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On “Weekend Plans Post: The Best Man

That's a good speech.

I had an opportunity many many years ago to be a best man. Due to circumstances that very nearly ended up in me not even being able to attend the wedding, I ended up not having to do much of anything outside of keeping my friend focused before the ceremony, being the calm problem solver, and delivering my speech. The thing is, I'm TERRIBLE at prepared remarks. So to avoid this pitfall, I thought about my friend and how we met and the adventures we had together and I thought about the bride and how we met and the interactions we had in the short time I had known her and I ad-libbed it on the spot. It got the right number of laughs and the correct number of smiles and nods. It was a little roasty of my friend and a little complimentary of the bride and to top it all off I flubbed my toast line but I'd built up enough good will that everybody just followed along with me. Good times.

On “Little Miss Don’t Disappear

I always look forward to your posts and I'm glad you're here. You write in such a way that gives disagreement room to breathe and I appreciate that. Keep it up!

On “Pizza in Rome

I remember being really disappointed in the pizza in Italy (I was around Venice for about four months), but literally everything else food-wise was the best I'd ever had. There was even a Chinese place we frequented that is still the best Chinese I'd ever had. I drew the obvious conclusion that food in general was better in Italy.

And you're spot-on about the lack of a decent melting cheese replacement. I'm not vegan but I am lactose intolerant. I can get lactose-free milk, ice cream, butter, and sour cream but not cheese. There's a place here in town that makes an excellent flatbread pizza and they'll sub the vegan cheese for me, but it just isn't the same.

On “Crazy Bread and Circus: Little Caesars For The People

"When Ilitch read about Keith’s plan and Taubman’s promise in the newspaper, he called the judge and said he would pay for Parks’ housing for as long as necessary."

Incredible. I had no idea. Thanks for writing this!

On “That’s Amore!

Excellent essay.

On “Browser History

But their hardware...the second I can get Linux to recognize the proprietary wifi card in my Macbook, I'm dumping OS X and installing CentOS.

On “The People Problem of Fast Food Labor

The King Sooper on the East side of the Springs has them, but I've never used them.


That essay is brilliant. I think I've said this before, but I must ensure that my 18-year-old never, ever, ever reads it.


The closest I ever got to working fast food was an all-day shift I had to pull doing KP in basic training as punishment for my inability to keep my enormous mouth shut (my flight was exempt from most details because we were the marching band (insert nerds.gif here)). Ironically, that day was far and away the best day I had in basic. We were expected to work--no bones about it--but as long as we worked nobody yelled at us and at the end of it the kitchen staff gave us ice cream.

On “Weekend Plans Post: What’s almost as Good as a Vacation?

Ha! My mother has a copy of this framed and on display.


"That is because the majority of stand-up comedy is crap that relies on the charisma of the speaker rather than on the quality of the material being delivered."

A comic is successful because his material, his delivery, and his stage presence all come together to make a bit work. You can't separate the material from the delivery system. They're a whole and must be considered as such. You can't take Stephen Wright's jokes and hand them to George Carlin and expect the same laughs. Wright's jokes are funny because the content fits his deadpan delivery style. Carlin's jokes are funny because the content fits his loud ranty shouty finger-pointing "you're-laughing-now-but-it'll-be-your-turn-next" style.

The deck is also stacked in favor of the comic at a show, too. People come to a comedy show primed to laugh, and this helps some jokes land that otherwise maybe wouldn't. Some of the absolute WORST gigs a comic can get include opening for a band because the audience isn't there to laugh. They're there to listen to music and head-bang and dance and sing along.


I feel like the British or the Australians should already have this covered, but I'll be arsed if I can come up with a fitting term right now.


(Oooh! Fixed the worky-stuff! A mysterious combination of stopping and restarting firewalld and network and everything is fine. Now the only question remaining is WWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)


Finished (but not the tasks because things that I thought were fixed keep cropping back up grrrrr.....). It's everything you'd expect from Dave Chappelle: Some laugh-out-loud funny stuff; some stuff that misses; and just like Jaybird said, plenty of stuff to make you feel just a bit uncomfortable (which I hear is something that art is supposed to do, right?). Chappelle himself even points some of this stuff out (or maybe it's a "get out of jail free" card he deploys) when he says, "You'll all have to figure this out for yourselves," which he says a couple of times. The LGBTQ stuff is pretty tame ("attack helicopter"-brand stuff, as Veronica points out) but I can certainly understand why some might find it offensive.

I agree with what Veronica says. I also think Dave Chappelle is funny. I don't know how to reconcile any of this. To be human is to be internally inconsistent and constantly conflicted.


Darkest Dungeon probably works for this, too...but then you'd miss out on your Ancestor's voiceover ("Remember: Triumphant pride precipitates a dizzying fall!")


To tie into your Mindless Diversions post...I, too, am pretty much all alone over here. I, too, have a handful of tasks that I need to accomplish today (it's all stuff that I decided should be done instead of stuff that I've been tasked to do because nobody is in fucking charge over here but I digress...).

I may or may not be watching Chapelle's new special right now while I do the things.

On “Wait. Gillibrand Is Running? if we're Vizzini, who ends up unemployed in Greenland?

On “Put Away Childish Things

Man, if growing up means I can't wear Star Wars pyjamas, play video games, read fantasty novels, watch super hero shows, and stan for Tony Stark then what was all this for?

Good post!

On “Saturday Morning Gaming: Star Trek Fleet Captains

Hasten to add: Playing this game has inspired me to rewatch Voyager on NetFlix. Janeway is still the best Captain.


There's a Romulan expansion!
And a Dominion expansion!
They have new ships and new hex tiles for the star map and new missions and new decks and all sorts of cool ship models and THEY'RE ALSO $50-$90 A POP!
The game was a blast (set to stun). I thought the combat did a good job of reflecting how it usually went on the show: The Federation were seeking out new life and new civilizations and boldy going on about it and suddenly the Klingons show up and start trying to poison the quadrotriticale. Most Federation ships won't be able to stand up to the power of the average Klingon ship (as my poor fleet could attest), so--just like in the show--their best bet was to pull of some incredible engineering feat (or in gaming terms, play a ship-saving card from their hand) to escape.

If I have a complaint about the combat, it's the choice of dice. Much like Munchkin, a single d6 just doesn't leave enough room for variation. But of course, when you've got three Klingon Warbirds ganging up on the tiny little USS Equinox, the die roll doesn't really matter, anyway!

Oh, and I guess the other complaint I'd have is that the only Klingon the Federation side gets to quote are Worf's lines. Really fun game.

On “To Lift This Great Social Incubus of Bad Cooking

"Recipes in 19th-century cookbooks relied on measurements like a “handful” of rice or a “goodly amount” of molasses..."

This is why nobody in my wife's family can completely and accurately replicate her grandmother's biscuits--she didn't follow a recipe, she just knew how to make them. Her aunt comes the closest--and her biscuits are damn good--but they aren't quite grandmothers. I also finally caught an episode of the new "Good Eats" and Alton Brown is excellent, as ever. Good post!

On “2019 Time Capsule

The online version, maybe. The actual party isn't nearly as progressive as the online version, which as has been said here more than once is why Biden's numbers are what they are.


I don't know that I have an actual prediction to make (though I really like Jay's prediction in the Op, including the bit about Biden stepping aside after one for Harris), but since I run in circles containing a lot of ex-military types, one complaint I frequently hear is the lack of military experience in either party's nominees. And over there in the corner polling at <2% stands Tulsi Gabbard. So why the hell not: Biden wins the nom and chooses Gabbard as his VP because the last time Biden and a Hawaiian ran together it worked out pretty well, too.

Or maybe Harris and Gabbard put aside their differences (a la Reagan and Bush sr.) and come together to form the Democratic version of Voltron. I don't know. It's lunch time and I'm hungry.

On “Breaking Bad: Picard

Between this post and the Star Trek game my gaming group played this weekend, I now have the urge to rewatch the Star Trek series with the best captain: Voyager.

Good post!

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