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On “Burnt Ends: The Fast History of Low and Slow Life

Yes, Burt is downplaying it, but Santa Maria style BBQ (just minutes from my hometown) is the best BBQ. Tri Tip, beans, French bread. Only thing missing is coleslaw. Tennessee is second (but first in locations, as every bombed out gas station has been turned into a stand.)

On “A Clusterfark in Wisconsin

"I do not like states setting up moronic requirements, especially since states often set up those rules in _blatantly biased_ ways, like not allowing college IDs (Which actually are ID) but allowing gun licenses (Which are not.)."

School ID's identify if someone is a student of the school, not whether or not they are a US citizen, so no it isn't blatently biased. And by gun licence, one can only assume that you mean a CCW, it is generally only available to US citizens, which would be a de facto showing of the ability to vote.

So, no biases outside of legal parameters. Fascinating set of assuptions though.


I didn't read a retraction because I didn't see it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. That doesn't change the fact, as shown in other links I provided that there are issues, they need to be investegated, and those investegations have brought criminal charges.

Had I found this beforehand I would not have mentioned it, but that I was simply doing a Google seach for vote fraud and this came up. And as no one else in this thread new to look for a retraction, I would say that this is not common knowledge. One had to already be familiar with it. And as you live in Texas (if I remember correctly) you would obviously remember it.

I can't read the article, as it thinks I am using an ad blocker, so we will stipulate that those are mostly legal and it was a misunderstanding. But, that does in no way change my contention, that there is indeed illegal voting going on, shown by my other links, which provide arrest information. This counters the arguements provided here in the forum, namely that this never happens, followed by but its only Republicans, followed by Yeah but other stuff is also broken.


The military (though voluntarilly joined) gives little to no choice in duty assingments. And as they do this in service of the US, I consider it fair to have on base/ship voting with that as a block being sent back to the states for processing. Same with duty posting for State and similar.

Vacation? No, you chose to go when there is an election. Choose better.

I don applaud those exercising theri franchise. I just think it is better done at the polling station. Faude (which I have touched on in this thread) candidates dropping out, last minute information coming out, all those issues point me towards keeping it, as much as possible, whithin a very specific period.

Call me old fashioned.


"Texas Secretary of State David Whitley said a year-long evaluation found about 95,000 people described as “non-U.S. citizens” who are registered to vote in Texas. About 58,000 of them voted in Texas elections between 1996 and 2018, Whitley said."

So, you were right. It wasn't 58,ooo it was 95,ooo. The fist number are just who had voted not who had just registered.

It is almost like you didn't read the article...


Is it a triable offence? A deportable offence? A non- reported offence? (How many DUIs are reported or investigated?) I don't know how texas handles it in this situation. I did provide a link on an elected officale caught doing this, and a vote bundler. Who was caught twice.


So, this faucet is leaking, but we shouldn't fix it because that faucet over there is also leaking?

Again, un-frickin-real


Uhmmm that was the lead for the article. Did you read it?
I was pointing out that, yes election fraud exists. You are affirming that. Good job.


Yes, as the law currently stands that would be the proper way to go forward. I, personally, would tighten the absentee ballot rules. A doctors note speaking to immobilty or military service. Not just for being on vacation or not wanting to go to a polling station.


Depends on the reason for the ballot.


So, we have gone from "It never happens" to "that all?"

Again, un-frickin-real.


Thats why I said recent. And as hishonor states, it would have been unconstitutional to change it.


58,000 non-U.S. citizens may have voted in at least one election here, election official says

Yeah, 58 thousand people couldn't swing an election, no siree.

"“I’ve worked for over 30 years helping people in Roma vote,” said Vela, who was arrested twice in October on charges of vote harvesting, or illegally assisting voters with their mail-in ballots, the same charges she faced in 2010. ”And sometimes people try to stop you. I am doing a favor for the governor. I am getting people to vote. I am helping older citizens people who cannot leave their homes and vote.”"

We definatly shouldn't worry about this, it never happens! And even if it did, well, they are only Republicans!


Nope, never happens. Never ever...
Ohio Secretary of State:
"As a result of our review, my office has identified 277 individuals who registered to vote in Ohio
and 77 individuals who cast a ballot in an Ohio election and who appear to be legally present, noncitizens. "

"The arrest of Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina on an engaging in organized election fraud charge is likely the first time an elected official in Texas has been charged with that crime."



"Only Republicans commit voter fraud!"

Then let's end voter fraud.

"There is no voter fraud!"

Seriously, un-freaken-real


And aside from the fact that no one outside of partisan Dems takes that position re militia, you are totes cool with regulating and restricting one consitutionally affirmed right while not another. We are all the militia, ie The People, remember that? Applies to voting rights and the press also. Mutatus mutandis. So you fail to make a cogent argument on that point.

But you started this thread with complaints that R's do commit fraud, and in your last post conclude with this: "And considering that the ballot harvesting fraund committed in North carolina was knowbale, detected and prosecuted successfully your assertion that there is an unknowable level of fraud in oregon is wishful thinking." So, you affirm the thing that you say doen't happen in the very same sentance.

Way to make my point.


He didn't have the legal authortity to do that. And, no not all recent primaries were handled like that, see Illinois:

“I will not use this moment, this moment, to supersede my constitutional authority,” Pritzker said. “There are people out there who want to say, ‘Its a crisis, bend the rules and overstep your authority.’ Let me tell you this: It is exactly in times like these when the constitutional boundaries of our democracy should be respected above all else. And if people want to criticize me for that, well go ahead, I’ll wear it like a badge of honor.”

But, I am sure you would be OK with Trump rescheduling the Nov. elections for a Covid emergancy...


No, I am asserting that my state has an unknowable amount of irregularites. And that to me makes it unworthy. Just this month I have had two packages lost in the mail, and if I had a pro-Trump sign could not a disapproving postman destroy or hide my ballot? I wouldn't know and would have zero ability to find out. Or could a home health worker take my ill fathers absentee ballot, fill it out fraudulently and forge his signature?

" And the only voting fraud schemes with the potential to actually swing elections involved mail-in ballots, not impersonation at the polls.
Even Slate, no Republican hash-house, refutes your claim.

Having polling places, that worked for centuries, does not in anyway restrict the right to vote. And, with the freedom of movement affirmed by our consitution there are no legal limits on any lawful persons ability to get to a polling location. So, voting is not restricted in any way that I am concerned about there. In much the same way that a person in a coma cannot vote, but is not legally restricted.

But, missing ballots, or ballots that are illegally placed dilute the constitionally protected right to vote. Why do you want to do that?

And as a side note, we currently have massive amounts of restriction to another constitutionally affirned right, that of the second amendment. Showing ID, punitive laws, restrictions on sales and age limits, etc. IE hightly restricted and regulated, to use your words. So, would you put your money were your mouth in a push to remove all of those restrictions upon a consitutionally guaranteed right?

On “Hey WaPo, There is Nothing Wrong With Making Toilets

One of my favorite authors, Gene Wolfe, wrote massively dense and difficult works of sci-fi. He also was an engineer and served in the Korean conflict. When interviewed by MIT (yes, that MIT) they asked

What self-deception did the war strip away from you?

Oh, that I was smarter than other people.

(MIT)Well, I’m sure you were.

[Emphatically] No. I wasn’t.

The bigotry often expressed in out current class warfare never ceases to amaze.

PS If you like SF, I recomend both the author and the interview

On “A Clusterfark in Wisconsin

And none of that has anything to do with election security and integrity. You can still get scammed online by Russians and Nigerians, you can still bounce checks.


What were the contingency measures? That is the point of failure.


Yes, lets go back to the rule by man, and jetison the rule of law.

What could possibly go wrong?


Oh, you were. I didn't take it any other way. But, I can see how my comment could come across that way.

My only thought about it was that there is going to me a massive amount of blame going around from this in the next week or so. People will be rightly asking who ordered them closed, what was the contingency plan and so on.


Interesting. That is going to go to the matt in the blame olympics.


Who is closing poling locations on an election day?