.) And I'd be fine if they went back to being the Beaneaters.


And Stanford enrollment dropped 50% when they became the Cardinal.

On “Do All Lives Matter?

Trump's response to COVID makes things clear: No Lives Matter.


Radley Balko has devoted years of his life to what amounts to ALM. When I see him objecting to BLM or its messaging, I'll listen.

Arguing that America's criminal justice system is, in fact, racist was Radley Balko, an opinion writer for The Washington Post.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Miseducation Edition

This kind of thing makes their claim that they only oppose illegal immigration laughable.


Unwillingness to take simple precautions like wearing a damn mask has turned us into a pariah nation. The EU won't allow American visitors. Mexico is closing *their* border with *us*. That this has become a partisan issue is insane. That it's the Trump/QAnon/GOP side that melds ignorance, paranoia, and idiot conspiracy theories (Bill Gates, George Soros, and Dr. Fauci!) into death cult behavior is unsurprising.

On “They Who Must Not Be Named

How about the Rednecks?

* The team can keep its color scheme.
* It's a group that's not itself sensitive to ethnic slurs.
* It's not a group that SJWs will be offended on behalf of.

And there's no need to design a logo; they can license Cletus from the Simpsons.