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On “Second Photo Surfaces of Justin Trudeau in Blackface

as I twittered earlier, that's politispeak for "there is more out there"

On “The Princess Bride Re-Make: Make it More Than Mostly Dead


On “Joe Biden’s Right

They are almost always run through and monitored by a third party, so it isn't as simple as just the state absorbing cost.


$60 a week is prohibitively expensive for a vast amount of people. $240 a month is nothing to sneeze at.

On “Clown Show: Corey Lewandowski Amuses Himself at Jerry Nadler’s Circus

Rep Pressley dropped the doomed but inevitable "Impeach Kavanaugh" motion yesterday so if the squad fades it isn't from lack of effort.

On “The Princess Bride Re-Make: Make it More Than Mostly Dead

Remakes get into the same arguments that music get into sometimes: for example what is the difference, if any, between a cover song, a reimagined song, a song using the sample of another song, a remix of a song. So much is influenced and inspired by so many other things the lines start blurring quickly. So like the new Lion King, which is nearly shot-for-shot a remake of a cartoon, how does that fall? What do you do with Ocean's 11 which takes the title but virtually nothing else from the first film? Or the dozens of cop movies that all have the same plots.


I think you are right, '16 Ghostbusters (which they are already remaking again) is a good example of the people making the movie getting in the way of the movie to make it a disaster


Just going to get this out of the way and let it fall how it may: I do not care for Harry Potter.

On “Joe Biden’s Right

And the bail, bond, and fine system, which is among the highest reasons of taking minor offenses and turning the offender into a lifetime in the system.


I think you are wrong. HE's doomed it in the short term, but broke the taboo of D's discussing it openly. It's a shift that isn't going away.


fair enough lets go through that:

1. 270 is all that matters, popular vote/EC discussion is what is - we can hash that out some other time this list is long enough - and you have half a point there but cut the wrong direction on it, at least when it comes to myself. It is true, and I've written on it here and elsewhere, the Clinton years where formative to me, not just on the Clinton aspect but on the feckless incompentence/hypocrisy of the GOP as a political party. My feelings of the Clinton's is not the caricature of late-90's conservatives; I personally have interactions and knowledge of them along with other things that formed my opinion of them beyond right-wing talk radio jabber and talking points. I (assuming here correct me if wrong) did grow up probably more conservative but perhaps there are nuances there you also don't appreciate and would have no way of knowing about. Without exception everyone I grew up around were Democrats, including me until 2004-5ish (I honestly don't recall when I changed affiliation too many deployments right around there) Something I would actually like to have a discussion about some other time.

2. I don't think 2018 was a fluke at all. Trump is the fluke, if there is such a thing. Much of politics is cycles and patterns in socio-political masses. As you rightly point out, and I agree with, those suburban districts that produced that sea change and women are a dominant force in that area. And it is not just men, you can break that demographic down even farther by education and economics.

3. Here's how I use moderate, since your point on definition is valid: I don't think moderate is the "third" option beside "progressive" and "conservative". Moderate would be a spectrum that is probably something like 30-40% of the country, a number that goes higher when opposed with either of the two extremes. You are correct the shift left ward is not only noticeable, but accelerating.

3a. Agree here. I think a lot of people that are otherwise Apolitical roll with "moderate" because a lot of things they can't tell you with precious all the ins and outs of their belief, but they know what they ARE NOT when they see it, and when presented with it take on moderate tone and tendencies.

3b. It is just factually true that they are, which is as it should be since you have a diverse country, of course someone in a suburban swing district isn't going to be as progressive as NY-14.

3c. We could write a couple of books on this topic but yes California is a one-party state for all practical purposes. The GOP holds plenty of blame for that. I forget who it was, but there was a pretty popular essay series going around about how California is the harbinger for the rest of the country. This, in my opinion, is wishful when extrapolated out to the national level. There are a lot of unique factors that make California the way it is, and it has tremendous advantages that allow experimentation in governance. But this will be tested soon enough when Gavin Newsome runs for president (FWIW I think he might well win since post-Trump GOP is going to be Chernobyl and he would be catching what should be a leftward swing in cycles but that's another topic)

4. I've already touched on the "not imagining voting for a democrat" since I have and will when they are the best candidate. As for gerrymandering, as much as it is a one sided discussion here, it is also a bipartisan practice. I abhor it being used both ways. Saying others can only win because of it is rather similar to your original complaint about folks not imagining Democrats can win, is it not? NC-9 is about 1000 yards behind my house, I've very happy that and other electoral corruption was caught and they can root our and prosecute such things everywhere they find it. I would love to have an end to gerrymandering, since not long ago we have three election in 18 mths due to court rulings changing/appealing/redrawing maps. It's bad for the country. But both parties are guilty, you can argue degrees but there is none righteous in this regard. End all of it.

5. No. I feel zero threat from demographics. People that do are small minded and have far bigger flaws than politics going on with them. Which is how you get demagogic cult of personality political leaders. Who I am well on record against.

I like every genre of music you listed there. But as you have established, I am probably not normal. I will, however, die on the hill that 90s hip-hop was vastly superior to todays. Call me old and out of touch if you must.


No doubt true enough. FWIW I don't care for Rand.

Trump is not popular, by historical measurements at least, and his winning was far more a failure of HRC than an accomplishment of Trump. He was in the right place at the right time. If he is re-elected, it will once again be not because of him as much as the presented alternative was not up to the task of beating him. The Democrats won those 40-odd seats in 2018 based on several things besides just the normal cycle of out-of-power party gaining in mid-terms, annoyance with Trump from the moderates in suburbs and swing-districts chief among them. Which to me is the question of this Democratic Primary: those same voters that peeled off and handed the house to Team Blue, will the nominee be able to appeal to all of them to get across the 270 line.


To game it out, I think the pushing of what was till now considered extreme will end up shifting the conversation in the long run, and enough moderate voices will use that extreme (to them, I don't want to quibble over the wording there) position now voiced by Beto and give in on something with wide support, like the background checks arguing "it's this or that."


I think you are right about the window moving. Beto probably isn't thinking this far ahead, and moderate Dem's are right to be mortified by what this will do short term, but the dam has been broken on saying the previously quiet part out loud, and the folks that really want and believe that will be empowered to say so going forward. In the future it will no longer be shocking, or verboten, similar to the push for M4A and even using the banner Democratic Socialism as a positive compared to 10 years ago. By next cycle it will probably be party platform.


I'll freely admit some bias and skepticism, but it isn't like I don't try to be objective and level about these things; I've been told Elizabeth Warren has won every debate she's been in this cycle, but my eyes don't see it. She disappeared for long stretches Thursday night. She did fine, she always performs fine in these things. If fine is good enough to win compared to what is on stage, ok I see it, but I don't think she is blowing people away here. And, maybe wrong, I don't think she is convincing people outside her support base, and is more like the "as others fail we turn to her" candidate. She can win the nomination that way, but not sure that's what Team Warren is shooting for support wise.

On “Do It Yourself Pizza

So, most folks know I am a bit of a foodie. After years of working on it diligently I am an excellent home cook. I have some holes in my culinary game though. I'm not a very good baker, though I finally did manage to make bread that was passable - I have no feel for the chemistry set-like workings of proper baking. Besides, I have a kid that is truly gifted at it so I leave it to her. But the thing I have failed at most, and often, is trying to do pizza crust. I suck at it. Doesn't matter the style, or method, or recipe I find a way to not be happy with it. Even with proper equipment and pizza stone it sucks. in the mixer or done by hand, still fail. Might be a standards and expectation thing, but I'm never happy with it. So I will definitely be working through these recipes in an attempt to conquer my suckiness.

As always, excellent article, Kristin.

On “The Case For Detroit Pizza

It was a great piece, and exactly what we wanted for the symposium. Both have a place, and glad you participated and joined us.

On “Choose Your Own Narrative: NC-09 Special Election Edition

For a nobody, I get some interesting folks sliding in my DMs and rather interesting folks you wouldn't think youd grt along with and have very pleasant convos with on totally unrelated topics