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On “Epstein Dead

Did he have any examples to share, where political pressure made him drop a story?

No. Just "stories viewers care about". No direct examples, no.

Do we know that he was using the word in the same way you and I are using it?

No we do not.

Has anybody asked him to clarify or elaborate on his comments?

I imagine many people have. His facebook page hasn't been updated, as far as I can tell, with any information and the last thing he's tweeted seems to be this:


So long as we're acknowledging that we've moved from "it's risible to say that they're spiking stories!" to "of course they spike stories!", I'm good.


If a senior correspondent saying "yeah, they spike stories" isn't evidence of them spiking stories, what would constitute evidence of them spiking stories?

This is an honest question.


I would say that those controls would be awesome if they prevented stuff like this from happening.

If those controls exist for people like Weinstein and Epstein but not, you know, *OTHER* stories, then questions remain.

And the whole "Who wants Harvey Weinstein’s or Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers up your ass unless you’ve got the goods nailed down tight?" question is one that some people find more comforting than others.

Especially given the weird payoffs that these news networks seem to be willing to pay out for, say, "inappropriate sexual behavior" of their on-air personalities.

If the protections and controls are used sparingly, it presents identically to them being a privilege extended as a professional courtesy.


In the case of the reporter who talked about how she had the goods and then the story got spiked? She was talking about the Epstein story.

This is merely a case of one of the editor types who did stuff like spike stories say that he spiked stories instead of explaining that he was just editing stories and ones that were too boring after removing all unverifiable information were, of course, merely not run at all.


As a way to say "yes, the guy said that ABC spiked stories, but his quote was taken out of context"?

Well, the Wasrshington Post is reporting that the guy was suspended for his statements.

The Warshington Post is Not The Onion.

On “Two Different Attitudes Toward Chance

War? I thought that War was pretty predetermined by the deck?

Additionally, I'm trying to categorize Rock/Paper/Scissors and it's a chance game that feels like worker placement.

On “What Does it Mean that Elizabeth Warren has a Native American Ancestor?

One last followup:

On “Lent!

I went to Tampa 5 or 6 years ago (to visit relatives, EPCOT, Cuban Toast...) and there is no way, absolutely no way, that I am going to avoid Cuban Toast. I haven't stopped thinking about it.

We'll do carbs next year.

On “The Socialism of Bernie Sanders

Could Coronavirus help reduce Entitlement Spending?

On “Epstein Dead

James O'Keefe III has released video where an ABC executive admits that they spike stories.

James O'Keefe is not the most reliable of journalists, but we do have evidence of ABC spiking stories. And now there is someone higher up at ABC News admitting that it happens.

On “Hunting For Squirrel


That's just a really convoluted way to feed crows.

On “Lent!

Oh, and I was reminded in the car that we're taking a week off next month to go down to Florida and visit my uncles and see EPCOT and get some Cuban Toast and otherwise recharge batteries. It's, like, a *VACATION*.

I haven't had a vacation that isn't a staycation for a while. Years, maybe.

And there ain't no way that I'm giving up carbs while that is going on. (Jury is out on whether fast food counts while that is going on.)


The argument that makes sense to me is that my doctor doesn't tell me to exercise because she hates the idea of me coming home and relaxing.

My doctor tells me to exercise so I will be healthy. Yes, coming home and getting changed and then going out and not relaxing for a few additional hours does, kinda, suck. But the point of the exercise isn't the sucking. It's the health.

On “Ryan Adams, Fandom, and Tolerating Bad Behavior

A cancel culture comic making the rounds.

I just want to pre-emptively make the point that I'm not posting this because I agree with it, but because I think it's awful and we need to keep our eyes open for this kind of well-poisoning.

On “From Fox News: Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucuses

Well, there's more FNORDs on the front page of the newspaper than ever before and I'm wondering if the Coronavirus is another WWIII (remember WWIII last month? Good times) and thinking about hitting Costco on the way home and getting a bag of rice, just in case.

Anyway, I seem to recall FNORDs electing more Republicans than Democrats but that might only be in the last 20 years and maybe it's different this time.


If Bernie can wrestle California from the Republicans, he'll have accomplished something that no man has done since Obama.


Hey, I wanted to vote for Yang in the Primary *AND* the General.

I didn't leave the party, the party left me.


Where do they get their funding from?

On “Vote Now! Who Are You Rooting For?

From The Man Himself:

On “Ryan Adams, Fandom, and Tolerating Bad Behavior

Part of the issue is that very, very few corporations-that-you-have-heard-of buy advertising on 3rd-tier reality shows. They buy a humungous bloc of advertising and the same Brand X commercial plays on CNN that plays on WWE RAW that plays on Hallmark's Murder for Christmas Tuesday night movie.

So finding out that this commercial ran on All-American Muslim, wouldn't surprise me... but Brand X sandwiches getting boycotted for financial support of All-American Muslim would come as a surprise to Brand X sandwiches.


Yeah. One of the things I noted back in the days of the All-American Muslim boycott is that there are two kinds of boycotts and one is a-ok and one is kinda weird and creepy.

"Stop having policy X or I will refuse to purchase your product!" is 100% fine with me. I will refuse to Brand-X Sandwiches until they recognize the union!

"Brand-X sandwiches purchased advertising on All-American Muslim and I am going to call them and tell them that I'm going to boycott their stores until they stop advertising on that show!" strikes me as weird and creepy.

The latter one will create weird incentives and, eventually, corporate antibodies that we're going to wish that they didn't have.

On “Vote Now! Who Are You Rooting For?

Yeah. (I'm going to vote Bernie in the Colorado primary on Super Tuesday and probably Vermin Supreme in the general (if he's on the ballot... probably not going to write him in).)

On “From Fox News: Bernie Sanders projected to win Nevada caucuses

Florida Democrats: Not Helping.


I think it's very easy to come up with arguments for why Bernie will do well against Trump.

I think it's every easy to come up with arguments for why Bernie will not do well against Trump.

I see this as a good sign for Bernie.

(I mean, when I tried to come up with reasons that Bloomberg would do well against Trump, I was stuck with "Trump is bad and, therefore, people who voted for Clinton will vote against Trump a second time.")