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On “From Freddie deBoer: Ending the Charade


"The idea that I would try to get Matt, literally my co-founder and oldest friend in journalism, fired over this letter is risible."

Does that make the complaint writer risible by the transitive property of risibility?

Or, what happens when Power uses its authority to keep things Internal so that the dirty laundry of the Powerful is kept hidden while the less powerful have theirs scattered on the pavement?

Doesn't it seem like just a plea to pick better targets?

I guess that's where bus seems stuck in the roundabout for me.


I'm kinda interested in someone liberalsplaining to me the Ezra Klein/MattY tweet/subtweet/tweet meet?

I want to believe in nuance, but I'm afraid I lack the liberal social vocabulary to understand it.

On “President Ye?

Heh, I agree... I was just discussing with my Daughter and her friends that Ronald Reagan started with a Tweet at the 1964 convention... was president of the Screen Actors guild, was elected Governor twice, ran for President in '76, and along the way built a movement with allied think-tanks, publishers, and Donors.

And he was only a B list celebrity.

But then, I've been pretty consistent that being President without doing the legwork of building the necessary movement makes you either a pawn or a fool... maybe both.


I hope so; I'm not 100% sure Joe wants the can, but I'm pretty sure there are others who do.


It depends on whether we see Joe Biden as a destination for voters or a temporary waystation for voters.

I have no problem indicating that Joe Biden isn't a destination for anyone. If you disagree I can appreciate that; I can't understand it, but I can appreciate it.

What happens after Joe Biden is an interesting question that I suggest Kanye has more relevance to than, say, Booker.

As for incoherent jumbles of thoughts... I come to bury Kanye, not praise him; for Joe Biden is an honorable man.


The future is decidedly unclear.

“They already rejected multiple sensible black candidates in favor of Biden.”

Reminds me of being 100% behind Bain Capital Makers/Takers Romney. Why would anyone leave a stable 40-year coalition?

By the way, have you seen Bain Capital's commitment to Social Justice?

My point was pretty clear that it isn't specifically Kanye, but that someone *like* Kanye might be in the offing.


Very true... on the one hand the thorny question of enumerated Religions (and a process whereby to become enumerated) and the "What religion? There's no religion here" are not really reconcilable.

I can see historically why they avoided the first, but they never imagined their non-religion would be supplanted - which was the thing that made the First Amendment intelligible.


This is very true; until the institutions become brittle with success.

Sometimes the institutions collapse, sometimes they are re-imagined; sometimes both.


Gaslighting Neo-liberalism is very meta.


Nothing gets me more excited than a good definition of terms discussion where we can parse the parses; ultimately agreement is reached by all. Can we post powerpoint here?

But to Saul's point; I'm old enough to remember the 1992 Clintonian formulation and am happy to start there and we can work our way through the 21st century bi-partisan consensus.


A majority coalition that isn't neoliberal.

On “Do All Lives Matter?

I think this is the nub of it. There's a slogan, and there's a political organization of the same name.

Strikes me as a pretty obvious Motte/Bailey situation... endorse Black Lives Matter. Which? The Motte where we all agree or the Bailey where we don't?

I've losely tracked BLM since they first made a splash; what struck me in the early iterations was how vigorously intersectional they were; over time the website has gone through multiple iterations working on the rhetoric to make the intersectional underpinnings less of a thing... more mainstream than original. Its possible, even, that BLM gets co-opted and drops most of the intersectionality in favor of a unified focus. It wouldn't be the first organization to have its principles sheared in the interest of political gains.

But, I don't really have a problem saying Black Lives Matter and BLM is an organization I don't back. The challenge for the people in the Motte is letting people in before they are unwittingly wounded in the Bailey.

A more cynical take recognizes that Mottes aren't for that... its all about the Bailey. In this context, All Lives Matter becomes a clumsy attempt to avoid the Bailey... which fails in the obvious way all Mottes work: what Bailey?

On “President Ye?

"They already rejected multiple sensible black candidates in favor of Biden."

I think this is more of a hint why the future is trending Kanye (or someone *like* Kanye) than not.

I can't say that I can fathom his methods... and while I don't think 2020 is an actual objective, I can see him building a movement over time. I have no idea if his mercurial temperment will sustain such a project; but if nothing else I think he'll point a way.

On “From NBC New York: Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Sources Say

No, I heard they are taking extra precautions and giving her prophylactic doses of chloroquine phosphate.

On “Happy Canada Day!

It does... except for the nuts part. Will get the Marchmaine household bakers on it, Stat!


Storming the crease
like bumble bees.

Pure distilled Canada.


Now I want Poutine. And a butter tart... what the hell is a butter tart? I want one.

Merry Canada Day everyone.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth Edition

Ah yes, well that (never gonna happen) would create an even more epic flameout as the split R vote in some of the states the R could have won would result in a D plurality.

There will have to be a lone Elector who votes against Biden so that the tradition of never having a unanimous selection after Washington. Assuming we still acknowledge a Washington.

Of course, refounding America on Joe Biden would, I suppose, be appropos the moment.


Part of me wants this, part of me thinks this would be the moment the anti-matter discrepancy is resolved. Existentially.


I wonder... I have no insight into how political convention planning goes. Do they have to know 1-day, week, month in advance to print all the hats? Do they print two sets?

So I could certainly see a situation where the insiders know well in advance who the pick most likely will be. But, until the paperwork is signed, its just an intention and not a deal.

June strikes me as somewhat early to a) have to decide b) want to decide.

What have you read/heard that marks the decision that early?

I'll caveat that the formal call to Bayh has to happen just before the announcement makes it official... even if Bayh/Biden knew the likely outcome earlier... I'm not sure that earlier would mean June, however... that still seems early to me.


Yep, these days it's carefully choreographed as part of the run-up/hype to the convention.

Barring unusual circumstances, the announcement this year will be on or around August 15th.

But then, 2020 is pretty much the definition of unusual circumstances, so what do I know?


But you said he quits (no way) after the convention and too late to change the ballot... so he's still the only R candidate... just that he's not running, see, so he can't lose. It would be an un-campaign.


Stacy Abrams:

outside swing for left field fence
popping up the sacrifice bunt

Hard to say at this point in time.


It was a marble to behold.

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