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On “Saturday Spins

Ric Ocasek has passed away at age... wait. This can't be right. He was 70?

Here's my favorite song that he wrote:

And here's my favorite song that he sang:

Requiescat in pace.

On “Brett Kavanaugh Accusations, Again

You also have the option of going to Gravitar and customizing your Icon yourself.


1619 not taking off the way they hoped?

On “The Magic Goes Away

Fort Collins had "Pizza Dude". It, apparently, doesn't exist anymore (but there is a facebook post that asks "does anybody remember Pizza Dude?"). The best pizza in the world, if you were 19 and couldn't find someone to buy beer.

Not good enough to survive to 2019 with more than one mention on Facebook, of course.

On “Chef Boyardee: The Sine Qua Non of Homemade Pizza

We were a "pepperoni" household. The last time I ate one of these was... 1982? 1981?

Am I remembering correctly that the pepperoni was cubes rather than discs?

The quintessential "this isn't *GOOD* pizza, but it's still pizza and there are enough leftovers for dinner *AND* breakfast."

A pity that it changed. You'd think that, if anything would stay the same, it'd be the Chef Himself.

On “Saturday Morning Gaming: Kobayashi Maru (as a board game)

First game with the group (five players): We lost and lost badly. Nobody really knew what they were doing.

Second game with the group (five players): We won and won handily. We might have been able to beat the game even if we were playing at a higher difficulty. We had synergies with each other and I am confident that if we used these same characters again for the next 5 games, we'd win 4 of them. Whew!

Now I never have to play the game again.

On “The Democratic Debate: Houston Has Problems, Plans, and Candidates for President

Well, Californication seems to be changing the Culture in Colorado.

In the cities, anyway.

Maybe similar will be able to change the rest of the country too.


Tens of millions of Americans changed their mind about SSM virtually overnight, yet no one seems to make a big deal out of that.

If they were arguing that all gay men ought to stop tomcatting around and get married and they don't understand why in the world they don't and, as a matter of fact, people who don't agree are incomprehensible...

Well, it'd be a lot easier to make a big deal out of that.


I give MattY a lot of crap but he had a tweet (long since deleted, as is his wont) in which he said:

"The 2016 primary has made me realize how insufferable us young pro-Dean blog types must have been 12 years ago. Sorry, old people!"

Say what you will about MattY's ability to radiate tonedeafness, he noticed something there.

(Of course, he was excoriated for that.)


As opposed to what? As opposed to *NOT* saying "my position may have changed, but not the fact that I am right".

Are our counterparts on the right notable for their nuance, flexibility, and spirit of compromise?

Nope. Not at all. I'm not sure where that gets us, though.


So... what position am I arguing against? Is it back to "nobody wants to take your cigarettes away"?

Because, if so, that was pretty easy.


Well, given the world of actual Democrats, I was thinking of the positions that Biden held in, say, the 90's compared to the positions that he holds today.


In the comment sidebar, it shows this comment as beginning "I just think a lot of people on this blog are dumb" and I thought "dang, somebody began today by eating their Wheaties!"

Sadly, I was disappointed by the full sentence.

Anyway, I don't think that the problem is that Democrats believe in things.

I think that the problem is that they believe that the things they believe in are the only moral position that anyone could reasonably hold and, moreover, so moral that they will be the only moral position tomorrow and would have been the only moral position yesterday. (Which makes it weird when you go back and see what they were arguing yesterday... and how it was completely different. But still had the whole "only moral position" thing going on.)


Wait, wait, wait. Less than an hour ago, you said "I, for one, propose house to house searches and confiscation of all guns." I copied and pasted that.

It only took an hour to get you to move to doing it like the war on smoking?

What's on the table? If it's going to soften considerably the longer we talk about policy, it might be a good play to just wait long enough for you to get back to "nobody is arguing that we confiscate guns, nobody wants to take your guns away".


Whether it happens to all Americans or whether it only happens to the poor ones.

I propose: We treat it the way we treated the drug war.

Is this acceptable to you?


Reactionary rarely has any application to economic matters.

See also: Socialism.

There's a similar joke to be written about the second sentence but it needs to change to "preaction" or something. Ah, it's the weekend. Heck with it.


One of the first essays of his that I read was "Why I Am Not A Libertarian" and, golly, it was a good essay.

I didn't agree with it, of course.

Not at the time.

But here's the start of a fun paragraph in the middle. If it strikes you as silly or obviously wrong, the rest of the essay ain't gonna do it for you.

The Loyalists were right. And yet they have no intellectual descendants at all, not in the US and not anywhere else. At least from the point of view of their political DNA, they were simply obliterated—not unlike the Cavaliers, to whom their resemblance is more than passing. And in what folder does almost everyone alive file this event? I’m afraid that folder is progress.

But if you like that paragraph... well, you might find his other stuff pretty interesting.

He's yet another philosopher who excels at seeing things and noticing patterns and who falls flat on his butt when it comes to the "therefore, we all ought to..." part of philosophy.

But, dang, that first part.


Personally, I think that the 2018 election was, in fact, a Blue Wave.

My main problem was trying to figure out where to draw the line between "regression to the mean" and "huh, something actually happened".

Here's our prediction thread from 2018.


I'm coming to understand that Mencius Moldbug didn't create/discover anything. He just had a usable surface in a supersaturated solution.


Were it not for activist judges, mine would be the mainstream position.

I hear ya! I feel the exact same way about the commerce clause.


Someone should explain to her that that wasn't real socialism.

And the PROGRESSIVES opposed Vietnam! It was the Republicans who wanted to keep fighting it!


(Dude. Switch to Firefox or Chrome or even Edge. It'll fix everything.)

On “Weekend Plans Post: The Best Man

Crap. I should have put that in the email.

Ah, well. Out of my hands now. (But, seriously, that's good advice for the Best Man too. HAVE AN EXTRA SUIT.)

On “The Democratic Debate: Houston Has Problems, Plans, and Candidates for President

When someone points to this thread next year as a response to you arguing that you have no idea why anybody thinks that the Democrats have any intention to confiscate guns, my advice is for you to just ignore it. Pretend they didn't comment and ask you that.