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On “Cuomo, Rudy, and Ukraine, Oh My

Considering the media has spent the last three years pooping the bed over Trump, gathering up said poop to make a mountain of it, and then smearing said poop all over themselves (looking at you NYT), I am content roll my eyes at this. Could there be something? Sure, but at this point, I will place my bet on the pass line.

On “The Princess Bride Re-Make: Make it More Than Mostly Dead

Now that is one I can totally agree with! I love The Thing.

On “Second Photo Surfaces of Justin Trudeau in Blackface

The question is, how do South Asians feel about it?


This made me genuinely lol:

On “The Princess Bride Re-Make: Make it More Than Mostly Dead

With you on True Grit, but not the Italian Job. Fistful... is a version of Hammett's Red Harvest, which is what Yojimbo was. (There is a Bruce Willis vehicle in there somewhere also). It Happened... is a film version of Mamets Sexual Perversity in Chicago. I am not sure how close you think Sure Thing gets, as I haven't seen either in decades. So, remake or adaptation?

I am also a Cohen fan, but no matter how you slice it, their version of True Grit is better.


Right, reusing the formula has always been a success. Transfering mediums often works, also. But using the same medium to tell the exact same store? Not so much.


Out of curiosity Jay, can you think of any remake that was successful? I can only think of Maltese Falcon. But I don't know how well regarded the original movie was.

On “The Perfect Spot.

I would love that Counselor.

On “Sunday Morning! The Art Life of David Lynch

I agree with Blue Velvet and Raging Bull, but I have no love for E.T. (and think it is a very subpar movie for Speilberg.) I know that puts me very much on the outside of my/our generation, but that movie gave me a particular loathing of wish-fulfillment fantasies.

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Best Man

I just realized, I was a groomsman once, and that marriage has lasted 26 years! Wholey Cow! I was a best man once also, and while that marriage lasted 14 years, it did not end well. At all. So...

In the middle of painting my house, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

On “The Worst Day: My Story of Poly Royal, 1990

If that peace table was in the '80s, I was often around. By the way (and this is a long, long shot) but in that case, did you know Bruce and Tammy?

On “The Democratic Debate: Houston Has Problems, Plans, and Candidates for President

I disagree about the wave, as you can't lose ground in one of the field at play, as they did in the Senate. If they picked up a seat or so, I would agree that it was such a thing, but, with the loses, no.

Close though.


And maybe that would happen. But, at least two of those polls had HRC by 4 points. And where is she now?

But, looking at those polls, they are 14 months out from the election, there isn't a single person to focus on, they haven't been in a debate with Trump, and so on. They mean nothing. Or, everything. Take your pick. Choose wisely.


My views on it? They ran a good solid campaign, on a generally economic populist platform. They weren't running on a "We are gonna take your stuff away" platform like now. It wasn't a wave, but very in line with what happens two years into a presidency. I do think the Mueller report not coming out yet helped them a lot. But that is just a feeling.


Polling before the '18 election had the D's doing substantially better than the R's in these same categories. And in that election, they ran as populists. As they have dropped to these levels in the time since it seems they have changed. Which is what I am witnessing, along with the people the polling samples.


So, ICE (a federal law enforcement agency) is building an updated version of Hogans Alley, which the FBI (another fed LEA) has been using for over 50 years. And this is news how? And has anything to do with what I wrote?


Yet Democrats are frittering away their advantage — and damaging their image. Last fall, most Americans had a favorable view of the Democratic Party, according to the Pew Research Center. That makes sense, because Democrats ran a populist campaign in the 2018 midterms, focused on pocketbook issues that dominate many people’s lives, like wages and medical costs.

This year, the polling has flipped. Most Americans now have an unfavorable view of the party, no better than their view of the Republican Party. Likewise, slightly more voters say the “ideas being offered by the Democratic candidates” would hurt the country than say would help, according to the NPR poll. Emp. added.

That was from a week ago, and it is the NYT, but I think that illustrates better than anything I have seen what these "Debates" are showing America. The D's are no longer anywhere near moderates, centrists or any other such label. They have run straight into the maw of the hard left, much like the R's did in times past. Beto the Fool, first of his name, strongly illustrates this. It is plain that many of these candidates, and I use that term loosely, are simply fundraising for the next election that they actually have a chance of winning. And they are dragging the party down with them.

The party needs to turn this ship around, and quickly.

On “The Case For Detroit Pizza

" in the Mitten."

Just last night, my wife, who was born in Dearborn Heights, referred to the state as the hand. And that she was from the palm. Being a California kid, I had never heard of this before.

On “Thursday Throughput for 9/12/19

Thth-7 Maybe it is stronger, as there is no link for 5 and 7 and 9...

On “Wednesday Writs for 9/11: Willie Francis is Executed, Twice

So, Boston. Tech center of the east coast. And no one has a cell phone camera turned on the cops? Even when they have a record of violence?

Yeah, calling bullshit on that.


"An acquittal isn’t a finding of innocence anyway, as we are frequently reminded. It just means such evidence as exists leaves some room for doubt."

No, if you are not proven guilty, you are innocent, in the eyes of the law. And in the end, that is all that matters. It is no longer a point of public record, you don't have to put anything down in an application, etc. Can people still feel that you are guilty? Of course, but they can do that no matter what the law says or doesn't say. You, for instance, seem to feel that the cops here are guilty. As is your right.

I agree that cops are not held account often enough, but there has to be a start of the process, and that start is the public record. Again, with no trial, nothing put down to record. I, not having been there, want the public record to reflect any video evidence that might arise, verbal testimony from any witnesses, and so on. I want it to show that if there was a police camera, that it was turned on or off, as that affects my opinion. The previous record of police violence by the officers in question. Any previous arrests of the defendants, if they are pertinent. And so on.

In other words, build a case, convince me that what you are saying, that it was the police who were the instigators, is the truth. Right now? That isn't the case.

And if the police are perjuring themselves, than electing a DA, one who is sympathetic to the cause of increasing police accountability, is the way to go. One who will hold those officers accountable and will investigate these claims.


So, no chance for the truth to come out.

Well, OK then.


I absolutely think we should investigate police misconduct. The first place to start would be at trial. As some have already been arrested, and they have counsel provided, a trial should provide all the facts necessary. Presumption of innocence and such means that the police would have to prove their case, and it would allow the defense to bring counter-evidence. I am sure, in this day and age, there is video of the misconduct. Waving charges will both not allow us to find any culprits and will allow rumors to flow, in both directions.

As far as this being an editorial, I could care less, as it is saying what they were being charged with. And that is surely not in question, as then we wouldn't be here.




Wait, scratch that last sentence, that was from an earlier incident.