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On “From Fox News: Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucuses

Florida Democrats haven't being the worst Democratic Party in the country per capita for the whole time I've cared about politics.

I'll say this about Donald Trump - at least he was never fined hundreds of million of dollars in Medicare fraud by current Florida Senator and former Florida Governor Rick Scott.

On “Ryan Adams, Fandom, and Tolerating Bad Behavior

If close to half the population basically believed everything short of shooting somebody in full view of dozens of witnesses while screaming, "I want to kill this person for x reason," wasn't really murder, we'd probably have issues when it comes to things like punishing murder and we'd have disparate consequences for that in society as well.

Which is basically the position we have with racism and sexism, where anything short of burning a cross and/or raping somebody in public is seen as "identity politics."

On “From Fox News: Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucuses

Bernie is currently in 2nd place with black folks and winning union voters, even when the union tells them not to vote for him.

On “Republican Dissidents Shouldn’t Mourn They Should Organize.

Harris didn't fade out because of her positions.

Harris faded out because she ran her campaign badly, was maneuvered out of various lanes by other candidates, and frankly, didn't hold out 'til Iowa and Biden's collapse.


I mean, then at that point, 'SJW' just means 'standard issue center-left' liberal. Also, the policies I was referring to were Bloomberg, not Harris.

The Left was attacking Kamala on things that anybody outside of the deepest left-wing portions of America didn't care about at all in 2010 when Harris was running an incredibly close race for AG against a Republican DA from Los Angeles.


She was a bad candidate who failed to gain any momentum from her one good day, because she immediately back off on her attack on Biden.

The Prosecutor stuff was big among people on Twitter, but 60% of African Americans want more police in their community.

People like cops! Even Democrats! I think that's actually not a great thing, but it's a good thing if you're Kamala Harris.

Kamala's problem was she went all-in on a bunch of left-wing policies, then couldn't pivot when it was obvious it was the more moderate lane that was open.

A Harris campaign that focused on the fact she threw crooks like Trump in jail, approved of Pete/Klob-like expansions to the welfare state, etc. would be in good shape to gobble up older moderate black voters right now.


If thinking stop 'n' frisk is bad, thinking blaming the 2008 crisis on a lack of redlining is pretty racist, and criticizing somebody for making incredibly sexist remarks that are nearly as bad as Trump makes you a SJW, then there are plenty of SJW's in the world.

On “About Last Night: Leaving New Hampshire Edition

I mean, this Tweet was 14 minutes later, when it was confirmed Bernie won.

So yes, I have no idea why it irritates you.

On “Chaos Isn’t a Ladder, It’s a Caucus in Iowa

That's basicallly impossible w/ the Internet and a more connected world. That's the road to third, fourth, and fifth parties, and somebody becoming President with 29% of the vote and 293 electoral votes.

On “Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Landslides Are Best Left for Songs, and Other Fleeting Hopes

Given the milieu was the halftime of a sport where grown men were attempting to give each other concussions, to win said sports game, I fail to see why somebody shaking their ass is worse than the violence everybody was watching for hours - but this is America, where an 8 year old seeing a boob is the end of the world, but where marketing them violence on the daily is A-OK.

On “Meet The 2020 Democratic Nominee

...and the same year Bernie voted for it.

On “Failure Propagates Upward For Democratic Party

Considering you turn every political post into a Socratic argument about How the Democrats Will Never WIn Again Because Donald Trump Narrowly Won Three Midwestern State By a Few Thousand Votes, you talking about somebody "changing the subject" is hilarious.

On “About Last Night: Fifty Shades of Fearful Beige in Democratic Debate

I don't think Jaybird wants Trump to win, but as a successful middle to upper middle class white guy in a blue state, nothing is going to change much about his life whether Trump wins or loses, so he's perfectly OK trolling and using right-wing frames for basically all his arguments when arguing with people to his left.

Now, Jaybird may possibly respond to this with how he just really wants Trump to lose, so he's just upset the Democrats are using the wrong tactics, which when thrown in the translator, actually means, "Democrat's are trying to appeal in a way that doesn't appeal to me, a middle to upper middle class white dude who was a libertarian until seven seconds ago," so his arguments mean little to me, and that, along with a ton of other reasons, is why have less and less interest in this site in general


Saul, you have to remember, no elections happened after 2016 at this site.


I still think the most likely result of all of this is another six months of Jaybird, Aaron, and everybody else on this forum acting like the Democrats are doomed, and then on Election Day, Biden winning a perfectly healthy 52-47 to 54-45 win, with a possible Senate majority.


Compared to the 2008 debates, this is still a lovefest.

On “Greta Thunberg named Time’s Person of the Year 2019.

Making sure people don't revolt due to the increased costs of stopping AGS is AGW-related.

I hate to break this to you, but the neoliberal dream of just passing a huge carbon tax is never going to happen, because the Right doesn't want that an the Left rightly knows it'll lead to insane backlash when gas prices go up by $x dollars and other things.

The reality is, it's far more likely, a coalition to pass a Green New Deal is far more likely to be created in the next 20 years, than the coalition to pass a carbon tax, no matter how much it annoys upper middle class liberals who wish it was 2006 politically forever.

On “Not the Bi-Partisan Impeachment They Were Looking For

I hate to break this to Andrew and other people deeply involved in the cult of Both Sideism, but I can guarantee you that Nancy Pelosi knew she'd never was going to cut Republican buy-in, some moderate Democrat's would always peel off, and impeachment was never going to be incredibly popular in swing districts.

Also, impeachment being at 49/48 doesn't seem to the be the disaster that you're painting is, compared to say, the Republican health care plan, the Republican tax cuts, the Republican immigration plan, etc.

On “Turkeys and Drumsticks 2019

Silly Saul, no elections happened between 2016 and now in Jaybird land.


Meanwhile, outside of the Ordinary Times bubble, actual Democrat's are satisfied with their choices.

"First, Democratic voters are extremely happy with the field as is. According to a July poll by the Pew Research Center, 65 percent of Democrats rate their field as “excellent” or “good.” That’s essentially tied with 2008 for the highest enthusiasm Pew has ever found among Democrats:

And the numbers may have only improved since then — a HuffPo/YouGov poll conducted last week found 83 percent of Democrats were satisfied with their choices."

On “Chik-Fil-A: Why Can’t a Chicken Sandwich Just Be a Chicken Sandwich?

Yes, LGBT kids who are at-risk of being homeless are more likely to end up in a gay friendly area than the middle of Kansas or even a blue city in the middle of a ruby red state. This is not the ownage you think it is.


There's actually almost no evidence the NFL ratings decline was actually over kneeling, but rather most of the decline was due to some really bad Thursday night games impacting an stagnant trend.

But anyway, putting that aside, the actual likely reason why CFA is expanding is what was pointed out - expansion to new markets. Yes, people in Chicago or even Seattle might eat chicken even if it's going to anti-gay orgs, but in someplace like London, that's much more of a no-go.

On “Public Impeachment Hearings Begin

Because numerous people, including Chip, Saul, greg, and other have tried the "give better information" thing to you for years and it's never actually struck, because you immediately go back to your "I'm just asking questions, and if you criticize me, I'll immediately imply this is why Trump won" shtick.

On “Is Supernatural Sexist?

Eh, I think there's a vast difference between Supernatural being the most sexist show on TV and acting like there's no issues with it at all because it's pro men. Again, I've watched lots of seasons of Supernatural and generally like the show, but there is also a big difference between early seasons when it was very mid-2000's TV in all circumstances and more recent seasons. However, I do have a couple of bones to pick -

1.) The idea there is anything close to a meritocracy when it comes to representation on TV. There's almost no such thing as forced diversity - by 2019 standards, Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu were all forced 'diversity', but yet, millions of people, including MLK Jr. were incredibly happy that such diversity was on TV. When whiteness is the default, anything more diverse than what's been on TV for decades (and largely continues to be) seems like 'forced' if you're not used to it. But yeah, there's no meritocratic 'fair' way for women to get an equal shot on TV, so acting like women wanting more representation on TV don't want actual equality is silliness.

2.) I'd buy more into the 'it's OK there are no long term permanent female characters on Supernatural because Sam & Dean are like soldiers or hunters or whatever' if ya' know, they were actually in a situation like WW2, etc. where there were no women around. In reality, there's women every week on Supernatural. Hell, their have been multiple episodes with female hunters. They're just not deemed important enough to hang around and yeah, I really don't think a lot of people who want more representation are going to buy the argument, "it's OK, because these men are really unhappy the women around them are dying all the time."

In a world with vampires, demons, and angels, the idea that it wouldn't be realistic to have a woman around is kind of silly.

3.) Again, I like Supernatural, and lot of the women on the show are good actresses, but the idea they're "normal" is kind of insane. You showed basically, two of the few women over thirty that are the main female characters of the week in general, and aside from that, most of the other normal characters are in some cases, actual literal models that they put some dirt on or dressed down. Now, their characterizations may be less fabulous (I mean fabulous in the actual how they're dressed/made up sense) than say, Gossip Girl or Riverdale, but the women themselves could easy fit in on those shows if they were going through those shows costuming and makeup process.

Now, that's totally fair, since actual supernatural hunters would likely not look like Jensen Ackles or Jared Paladicki either, but it's better to admit that 95% of the people on Supernatural are very pretty people and that's OK, as opposed to being upset that some people still like Wonder Woman more than you do and thinking that's a trump card.

4.) At the end of the day, when it comes to representation, I actually don't blame the producers or creators as being sexist, when in reality, the biggest backlash to women regularly being on the show has come from the disproportionately female fanbase who'd rather ship Sam or Dean with themselves, with each other, or with Castiel depending on the woman.

In a lot of ways, Sam & Dean not having a long-term relationship is as much wish fulfillment for much of the women who watch the program than anything else.


Except close to half the full time regular cast on Buffy were men.

If Buffy was a show with an almost exclusively female regular cast, where a vast majority of the men that appeared on it were beefcake of the week, and ended up either dead or some kind of victim, that'd be about equal. I say that as somebody who actually enjoys Supernatural.

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