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On “Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings

When I talk about these things as rumblings on the right I don't mean to imply that they are the rumblings of the Republican Party or Trump - they aren't.

I've said before that I suspect we'll look back at Trump as a failed realignment... maybe the so-called disjointed presidency that preceded the realignment we all positively knew was coming right after it comes.

I'd say that Trump intuited the disconnect and exploited it without really knowing exactly what it was he was exploiting, and worse, what he ought to do about it. I've also been explicit that absent the groundwork of building a political movement that includes some policy thought, ideally some policy experiments, and some early coalition outreach there's no real hope of any sort of political capital and know how to execute any sort of agenda change. Incidentally, I'd place Obama in this category as a similar, though very different failure.

So, by all means, criticize Trump and the Republicans for governing as they have... if there were a Solidarity party those would be exactly the sort of criticisms we would level at him. But neither the Republican nor the Democratic party is a Solidarity party.


Maybe that's it then...try not to read MBD through modern liberal circle lenses. He might not say something you agree with, but the disagreement will be clearer.


Thank you... absolutely no offense taken.

And I assure you that there will be nothing personal about it when we take about 1/3 of your coalition because your current labor movement is mostly in hoc to "upper class priorities."


Honestly... I'm baffled at how you people are reading that article.

"If a barista could support a family, if an auto detailer could buy a house then I don’t think anyone would be nostalgic."

But they can't... and they have to have multiple jobs, at least one of which probably schedules work via an app such that their on-call time precludes anything other than working for a gig that is governed by another app so that they can remain available for the other part-time job.

MBD's point is that Labor's lot is worsening... there's no nostalgia. That's it. Labor's lot is worsening.

[And y'all don't know what to do either]


Agreed, all plans are unrealistic until they aren't.

But, one thing that I think you may be overlooking is that the days of "not using the state" to accomplish things are likely over... for good *and* for ill. That particular consensus is dead.

In a positive light, I'd hope that the Solidarity approach is properly gradual and a systemic approach to opting workers in to the productivity gains even if that means that the Davos crowd only remains fabulously instead of obscenely wealthy.

But, see point #1... the changes to corporate charters and trade agreements and other items will be *also* actions of the state. Remember... we've already ditched the libertarians... that's not a purity test anyone cares about anymore.

As for co-option...and opt-in... of course, all of politics are nothing more than co-opting and opting in... the strangest coalitions will be co-opted in ways we didn't think possible.


I wonder if in this context we're conflating White Collar with Service work.

What the article is going after is work that is purely a service to someone with (let's say) a good White Collar job. And, further, these jobs are both anonymized and appified such that, increasingly, they don't even work *for* anyone at all... that's a drastic worsening of labor's position that is happening right this very moment... and many of us are clicking the clicks to make it so. You can blame Trump if you want... but there's no way anything is different today under PrezHillary.


Heh, we can undermine Shapiro's arguments from the right... so we're not afeared.

Now, memes? Of those we're afeared.


Well, I'd concur that there's not really a plan on offer from the Right, new or old. Some of that is still a hang-over from ditching the Libertarians and Neo-Lib/Cons... they're still playing the old mix tapes and just feeling kinda sad - well the one's who aren't binge-ing on rebound sex with Trump.

Personally I think there's a possible path forward in a new Solidarity movement that would look like Labor Capitalism where the corporate charters acknowledge both Capital and Labor. Those shoots are still pretty green and very tender... but that's what I'm hearing in my LeoXIII Rerum Novarum circles.

Interestingly, since you mention Warren, her Accountable Capitalism (40% of Board Seats go to Labor) is something we take note of - but ultimately reject for being exactly the sort of Upper Class priority plan that would quickly be co-opted for the benefit of the board sitting class. Now, carve out 40% ownership fractionally for all workers and let them vote as any other shareholder? That's a possibility with legs.

Either way, we're re-defining corporate charters, trade agreements and many of the things that surround markets so that the distribution of wealth is more broad at the point of creation. Good news, there are still winners and losers, rich and poor... but cultural and politico-economic shift is towards flattening the curve.

How is this different from re-distribution? Because in order for re-distribution to work within the current system (a'la old-school liberalism) it will always be minimal and negotiated at the behest of the capital class... lest it break the system. A solidarity movement bends the system so that the rewards still go to the collective organization (corporation) that provides the best goods/services but those rewards are distributed more broadly... and decisions are taken with a different and more invested shareholder class.

But, since you asked... that's what it would smell like, if not exactly what it will be.


I guess I should elaborate, since maybe it's less clear from the outside... but its a conservative concurrence with an essentially left-side critique of "free-markets" generating an unsustainable income gap [Published on NRO, no less]. Where it differs is that it contains a New Rightist critique that simple re-distribution a'la New Deal-ish stuff probably won't work (but the fulllness of that assumption is not worked out in this essay).

This has nothing in particular to do with bringing coal back, or simple industrial jobs or anything of the sort. As I say, it is something the left should grapple with because the quotation (by Oren Cass, I should probably have noted) will form the basis of re-alignment (should it ever come)... and the Left will wonder what hit them.


He's specifically critiquing the pure nostalgia (naming himself along the way) to get at an exactly opposite point you suggest:

"It’s remarkable, the instinct to defend a labor market drifting toward service work for the rich. As I keep saying, the left-of-center won’t be vindicator of workers’ interests, its platform will be built around upper-class priorities and redistribution."

On “Manifest Trumpestiny

I've seen the secret Pentagon files on Canadian diplomacy... shit only gets real when an eyebrow is arched and Geddy Lee is moved to a secure location.


When life, art and comboxes collide; is this what people are calling the singularity?


That's more of a supplier gambit.

In this case, I think we can all agree that we're about due for a cool Chapter 7 reorganization where we consolidate and shave some debt while re-writing all the bylaws to support an entirely new business model.

In this case, the new Prime Minister from the Green Coalition informs the Dutch that rather than cash we'll repay them in carbon credits.

On “Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings

Here, follow this milennial guy instead. Will be better for your health, and give you a better steel against which to sharpen your sword of liberaldom.

As far as I can tell, Shapiro is kinda the Hannity of Milennials... not worth the airtime or ink.

On “Nuclear Explosion in Russia

...more back talk and you can write: "No, Ballista does not clarify things either" 1000 times.

Besides, we're already getting a new monorail system... right after the people movers are retired at Terminal D at Dulles.


2-hrs later, Lieutenant Chip Daniels is spotted in a dank Pentagon basement room writing, "I will not offer 'helpful' extraneous details to the POTUS" 1000 times on an old used blackboard they acquired for approximately $17,000 just for moments like this.


"We have similar, though more advanced, technology."

What I like is that we all assume that, as President, he is summarizing complex details that he knows but can't share for national security reasons. But in reality... that's the actual briefing word-for-word.

On “Epstein Dead

Right... but that's Noah Millman's take... whom do you (we) trust to let us know they were ordinary irregularities or irregular irregularities?


"some actual evidence"

Sure, bring it on. And to be clear, I don't care about the dead guyor how he died. Bring forward the evidence of the videos, the forensic research into the finances, decrypting the little black books... what I don't want is some sort of distraction around his suicide... "mistakes were made" its costly to provide surveillance, that's not SOP... etc.

Follow the money, follow the favors, follow the connections... in the end maybe we'll also have a story about what happened in his cell.

But right now, I'm guessing the fact that he's dead in his cell is the distraction from following the trail that is exactly what we're supposed to lose sight of.


Not really, no. Popehat's argument is that lots of people commit suicide in prison. That's it.

I also think it's unhelpful and lazy to even call it conspiracy theory.

Epstein is dead by his own hand; what are we going to do with that? Let's stipulate that it really was suicide (I think it was). Are there benefits to his estate if he dies before testifying? Are there people who benefit? Would those people be people he cared about? People he negotiated the disposition of his estate for other people he cared about? Will all the invstigations continue? All the tapes and blackmail items (implied) will they be disclosed - if criminal?

And, let's also allow for the simple nihilistic fact that he had absolutely no regard for what came after and simply punched out. See part II of above... what happens with all the gathered materials? Will there be a quiet cover-up? Maybe a C-list celebrity thrown over the fence?

Let's all agree that we don't have any clear idea what happened or why... most of what I'm seeing dismissed as "conspiracy" theories aren't conspiracy theories... they are wondering what comes next.

Show me what comes next and I don't give a rat's ass about the dead guy.

That's not conspiracy mongering... and Popehat's mini-thread was kinda dumb in that context.


No fucking way.

This should be a bipartisan hold everything moment...there's something rotten in Denmark and I dont care who's dead at the end of Act 4.

On “Weekend Plans Post: Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

Even my muzzle loaders have breach access.

It's the closed system that makes old style muzzle loaders a pain in the ass when it comes to cleaning and hanging fire.

Mine is like the Keurig of muzzle loaders...imagine if you had Keurig for pipes. Then again, I hate keurig coffee so I get what Joe is doing.

We all just hate different parts of the keurig life.


Sorry your cat pal passed.

Out here on the land our outdoor cats just wander off to the West, like Elves. So they all have Elven names. And they all go to the West, eventually. But we still remember them. But those are outdoor cats, distant and aloof...elvish; not inside companions like yours.

On “Love Will Win

Well now I do.

Next summon Jack Sparrow.

Now that I think about it... if I were her campaign manager I'd do a spot where she gets the magic compass and she takes it on all her stump speeches declaring that it will lead us out of darkness to our heart's desire.

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