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On “The Answer, My Friend, is Blowin’ in the Wind? Perhaps.

Firing pin should still be metal, but aside from that...

The trick with breech and barrel will simply be a question of can you build up enough material around those parts to let them last long enough to get whatever job you need done.


Related data point, someone has printed an upper.

On “Daniel Pantaleo Has Been Fired

Yeah, if the firing doesn't also strip away his credentials, it's really just a layoff.

On “The Hedgehog Who Won

But honestly how long can the GOP run on a platform of supporting everything Trump wants and denying everything to the Dems?

Right now, the GOP is losing congress critters who represent the thoughtful policy wonks, because populist candidates get more public attention. If the bulk of the party in office are vapid attention seekers, is the GOP still useful?


I had a girlfriend who straight up told me that I was a lot of fun, and the sex was great, but she couldn't get serious with a guy who was going to hell.


As someone on the outside looking in (being the devout militant apathetic agnostic that I am), I gotta say I agree with the OP. In short, the public view of the Joel Osteen's overwhelms the public view of the congregations committed to the ideal.

On “Breaking Bad: Picard

This is why The Orville is the superior Star Trek.


Al Gore wants his spotlight back!

On “Tom’s vs Time, and Everyone Else


Now they can cough up however many thousands of dollars Tom had to spend on legal representation.

On “Manifest Trumpestiny

After all, this may be their one and only chance to sell the island to a President who doesn’t understand the Mercator Projection.


On “Nuclear Explosion in Russia

Thank you!

Personally, I keep thinking about what kinds of Kaiju would manifest from Russian culture.

On “This One Really Hurts

Perhaps we need a legal standard that an apology can not be used in a civil action, by either party.



But look at the dust-up with Sarah Silverman.


But you can't begin that work if you are never given the opportunity.

This isn't just about public figures, it's about everyone. It's how we don't allow a person to simply pay their fines or serve their time and get a fresh start. We force that sin to follow a person, pretty much forever. And I think that feeds into how we feel and act about prison, in that a person in jail clearly did something to belong there, and thus deserves all the cruelty they experience there, if it it causes permanent damage, or death.

I mean, if we didn't, as a society, feel that way, we wouldn't tolerate the abuses of police and guards, would we?

On “Wednesday Writs for 8/14

OK, that makes more sense.

Still seems shitty, but might only be shitty in a unique way.


Pretty sure mud is easier to see through...


L1: So that first item in the list, can the government still pull that kind of crap (filing an appeal at the 11th hour, so the other part can't possibly reply)?

On “Defenders Of The Gold Bikini 2: The Fempire Doesn’t Strike Back

I'm with Doctor Jay, Postpartum Depression would have been much better. She has the twins either while in hiding, or goes into hiding with them immediately after. And, well, they are in hiding, not always a lot of opportunity for good mental health care. Maybe she's with the kids for a few months, long enough for Leia to remember mom's sad smile, then she drops the kids off with a neighbor after tucking a note in the diaper bag to contact Bail Organa for help, then she succumbs to the condition (maybe they find her body, maybe they don't).

Alternatively, maybe Anakin did beat her and left her for dead, except she lived, had the twins, went into hiding, and succumbed to her injuries months later.

So many ways it could have been done.

On “This One Really Hurts

As I was saying on the Epstein post, we have given up on repentance and redemption and rehabilitation in favor of cruelty.

And I will tell you why we did this.

Because no one is willing to believe that someone is actually penitent and rehabilitated, and thus worthy of forgiveness and redemption . At least, not if that person is the wrong race, or religion, or sexual orientation, or political bent, or... etc.

I see that even in the comments on this site, where if someone is on the wrong team, every effort they make is seen as disingenuous. And if Team A can't bring themselves to believe that Team B is truly sorry (and vice versa), then all that is left is cruelty.

On “Epstein Dead

I agree that we could never do that here, but I think we could get to a place where prison is hard, but not cruel.

And that is the thing, it's cruel. It accepts and encourages cruelty. And people are generally OK with that.

Which makes me disappointed in my fellow countrymen.


Ken White put this up.

I read that, and I wonder how the guards are any better than the worst of the inmates.

On “Nuclear Explosion in Russia

At this point, I'm surprised we don't have a thriving Russian Kaiju Culture.

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