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On “Wednesday Writs: The Daubert Standard

L3, L4: Quick someone remind me that the GOP-appointed Supreme Court justices are highly educated and principled upholders of the Constitution, and not partisan hacks.

On “The Socialism of Bernie Sanders

I'm pretty annoyed that the CDC is interfering with the market-based solutions to Caronavirus.


Nor is authoritarian kleptocracy, which is the Trumpist model. I'm not a Bernie fan, but he remains the lesser evil.


The asymmetry is that Republicans in congress are irresponsible assholes who'd vote for anything that allays the threat of being primaried.


But that's for Real Americans -- farmers. (Never Mind that they're largely big corporations.)

On “Ryan Adams, Fandom, and Tolerating Bad Behavior

Hulu is now showing Louis Ck's self-produced TV series Horace and Pete (One season from 2016). AFAIK, this is the first time it's been available other than from CK's web site. It's very dark and, to the extent it has politics, it's anti-patriarchy. CK himself aside, it's well worth watching, but it's odd to me that Hulu put him aside.

On “The Market is Eating Capitalism

What's the market cap for Uber? WeWork?

What's the present value of an unending series of losses?

On “Corn Dog: The Beef Wellington of Common Folks, On a Stick

Corn dogs are good. Bagel dogs are amazing, but they seem to have disappeared. Googling for them turns up recipes instead of "You can buy this here." Amazon has a non-beef sausage with cheese injected into it. (I am not making this up.)

On “The Market is Eating Capitalism

Bezos has been right so far. There are sound theoretical grounds for reinvested dividend being a solid investment for a growing company, but like most of that stuff, it's true until it isn't and no one can predict when that will come.


John Fogerty didn't own the rights to his songs, because as a young guy he signed a crappy deal with Saul Zaentz to get a record contract. Years later, when Fogerty owned the right to songs he'd just written, he still sounded like himself, so Zaentz sued him for plagiarizing the songs Zaentz owned.

On “Dawkins Sticks His Foot In It…Again

When you breed only the best people to the best people, you wind up with Charles II of Spain.

On “The Case for Monopoly

Building hotels is so old-fashioned; a modern daughter wants to build her brand.

On “Colorado Passes CROWN Act

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

On “Roger Stone Sentencing Gets Suddenly Interesting

This is the sort of corruption we were told would lead immediately to impeachment.

On “Wednesday Writs: SCOTUS and Almighty God Edition

Madalyn Murray O’Hair is a name I remember from childhood, like Clair Boothe Luce or John Cameron Swayze. I knew she was an atheist, but that seemed unremarkable; we believed in one God and most of the people we knew believed in two (I was as yet unaware of the finer points of Christian theology), so zero seemed like another valid choice.

On “Thursday Throughput: Solar Boil Edition

E.g we have trig functions in radians and logs base e because that makes their derivatives simpler.

On “The Irish General Election: A Guide for Folks From A Land Beyond the Wave

I didn't understand the quota formula at first glance, but a little reflection made it clear:

Q = (V/(S+1)) + 1
Where q is quota, V is votes, and S is seats.

Quota should be the smallest number of votes that guarantees being in the top four. Take the numbers Conor gave: 20,000 votes cast for 4 seats; a fifth (V/(S+1) = 4000) isn't quite good enough, since five people could all tie at 4000, and there'd be no clear winner, at least based in first-choice votes. But get even one additional vote, and it's not possible for more than three people to tie or beat you.

On “Thursday Throughput: Solar Boil Edition

[ThTh6] A guy who grew up in a trailer park, and earned a PhD without either mastering the obstacle course of grades, test scores and leadership activities or taking on crippling student loans.

On “Thursday Throughput: Solar Boil Edition

C'mon, we all know ThTh11 is Crackerjacks.

On “Would You Like Gesalt With Your Big Mac?

I think that I shall never see
A Wendy's lovely as a tree

On “Chaos Isn’t a Ladder, It’s a Caucus in Iowa

You say these things as if they're criticisms.

Seriously, Twitter is for hanging out with your friends and meeting celebrities; where else would you have the chance to talk baseball with Bill James and SF with Harry Turtledove? But it's neither a news source nor a place for reasoned discussion.


There's a paper trail; that means that, screwed up as it was, the final tally will be more reliable than that of any state that uses purely electronic machines in their general elections.