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On “Worst Use of “Will They or Won’t They” Ever: How I Met Your Mother

Yes! I always think of "will they or won't they" as the "Sam and Diane" plot--maybe some see it as "Ross and Rachel"

On “Call Me Dr….

Congrats, Doc.

On “Saturday Morning Gaming: Gloomhaven (on the computer?)

Still diving back in No Man's Sky. They have enough updates to make the game interesting and not excessively grindy. I mean, in the OG version I'd grind and get 500K worth of units, but then find that everything costs millions and millions. It helps that they increased your inventory space and there are some valuable relics that help you get more money. I also found a wrecked ship, and traded it for a much better ship than the one I was flying around in. Finally warped to a new galaxy (beyond the three I found a year ago when I first got the game), and am considering building a base on a frozen planet that for some reason has liquid oceans.
It's a good game for winding down or relaxing--there's satisfying feedback in disintegrating rocks and plants for elements; it doesn't amp me up like shooters or other types of games, not that I play shooters much anymore.

On “The People Problem of Fast Food Labor

That's a good point. Sometimes the people making the food mess up an order, and sometimes the cashier just doesn't listen. You can control for one of those.


This. The UI on the kiosks is horrible.


Yup. I've heard horror stories from students about their jobs. One talked about how his manager at Car's Jr. was demanding dedication and asking him to work shifts when he had class. He was smart enough (and lucky enough) to say, "Nope, college is my priority." You want dedication? Treat your employees better.

On “Weekend Plans Post: What’s almost as Good as a Vacation?

It's the first weekend of the semester for me. Getting a tattoo, going to a concert at the state fair with my wife, and I really need to mow some weeds in my front yard. My allergies have been killing me the last few weeks, payback for a relatively mild summer.


If there's one good thing about getting older, it's the ability to not GF's. Have fun.

On “The Perspective of Luck, or Lack Thereof

Yeah, they were watching him get creamed season after season. I just read article that suggested his story will be one of the biggest talent wastes in pro-football. I don't know if that's accurate or not, but it sure seems like it is.


And I don't know about Indy's season tickets, but you have to be on a waiting list for YEARS to get season tickets in Denver. People just don't decide to buy season tickets on a whim. Or maybe they do in Indy.


"Sports and politics have that in common. People absolutely lose their minds over it, and their basic life skills and humanity tend to go with it, all under the guise and excuse of “well, they are just passionate.”"

Yes. This.
This is a great post. The booing at the game was disgraceful.

On “Weekend Plans Post: The State Fair

I was wondering if school starts were a factor.

On that tangent: yeah, there's plenty of public schools in Pueblo without AC, and we're usually a bit hotter than Denver. Sad to see the Denver schools have that problem. There's a meme going around that claims CO is last in school funding. I know I've seen studies that put us at 48 or so in per capita funding. Is it a factor of importing most of our college grads? Or TABOR? I don't know (but it's prolly TABOR).


Yeah, but it's probably easier to get to the Minnesota fair from a distance. Minnesota doesn't have a mountain chain running down its middle. It may have something to do with the types of farming in Minnesota, I don't know. I grew up going to the Kentucky State Fair, also in the biggest city in the state. Maybe their are other reasons for those fairs' successes, maybe not.

One problem with the CO state fair is that the fairgrounds are small, and you can't really expand them in their current location. The second is all the bougie white folks in the northern sections of the I-25 corridor are too scared to come to Pueblo because there's too many brown folks down here.

The Fair in Denver? I'm sure everyone's ready to enjoy the traffic and high priced accommodations to pay even more to go to the fair and even more for the fair food. In short, fish you; Denver has enough. (Sorry, angry SoCo resident here)

On “Saturday Morning Gaming: Star Trek Fleet Captains

I don't remember much about it either, except the standard red, blue, green, and yellow players and trying to earn cool points. I don't even remember the juke box design.


I had the Happy Days board game. Aaaaaaayyyyy.
I might restart No Man's Sky--apparently, the last update made it more user friendly. I played my old save for an hour so last week and couldn't remember how to do everything. I'll probably start a new save but keep my old save, too. I don't want to lose all the planets I named.
(I hope you went to the fair today, as the weather has been fairly mild.)

On “Weekend Plans Post: The State Fair

Yup, it's going to be hot in the 'Blo; my weather channel app says 95 and 99 on Saturday and Sunday. Stay cool. We're actually going to the fair this year because the wife wanted to attend a concert on the 31st. We'll probably get there early to have some fair food.

On “Weekend Plans Post: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

I have some grading for my online classes. I also have some final touches to make to the OER text we've written. And currently my allergies are going nuts (side effect of an unusually wet Colorado summer that's pulled us out of a 20 year drought), and my eyes are in terrible shape, so I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish those tasks. I'm trying some eye drops and allergy pills.
This week will be convocation week, which is a week of meetings before classes start, so it's my last summer weekend. We might go see _Once Upon a Time in Hollywood_.

On “This One Really Hurts

"But you can’t deny that the old tools of redemption have taken a beating during our lifetimes. If someone publicly said “I’m sorry” thirty years ago, you might be inclined to believe them. These days, you’d assume that their PR team had told them that an apology was a good tactic."
You're right, but often it's because the PR team doesn't let them say they sorry. Instead they say things like, "I'm sorry you feel that way" or some other non-apology.
(I'm sorry-really!-if this is too much of a tangent, but I fishing hate non-apologies)
More related: I also think many public figures hesitate to apologize because of our "gotcha" culture. Me, I think plenty of people would think an honest apology was refreshing.

On “Saturday Morning Gaming: No Man’s Sky’s Evolution

I need to return to No Man's Sky. I bought it when it came out for the xbox one (that version was touted to be "improved" over the original release). It's impressive in some ways, but the grindy aspect turned me off a bit. The scanning of each planet's flora and fauna is satisfying, as is the mining. But the resource costs of stuff start to skyrocket; I probably didn't play enough to really master the systems.

On “Weekend Plans Post: Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

Thanks, one of the docs said if they had waited another day to bring father in law in, they wouldn't have been able to do anything. Scary. But my wife's cousin had a baby yesterday, so that's good. Circle of life and all that.


Sorry about the cat loss. Losing pets is rough. Our dog is 13 years old and doing okay, but I know her clock is ticking.
We'll be relaxing this weekend, maybe streaming some stuff. We have the second season of Dark to finish, and we started The boys and like it enough to finish.
We spent most of the week going to the hospital for my father in law. He had pancreatitis, gall stones, and a touch of pneumonia and because of his age didn't feel the pain he should have for his serious condition. He's okay now. And early in the week my brother in law had a mild heart attack. He's okay now. My wife and I are exhausted.

On “Songs!

Or if you prefer your sad songs be metal



My wife's favorite George Strait song is a sad one:

On “An Afternoon on Denver’s Fastracks

Yeah, traveling to DIA from Pueblo the 23 bucks (there and back) I pay for 470 is totally worth it. The on-ramp from I-25 is far enough south that you don't have to deal with too much Denver traffic, and then you breeze on up to DIA. Not having to worry about a chunk of traffic on the trip is worth the money. And if I'm paying for parking at DIA, the toll is minuscule in comparison.

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