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On “A Clusterfark in Wisconsin

And those ballots should be presumed fraudulent as there is no way to ascertain if the person it is provided for actually voted with it.

Any ballot not filled out in a certified election location is ripe for fraud and shistering. And shisters* will attempt to have anything that supports their cause counted while doing everything to discount the other team, and using dubius legallity to do it. An absentee ballot SHOULD be filled out in the presence of an election clerk. Sadly that is not the case.

*both teams, red and blue

On “Going for the Grocery Gold

The particulars are different, by the dynamic remains the same. I do most of the shopping, and have for a few years now. Mostly because I have the time (work from home and before that healing from a work injury) I generally only go to one place, as I dislike the chore and don't want to spend too much time on it. All in all, a very middle of the road cost paradigm. The wife though...

She is an organic, fresh food lover; a serious cook and buyer of ingredients, not food. While she will go to discount places to get canned goods and such (very little), if left on her own in a upscale market or food co-op, the bills can be insane. And there is still nothing to eat in the house.

With working from home during, she is realizing what I have been saying. As she is actually busy during the week, and cooking takes time, having food that is quick to prepare is a good thing. Slaving over a multi-course, freshy-fresh meal can take a bit of time, which is supposed to be used to do things that get her paid.

Good post EM.

On “A Clusterfark in Wisconsin

A win for democracy.

Now, if we can just end the shistering of mail-in ballots.

On “Here Comes the Pain, Shared and Otherwise

On “Carnage: 6.6 Million in Initial Jobless Claims, 10 Million Two Week Total

They felt they needed too to fulfill business contracts?

They didn't want their systems to go down? They have business needs that required it? They understand maintenance and capitol expenses?

What I don't believe is that media panic! convinced them to do it overnight, because they already were working on it (according to you).

On “Kids! What’s The Matter With Kids Today?

When I was 18, a friend and I did something that is so far past dangerous that we didn't mention it to our parents (or at least I didn't) for a decade and caught holy hell at that later date. We, volentarily went into a war zone. Now, to be sure it was at that point a low intensity conflict, but no, we weren't in the military, it was a foriegn country, and shit was real. Real in the way that our little college town (kept too expensive for those people) wasn't.

And when I mentioned it to mom the other day, she gave me a ration still, even 31 years later.

I relate this because, when I talked to my kid the other night, he told me he was going to do something (and at this point has allready done) that made my heart skip a beat. And I had to remind myself that he is a grown-ass man, 25, and he gets to make these decisions for himself now. And that I would be a hypocrite if I didn't take into consideration what I had done when I was a young, but grown-ass man.

And now, I want a coonskin coat.

On “Andrew Yang, Bringer of Pestilence

“I must not use Twitter. Twitter is the mind-killer. Twitter is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face Twitter. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where Twitter has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

On “Carnage: 6.6 Million in Initial Jobless Claims, 10 Million Two Week Total

No, I am not saying that "re-write the code" wasn't worth it, I am saying that the panic that was expressed in the media at the time wasn't worth it.

But I did sell a lot of books on it, making (for me) big money.


Funny you should mention Y2K, as it has been on the forefront of my mind. And you paranthetical is on point, only that at this point it remains to be seen if it isn't some sort of repeat situation.


I am talking about deaths, and if people don't see them, actual bodies en mass, than it will look even more like peolple don't give a shit about what the catastrophists are chicken littling about.

The 32% unemployment rate will cause carnage from the massive societal damage from idiots destroying an economy over what is essentially nothing.


This strikes me as the correct (at least moreso) take. We aren't seeing massive carnage, as we are at 10k deaths as of today. That is from two or so months of the virus "rampaging" through our society. If you compare that to the 3,600 deaths per day from auto accidents, it is no wonder people are not going to treat it as some world changing event like Spanish flu. So, unless something radical happens, causing Covid to rapidly change, this is going to increase:

On “Joe Biden: Staying Alive

Well said Zac. Motes and beams and all that.

On “Carnage: 6.6 Million in Initial Jobless Claims, 10 Million Two Week Total

In a lot of ways it sounds like you are a very similar sitution to my son. Albeit 25 odd years apart (I think you are around my age? 50ish?) I would be in a similar boat as I put by little business on hold, but for my wife working.

But, yes, there is a real issue with what our economies have become, going from industrial to service based, and where that leaves us post La Peste. Will this cause others to look upon the people of their country in a more holistic light, seeing for the first time in a generation damages that have been done to the structure of national economies in the name of globalism? From what you say, it doesn't sound like it, and that indeed it isn't a post-political/post-cultural world. In that sense, the plauge changed nothing.

But along those same lines, we do have major economies that support many, many people, and quite nicely at that. This is done by moving so much money around that the vast majority of those people each get a little bit. And we are starting to see the damages caused by the world wide shut-down. Will those damages be worse than the virus that those movements are supposed to slow? That remains to be seen, but to keep that damage at a minimum, starting to get those wheels of commerce spining again, as soon as possible, is just as important. And for a host of reasons.

I am a big believer in that a having a good economy is one of the strongest builders of civil rights and equality. It helps tamp down the concept of the other, whether that is the preception they are freeloading, or that they are taking what is rightfully "ours." This fact, not to mention having people employed with all the self benefits that go along with that, is enough for me to try to do "my part" so to speak. I am not generally a food person, nor am I a shopper. But I do love books, and to keep that little book store alive and its owners doing well enough that they can call it a life, is important to me.

I feel that is is important to keep people going to bars to see shows, to purchase more of the arts to have in their lives or books to read. And home supplies and healthy food are equally important. All of those little things that keep a community whole and healthy, I want to support.


Its not that you want to spend money, per se. Itst that you want others to still be able down the road.

(Its a big chunk of why I am eating out more these days.)

On “100 Favorite Films To Recommend Part 1: The 1920s

A few of these are films I had heard about, read about, but never scene. I (now that I have time...) will look for some of them. Thanks for the recomendation.

And one of the nice things about silent films on Youtube is you don't get distracted by wierd accents or bad dubbing. I watched The Battleship Potemkin (1925) recently, and it was good fun.

On “Seven Slices of DQ Life

You know, Burt, the Willamete Humane Society is going by appointment, if you want to adopt a new pet. (and it will get you out of the house!) Salem isn't too far. And a friend in need, is a friend indeed.

It is good to see you keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing, it really is the best way.

On “Bill Withers Has Passed Away

I heard about his passing this morning, and while it is a sad occurance, one can only marvel at a life lived so wonderfully on his own terms.

Rest in peace.

On “New Bob Dylan Song

Dude, those are the two of the greatest mood killers in the catalog. Put some Stiff Little Fingers or The El Michels Affair on, get that room hopping!

Dylan and the Beatles are for 10 guys sitting aroung discussing chord progressions, and are there going to be any ladies showing up later? Maybe putting Steely Dan on will set the right mood...


Bob Dylan is the second most overrated thing to come out of the sixties.

Right after the Beatles.

On “Weekend Plans Post: Holding Steady

We had one in SLO when I was growing up, and while I know that the facility is still there, I don't know if it is still doing movies.


This would have been the weekend of the big Portland swap meet, along with the PIR (Portland International raceway) swap. All told, four days of vintage automotive diy, that would take all four days to cover it all. (I have a special three wheel bicycle I ride for the PIR portion, which covers all of the racetrack) But this has been cancelled for reasons well known. So, the big plan instead is to walk down to my garage, stare at the current lumber situation, figure out if I have enough to build a window seat for upstairs, in order to get rid of the weird situation for the laundy shoot. (I am not really going to try to explain that oddity.) Then, at some point, I will go out to get takeout for date night tonight (every Friday) and we will go and park next to the park.

I wonder when drive in theaters will come back?

On “Carnage: 6.6 Million in Initial Jobless Claims, 10 Million Two Week Total

Dude, that is some serious batshittery.

(backs away slowly, both hands in the air...)


He is the president, speaking to the public. Saying "our supply" is just talking about the US. It is reasuring, saying he is one of us, another US citizen. What you are doing is lunaticy and fringy.

Seriously, that is just assinine. And very, very petty.


"prove to people in the future how fucking lunatic fringe Trump’s narcissitic sociopathy was."

You might believe that with all of you heart, but that is what the D's, and the left in general, have have failed to show in all of this. Oh, he's a blustering blowhard, sure, but not a sociopath. Not narcissitic.

But one thing coming out of the impeachment along with the possibliity of a slow response to Covid ops?

That he was slowed down by a cheap shot of an impeachment. If the R's start getting that message out, the quick-draw McGraw impeachment looks even worse.