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On “Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dead at 87

Well conservatives have been freaking out about how radical Biden will be if he wins. Right now is a hinge around which how radical he will be. If C's do what everybody thinks they will do, push through a Justice and bs their way around their own abject lying, there will be matter/anti matter collision level energy for D radicalism now and for the foreseeable future.

SoCon's go full bore overturn Row v Wade in the next year if they get a new justice which would be a mess and be a medium term electoral loser for them.

This is going to get fugly.

On “In Theory

It's amazing people still debate communism today. It's failures are legion and it's dead as an idea.

Assuming human nature is good thing to try. Any model needs to give that a shot. But it also seems like the one area where every theory fails. Everyone's view of human nature is colored by their own biases and wants. Rarely, if ever, does a person theory of human nature extend beyond their country or culture which means its not actually a theory of human nature. At best it's a theory ( projection) of what you think about your own people. In a country with as many cultures and peoples as the good ol US of A that becomes even more fraught.

Isn't Ryan just a DC lobbyist now?

On “Class and Race: Two Sides, Same Coin

Good piece Dennis. The importance of talking about both class and race seems to have befuddled every overarching label/group. Lord knows it has divided the broader left for decades. Even this year Bernie/D's were arguing over whether to focus or talk about one or the other. It's always been both but talking about more then one factor with two simplistic ends seems beyond so many.

If there is anything to effectively do about it D's/liberals should focus policy that will help the general working class letting the positive effects help across groups. Don't focus on which small division it will help since that is bringing out the nasty tribal thing our hate mongers love to monger over.

On “John Kelly Doesn’t Owe Us Anything

Trump is blathering about this because of 1) the Military Times poll that showed officers didn't like him and/or 2) he is trying to portray himself as caring for the people he has been calling losers. Those are the most likely reasons. He isn't even a broken clock on this because he has history of actions that go against what he is saying. He has repeatedly pushed for large arms deals and increased military spending. There is no reason to think he believes what he is saying so how can he even be right? It's all just a bs distraction.

On “From NPR: Rochester Police Department command staff announces Retirement, says Mayor

Some places yeah the leadership needs to go. Depends on the city and the problems.


Unfortunately he is going with the whiny, they are insulting me so i'm retiring instead, "we failed so i will take the hit and resign"


Oh well, take care, be a stranger. They are doing what to many cops do, escalating by abandoning their duty in the middle of an investigation into police abuse. Notable, from Balko i believe, is that the current chief took over a couple years ago in the middle of a investigation into another police killing. Big protests are typically the result of years of problems with cops, not just the big incident that got all the press.

I hope the protesters in Rochester have the tactical and strategic sense to be completely peaceful and orderly. Show the cops that their self decapitation does not make things worse. The mayor needs to quickly hire someone new and use this an inflection point to change their police culture.

On “The Conservative Movement Shouldn’t Embrace Unions

Yeah. That doesn't answer the general questions though. Plenty of unions seems popular with their workers so i don't see how VW proves unions are "loathed."


How can you ignore the impact of the anti union laws that have been passed since Reagan? Maybe that isn't the only reason for the decline in unions, but it seems impossible to ignore that. You even propose changes to weaken unions.

I'm not really sure about an "antiquated view of labor relations." I once heard in an anti union casino that businesses get the unions they deserve. That casino made a point of always treating worked well and paying them better then the union shops. That worked for them, but of course without a union to compete with that wouldn't work as well for their employees. In that case even the non union workers benefited from the union.

On “F’n Rubes Who Shovel S***, or Virtuous Manhood

True. But there are cycles in everything. To many Americans have been bedazzled by hucksters for a few decades now. That may be burning out now. Or of course it could be getting worse. But it ain't the kids who seem most suckered. It's the olds.

On “John Kelly Doesn’t Owe Us Anything

Remind me, how did you explain away trump having to pay back 2 million bucks for cheating charities?

Just rinse and repeat.

On “F’n Rubes Who Shovel S***, or Virtuous Manhood

Most of us are still being good the way our parents taught us. The brazen cheaters and liars get all the press. Surely having no shame has become a winning tactic which sucks and blows. But i still don't think in the long run that will work. In any case if that works on some people to hell with them, I'm still going to live my life right.

On “John Kelly Doesn’t Owe Us Anything

Yup complete and total lie. The literal opposite of the truth. It's their "style" and tactic.


He doesn't owe us anything. But he he put himself in position to know lots of things. It was his choice. His current no comment is akin to observing a nice trash fire and offering to toss his oily rags in. . A strong denial would be clear; but no. A yeah of course he said that because that is who is; no not that.

Would the prez who cheated charities out of money and had to pay back a couple million really say bad things about vets?

Everybody says nothing matters about trump, we all know he is scum, so why bother. Except that isn't true. Granted nothing is going to change millions of peoples view is one swell foop. But what he does matters. People were talking about his post convention bump. Why? Because sometimes those things matter. They are going to debate and some of the people right here will sure as hell talk about what he and biden do. If Kelly or Mattis or whoever else came out to say the allegations were true it would change votes and matter. What people actually mean when they says X won't matter, is that it doesn't matter to them. Many trumpers don't care if he said what he is accused of. They will overlook it and finding a way to ignore it is easiest then making up some bs excuse.

On “Paying the Tab for Peaceful Protest

They already are complex. To many people define murder/self defense based on who was killed and was the killer. It will be grimly interesting to see what the story is behind his killing.


Ughhh. More violence in Portland tonight. Everything prelim so far and needs to be treated that way. Some vids show Trump people gathering ahead of time, driving throw protesters on foot and macing them out the window. Someone has been shot, very early info says a MAGA rally goes shot someone from out their car. Only thing certain is.....uggghhh.


Agreed. Everybody knows much of the press sucks and blows. That is obviously a problem. Secondary to that people who hate the media gobble up distorted narratives like stoners with chips and will still tell you how bad the chips(media) are threw crumb filled mouths.


You do have a point. Part of the problem is the "if it bleeds it leads" issue. The media is drawn to the riots and have ignored completely peaceful protests for months. So everybody just sees the riots ( which are bad to be clear) and doesn't see anything peaceful. There have been plenty of peaceful protests but they are invisible. It is akin to the claims of conservatives for years that blacks don't protest or speak out against violence in their own communities. Then someone, well me, points out all the protests and movements that people don't hear about. That never matters for some reason. If it wasn't on CNN or Fox it didn't exist.

The mostly peaceful etc is silly but there is truth there. Burt talked about Portland a few week ago. 99.9% peaceful. During the day quiet protests downtown. Late at night morons show up, violence starts. What does everybody see and report and believe "Gah Portland is on fire!!!"


Well that was fast. Only took one response.


Hot take: none of the Cancel Culture is coming for us peeps will see this kind of thing as an attempt to silence public dissent.

On “Kenosha, Wisconsin: Updated

Dude. If Z doesn't have a gun then why would he even go near Martin. Z just calls the police, sits in his car and sips coffee. Z doesn't do anything to put himself or Martin in danger. Z just stays the F away. Boom...or actually no boom....nobody dead...nobody beat up.


No. Again are you even coherent? Both cases need to be fully investigated. There are very different standards of behavior for cops and 17 year olds. We have a lot more video of the blake incident than the rittenhouse one. Maybe i've missed it, but have we even heard from people who saw the start of the incident? That would seem to be important. We are really lacking a ton of info in the Rittenhouse situation so even being pro shooting back is jumping way ahead of the evidence unless i've missed a bunch of new facts.


The problem with your vision is you are stuck between strawmanning your opponents or just plain not listening.


So you are defending the cop shooting Blake? Strong work. Are you even coherent here?

We don't really have a good story of what started the rittenhouse altercation or do we? Without knowing that it's hard to understand everything that came after. Sure you are fine with him shooting back w/o knowing what started it, but that seems a bit thin.


Then the question was what led up to him shooting back? Did he instigate the entire incident then shoot back? Did he shoot someone, then get mobbed leading to him shooting back? Would that be fine and dandy? That would seem to be important.

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