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On “His First Long Ones

The cartoon is a vanished world; there's no longer a "short pants to long pants" transition for boys in the US.

For women, there are a few transitions, usually involving undergarments.....I'll leave it at that.


THIS. They could remaster it or clean up the audiotracks or whatever they do to "restore" a movie, and release it as it was in the original. It would make BANK. And I suspect whatever remastering they'd do to a 30-something year old movie would be less expensive than shooting a whole new movie with new stars.

If the remake happens, I bet it's going to be a total vanity project for some idiot who thinks they're "paying tribute" the original, like some terrible actress who really always wanted to be Buttercup and who has enough sway over the people doing the casting that she gets it.

Alternative, hopefully: this is a giant prank and they're trolling all of us, and tomorrow Sony will come out with a headline saying "Psyche!"


+1. No, +42, to bring another fandom into it.

On “Eating Pizza Outside In The Snow

A nice memory.

I was born in Morgantown, I don't remember it because my parents moved before I was a year old, but I wonder if that hill was like the hill my mom talks about them having lived on - they changed rental houses midyear one year because the coal smoke "down in the valley" bothered my mom's lungs, and up on the hill was better (this would have been the mid 1960s).

There is a particular joy in being able to get the food you want under otherwise-difficult circumstances.

On “Chef Boyardee: The Sine Qua Non of Homemade Pizza

Oh yes, Mini Raviolis were another fixture of my childhood. (And Spaghetti-os were Franco-American brand).

I tried Mini Raviolis again about 10 years ago, I found the sauce disgustingly sweet. Same with Spaghetti-Os. My guess is they were ALWAYS that sweet because I remember my mom really not-liking Spaghetti-Os. And I know my tolerance for "sweet" has gone down with age.


Yes, as I remember, the pepperoni was little cubes rather than slices.

I don't know if Chef changed, or if I did. There are other things I ate as a child that when I tried them again as an adult, I was disappointed....

On “The Case For Detroit Pizza

No, this is cool! I lived in Ann Arbor for a few years and was still totally unaware of Detroit-style pizza. So I learned something from your piece.

On “Do It Yourself Pizza

There's also "Four Seasons" pizza (Quattro Stagioni): artichokes (spring), tomatoes (and sometimes basil) (summer), mushrooms (fall), and prosciutto (or olives, for vegetarian) (winter). This is one that I've been told is "classic" and harks back to Italy.

I also have a friend who makes what she calls "garbage pizza" - basically, all the bits of leftover veggies and meat in the fridge that might otherwise wind up as, yes, garbage.

I'm picky, I can't do that. My usual topping is plain cheese, though I have done spinach (for God's sake don't put it on before the VERY END of cooking or it's terrible), mushrooms, various meats, basil, sometimes onions....still can't do green peppers.

I also sometimes use the Cook's Country deep dish pizza crust recipe - it has milk in it and is a bit sweeter and richer than average pizza dough, but I have always liked the thick-crust Sicilian style pies and those often have a sweeter crust. There used to be a restaurant near my parents' that called itself Chicago Style, but instead of the casserole-style deep dish pizzas, they served a really EXCELLENT thick crust pizza with a slightly buttery crust and a thick, slightly-sweet tomato sauce.....not many spices in the sauce so you really could taste the plum tomatoes....

On “Little Cups of Grease and Other Reasons to Love This Pizza

As my hypertension slowly comes under control and I can work a bit more salty stuff back into my diet...well, some day I want to try to make pepperoni rolls at home. I live 1000 miles from W Va so unless I mail-ordered and paid for express shipping I couldn't have the real thing, but if I remember correctly, there was a recipe in an issue of "Cook's Country" magazine a while back, and they seem to strive for authenticity, so...

The only deep-dish type pizza I've had was Noble Roman's as a teen, I remember liking that pretty well but I don't know how authentic it was.

On “Worst Use of “Will They or Won’t They” Ever: How I Met Your Mother

Though there was also....what were their names? Maddie and David? On "Moonlighting"? Was that before or after "Cheers," all the mid-80s series timelines run together for me now.

On “Little Miss Don’t Disappear

I quote a favorite line from Classic Simpsons:

Marge: (annoyed): "Homer, it's easy to criticize...."

Homer: "Fun, too!"

I think a lot of people who enjoy criticizing others don't always deal well with criticism themselves. Hell, I know that they don't....And yeah, it's easier to complain than to produce.

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Best Man

My brother's best man very nearly had to give him the tux off his back; the rental place screwed up badly and it wasn't at all clear if they'd be able to get the missing garments to the church on time. (Ultimately they did). The best man was 100% prepared, though: he had dress slacks and a tie and suit coat that would have been perfectly acceptable.

On “Thursday Throughput for 9/12/19

ThTh3: because of course there can't be GOOD news in the news hellscape. Geez. Is there an eye-rolling emoticon for OT? I get that "if it bleeds, it leads," but eventually we're all gonna be bled dry.

On “Chick-Fil-A: Whose Pleasure?

Hm. If I, as a college prof, were encouraged/coerced to say "My pleasure" every time I let a student hand a paper in late, or walked ALLLL the way down to the computer lab to open it up (because the person who's job it actually is forgot to), or went and got staples because the classroom stapler was out....well, I'd have no teeth left from grinding them so hard.

(I know people regard higher ed as a luxury good)

I wonder if part of the issue in some jobs is that there's a lot of EXTRA work over and above the work you got hired, you're not just taking orders and handing people bags of chicken sandwiches, you're also dealing with That Jerk who is going to try to goad you in the hopes of getting free crap, or the person who stands there for 10 minutes after they get to the head of the line and can't make up their mind (even though the signboard's been in their face for the previous ten minutes), or the mom with a kid who is throwing a tantrum on the floor....

I will say "you're welcome" or sometimes even "no problem*" when I open up the computer lab, but telling someone it was my pleasure to get up from the work I was doing to do someone else's job would be a dirty lie.

(*I know some people hate "no problem" instead of "you're welcome" but I am not one of those)

On “Little Miss Don’t Disappear

Sister! I feel many of the things you have felt.

And don't let anyone tell you "100 posts on Ordinary Times" is nothing. How many people have even posted ONE thing? (I might have something coming out later this week and I'm kind of terrified about the response it might get).

Congratulations on 100 posts.

And yeah, there will always be jerks and haters, that's something life has taught me all too well. (I still don't get why some people need to DESPISE a person because that person might hold some opinions they disagree with). And yes, people who told me I needed to fade into the background and honestly, I'm not as strong as you are, because I mostly do.

On “On Memory, Pizza, Time and Gyro Meat

I mainly care about how it tastes. I've had good fusion, and really bad fusion. I can't come up with concrete examples of two cultures' food that would be uniformly good together, or uniformly bad together. I've had stuff that made me go "WTH? Why did they do that" and other stuff that made me go "How can I replicate this at home?" (mostly the last - stuff like adding Asian flavors into more conventional foods, like hoison or sriracha added to things)

Also, "Pineapple Holy War" would be an awesome band name.

On “The Soda Clerk At Home

I think it's that they seem a fundamentally happy couple, something that seems all-too-rarely portrayed in the media (perhaps even back then).

Also, imagine a "soda jerk" being able to make a sufficiently good living for a decent house and decent clothes! I presume they were the equivalents of fast-food workers of our day.

On “Chick-Fil-A: Whose Pleasure?

I will note that being rude/cruel/yelling at the person working behind a counter or stocking shelves or waiting tables is a really, really ugly flex and one of the relatively-few hardline dealbreakers I would have if I were out on a date with someone.

And it makes me feel really bad now to wonder if when I go somewhere to shop (like my small regional-chain grocery) and the people are actually friendly and nice to me instead of sullen, it might be because they've been browbeaten into it :(

On “Call Me Dr….

Congratulations, doctor.

It was probably the most satisfying thing I ever experienced, having my graduate advisor come out and shake my hand after the defense (US version of viva) was successfully done...

On “Where There Is Vapor There Is Not Always Fire

Yes, but isn't it more concentrated in the vape cartridges than in your garden-variety blunt? Or am I totally wrong, being the square that I am?

It does seem products without quality control or requirements to conform to some kind of standards would be a pretty bad idea.

(Thought: if some do-gooders get their way and added sugars get banned, brace for people dying from black-market candy....)


I haven't paid a GREAT deal of attention, but my thought, as a scientist, is this: it's gonna come down to grey-market or black-market cartridges. Like, they're adulterated. Or that the THC in them is sufficiently concentrated to do something bad to the lungs.

Or, as an outside: that the carrier oils (or some carrier oils) do a lot more harm than originally thought (remember the whole thing with the fake-popcorn oil and illnesses in some microwave-popcorn packaging plants).

I don't know what the answer is. I will say, as someone highly sensitive to tobacco smoke (asthma), I welcome that I'm around it less and less these days.

And yes, I admit it, I have judgily rolled my eyes and thought "I get it, you vape" when some dudebro out on the street blows out a giant dragon cloud. But I am too polite to SAY anything, even when my campus hadn't yet asked people not to do it in the classroom. And I would like the rules for vaping to be similar to those for cigarettes - in other words, if people can smell you doing it or be bothered by whatever you're outgassing, don't do it around them, please.

On “For The Love Of The Pizza

I'm a former Central Illinoisan. The town where I lived had a number of pizza places. For a while, there was a Garcia's (this was more than 25 years ago: when I was first in grad school) where you could get a slice of good deep dish and a soda for not much money. The favorite in my family, I think, was Tobin's - cracker-thin crust, lots of different topping choices. Avanti's, which we wound up having to give up when we found out a lot of their stuff used celery seed and my mom had a mild celery allergy....

Where I live NOW, we only have chains (Domino's, Pizza Hut, Marco's) and Roma's. If I am getting pizza 'from out," it is always going to be Roma's (which is closed on Mondays, so I don't get pizza "from out" on Mondays....or if I am craving it I just hold off until Tuesday. None of them taste exactly "like home" but Roma's is good enough.

Though really, the "taste like home" pizza would probably be vintage Noble Roman's deep-dish, that was the pizza of my late-tween and teenaged years - we went many Sundays after church and split a pizza as a family, and got a pitcher of either 7-up or orange soda (I didn't like cola, neither did my mom).

On “Pineapple Pizza is an abomination in the Eyes of The Lord.

My brother and I, at ages approximately 5 and 10, would respectfully disagree with you from that time the pizza place screwed up and put peppers and onions on "our half" of the pizza and our parents were all "just pick them off"

I wound up tearfully eating a peanut-butter sandwich instead; don't remember what my brother did.



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