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On “From CBS Chicago: Joliet Police Sgt. Javier Esqueda, Who Blew Whistle On Death Of Eric Lurry In Police Custody, Stripped Of Police Powers

And in a related story:

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Pizza Stone

Okay. It's good. I normally cook my frozen pizzas straight on the rack. Gives it a nicer crust than the pizza pan does.

This gives a crispier crust than the rack gives. But it's not life-changingly better.

I mean, sure, it's *BETTER*... but, like, by inches. It's not something that changes the way that I think about making pizza.


Maribou is out of town this week visiting quarantined friends (she drove, didn't fly) and so I felt safe going for the "throw it up in the air" thing. I only dropped it once and, after that, got the hang of it. (Hold the dough on two loose fists and thrust up in the air... as you thrust, move one fist forward and one fist back. It will spin on its own and make the edge a little thicker than the center. Repeat 8-10 times and you'll have a nice little disc.)


Okay, here's what I'm trying now. I got home after work and realized that my cooked bacon was a little low. So I baked up 3 pounds of bacon. This meant keeping the oven on for 2-3 hours. I took the last pan of bacon out and thought "hey, the oven's already 400 degrees..."

So I doctored up one of my frozen pizzas and put it on the stone. I will check on it after the recommended 16 minutes.


Ooooh, using it to reheat? Intriguing. Since 95% of the leftover pizzas I eat are eaten in the morning for breakfast, I'm not sure I'll be able to do that.

But it's worth considering for the other 5% on the slices that remain around until lunchtime.

On “From Freddie deBoer: Ending the Charade

It was them trying to invoke the cancellation Eye of Sauron.

But they're ham-handed and obvious and, wouldn't you know it, the cameras were on.

I wouldn't call it an attempt to silence. It's an attempt to sanction.

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Pizza Stone

Honestly, I'm glad I got it too. When I got it I thought "what's the worst that could happen? I'm out forty bucks and I get a post out of it."

And then I had a bunch of failures making the pizzas, which, lemme tell ya, weren't *BAD* failures just "ugly pizza" failures.

And then I figured it out.

And I couldn't believe how good the pizza was. Like, seriously.

On “From Elizabeth Picciuto: The Real Free Speech Violations

Maybe he was just thinking "Ugh. Another senator like the last 48 senatorial op-eds we've run since I worked in the mail room. Ho-hum."

And then when he realized that his options were:

1: Pretend to not have read it
B: Enjoy a pleasant struggle session

He chose 1.

On “Do All Lives Matter?

(Dude, the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" thing happened under Obama. So did the killing of 5 police in Texas thing.)

On “How To Be A Fan Though Married

What's notable isn't the setup or the punchline.

It's that the guy is 35.

On “From Elizabeth Picciuto: The Real Free Speech Violations

1. I can easily see him saying "Dude's a senator. Of course we're going to print what he has to say. I might get a promotion because I snagged us a senator! My gosh! I'm going to eat duck for lunch! And since he's on Team Evil, I don't even have to *EDIT* it! Ha! He misspelled "brassiere"! That's how dumb *HE* is! Print it!"

I mean, I can also see him reading it, correcting misspelled words, and not giving a shit about what the op-ed actually *SAID*. Because, hey. He snagged a senator. That == Eyeballs. Maybe he'll get a promotion. He can order duck at lunch.

2. Why did he think lying about it was a good cover story? He probably didn't. He might have seen it as the best of the available options to him. He was either going to be cancelled because he was an Evil Man giving a voice to another Evil Man on Team Evil who was actively calling for Evil Men to do Evil Things... or he could be a fat and happy lazy guy who just said "hey, he's a Senator. We're the NYT. Just put a disclaimer on there that says someone else wrote this, I didn't. I didn't even read it!" and came to the conclusion that negligence would be better for his long-term career than a Maoist Struggle session.


Saul said, and I quote:


I just want to point out that it should be "was".

On “Slate Star Codex has been deleted

The article was better than I expected going into it.

But I pretty much agree with this entire thread here:

I agree that it's about power. And Scott destroyed his blog instead of allowing himself to be doxxed (or even cancelled).

Masada 2020.

(I'm also surprised at the sheer number of folks who think that defecting back is a bad play in an iterated game.)

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Pizza Stone

(And I want to say that the point of the posts is *NOT* what I'm doing. It's that this place is safe to say "here's what I'm doing". If you read my post and say "that's about as not particularly interesting as what I'm going to be doing... you know what, I'll say what I'm doing too!", then that's the goal. "He's saying that he's just running errands and doing chores... I can say that I am just running errands and doing chores! *AND*, on top of that, I am going to listen to the game on the radio while I do a jigsaw puzzle!")

On “From CBS Chicago: Joliet Police Sgt. Javier Esqueda, Who Blew Whistle On Death Of Eric Lurry In Police Custody, Stripped Of Police Powers

From Dave Savini:

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Pizza Stone

I kinda felt bad that all of my old weekend posts had turned into "I am going to go to a handful of stores, run a handful of errands, do a handful of chores (laundry), and play some games."

Visiting friends and doing interesting things slowly morphed into "I'm going to be doing boring grownup stuff that doesn't involve sitting in a circle of friends and laughing."

AND THEN THAT TURNED INTO QUARANTINE. Oh my gosh! I constantly feel guilty that I don't take my phone into Safeway when I go to the pharmacy so I can take a picture of the produce aisle. "LOOK AT THIS ROMAINE!!!" Get a shot of the paper products aisle and get loving shots of the packs of Mega-Rolls that have re-appeared. Getting shots of the pasta aisle and showing that, once again, there are 7 kinds of Hamburger Helper available.

Taking pictures in a grocery store has gone from being something silly that I can't imagine anyone wanting to see except maybe a former Soviet recently released from prison into something that makes me wonder if there aren't fellow quarantiners who would feel a small wisp of sad happiness looking at a shot of a pile of traffic light bell peppers.

I can't wait until everything is back to normal. I must wait until everything is back to normal. I will wait until everything is back to normal.

On “Slate Star Codex has been deleted

From The New Yorker (note: this is not The New York Times):

On “From NBC New York: Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Sources Say

She's got paper attire rather than cloth, paper sheets rather than cloth, and a roommate.

On “From Freddie deBoer: Ending the Charade

Oh, one funny thing. You know when cops post youtubes of them getting a coffee cup at Starbucks with "Screw Cops" on it? That's them trying to do the "cancel" thing.

Same for the cop complaining about having to wait for an egg sandwich at the local fast food joint. "They made me wait! They were messing with my food! I AM BEING ATTACKED!"

That's an attempt to cancel.

(And I see the potential counter-argument that says "But the two examples you're giving me were both fake! The cops made that up!" and my answer to that would be something to the effect of "Yeah... that's true... But it has nothing to do with my definition of cancellation and how I use the term.")


"Physical violence" is a meaningless term.

It covers everything from a punch to the upper arm to homicide!

To answer your question, I use the term "cancelling" to cover a general category of things.

In a nutshell, I'd say that the broadest way to describe "cancellation" it contains two different things. The first is an escalation. To move the discussion from "you and me" to "getting everybody involved". The second is some form of social sanction. "You should be shunned" is one form of social sanction (see, for example, how cancellations happen in high school circles). "You should be fired!" is another form of social sanction (see, for example, adults).

I’d say that the second, the part with consequences external to the thing said/act taken, is the more important of the two… but “cancellation”, as I’m using the term, relies on both.

(I mean, you know when "Karens" call the cops on a group of black people eating in the park? That's not "cancellation", but cancellation-adjacent. Taking video of Karen calling the cops and posting it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? That *IS* cancellation.)

So if you want precision, when I'm talking about cancellation, I'm talking about a deliberate attempt to both Escalate to bring others into the situation *AND* Sanction the other person (which can cover everything from "we should shun this person!" to "this person should fear for their physical safety!").


No one is clamoring to overturn Pruneyard. They *ARE*, however, clamoring to get Pruneyard to apply to Twitter.

If I find you some examples of lower-level folks being cancelled by the mob, would that accomplish anything? I don't want to spend some time researching this if you have no problem pivoting to "okay, it happens, but it's *RARE*" without changing anything else.

On “From Elizabeth Picciuto: The Real Free Speech Violations

If we want to talk about scalable moralities, I suggest Deontology rather than after-the-fact Utilitarianism.


Well, it certainly smears distinctions of punching up/down.


If we're wandering into police brutality, I've gotta say that I was only intending to talk about criticism.