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On “The Hedgehog Who Won

Did you even watch the Dem debates? Every single one of the candidates, Biden included, went all-in on the most liberal positions available. These weren't some trick questions posed by the right, they came straight from the hard left - open borders, Medicaid for illegal immigrants, etc. It wasn't the right-wing doxxing Trump supporters, that was Castro's brother. And so on. So, no these points aren't being forced on them by the right, they are reaching for them gladly. You can say that they will walk these points back in the general, by they own them as of right now.

Is the right trying to paint the Squaddies as the sure-fire face of the left? Of course, they think it is good politics. Are the Squaddies looking to pick up all that attention, and recast the party as hard left? Of course, for the same reason. Pissing on my leg and telling me it is raining by saying that it is solely the work of nefarious right-wingers, let alone the media, insults both of our intelligence.


They are the face of the D's as they are the ones taking up all the airtime, facetime and such. Even Jaybird has said as much. They are the ones answering every noise that Trump makes. They are the ones setting the pace for the party. If you think I am wrong, great, we disagree.

Of course, Trump is trying to pin the whole party on those four, its good politics, the same way they want to be the ones known as setting the pace. It shakes out to whom the public thinks is worse at that point, kind of like playing chicken. Or, it doesn't play at all in Peoria, so it makes no difference. But, make no mistake, Pelosi isn't running the show now. Pelosi, good as she is at this, is being forced to share the reins at this point.

But if you are going to say they aren't the ones searching for attention, be prepared to have people disagree, like I just did.

In any case, Isreal is a contentious issue right now (as it has been for decades at this point) and not one the two political sides in the US are going to see eye-to-eye on. And as such, both Trump and Omar (it was her) are acting like idiots about this. Is it anti-Semitic? No, at least not in my eyes. It cuts both ways. If they are both doing it than they are both guilty of being assholes.

My family has been involved with Isreal since long before the founding, as I have written about here. I feel you can have dual loyalty there, and be pissed about the actions of both countries while still supporting them.


What? That is the dumbest thing I have ever read, especially as I am Jewish.


"That isn’t them being the face or looking for attention"

You're joking, right? Taking the piss? 'Cause they are on the twits as much as Trump, looking for every bit of attention they can wrap their hands around. NYT and Guardian write-ups, 24/7 news coverage, etc. And I am pretty sure it wasn't the right who came up with the term Squad. Please.

They revel in it.


Who is getting airtime right now?

The Squad.

Who is not saying anything to the media right now?


Who is the face of the party right now?

The squad.


What have I said that that shows I "buy into their press wholeheartedly?" I really don't pay much attention to Twitter, except that it is the preferred medium of the chattering class. And as for campus environments, I come from an academic/ university family, so it is what I see first thing in the AM. And since it is the place where our next generation of leaders comes from, so it is only natural to see that as a Petrie dish


"I’m quite puzzled why you would be carrying water for what the Republican Party has become."

30 years ago, when I was 18 it was reversed, as the R's/right were the ones who were at the end of their sell-by-date, and causing the greatest damage to society at that time. Now, it is the Dems/left in that position. Whoever has the cultural power, left or right, wants to ram their priorities down the throats of the populace, not caring what gets damaged but telling everyone who will listen how righteous they are. And in another 30 years, I will be saying the same things about the right, as it will be them again.

Right now, the left/Dems are the party that wants to destroy everything I think makes this country work: freedom of speech, due process, good governance, rule of law not man, intellectual freedom, and so on. So it's not that I am carrying water so much as trying to stem the tide.

Republicans are just run-of-the-mill assholes.

On “2019 Time Capsule

Re numero dos: Sinema. And I think that is a good prediction. Bravo!

On “The Hedgehog Who Won

In the same vein, how long can Dems run on offering everything they agreed to at the debates? Do they not have "vapid attention seekers, such as Tlaib and Omar? As far as denying the D's stuff, many on the right will say the exact same thing about Obama and the left over the last 10- 12 years.

Policy starts as populism. It has to come from somewhere, and even the thinktanks spring eternal from the grassroots. Yes, even you and I's libertarianism. All of the lefts current ideas are some version of populism. What we are seeing (in my opinion) is the weeding that must necessarily take place for the party to move on. What starts as a firebrand becomes an elder statesman. Tod's version of the R's died a long time ago, and it only put up zombie candidates and leaders afterwords. But no one likes losing, so they get behind winning ideas. Move them around until they are comfortable with them.

Tod has been writing some version of the post for years now. Spelling doom and gloom for the right. And the R's keep winning, gaining ground. Because the reality is the left is losing the culture war while winning the culture battles. Much like the right did when we were kids. What goes up, must come down.

On “2019 Time Capsule

Predictions are hard, especially about the future. But, a few things are given. Biden is too old. He will be older than Regan was when he left office. Even the Generation of Locusts Boomers are seeing this. Will he do a pledge of one term maybe? That is a pledge of losing.

Harris? Looking at the polls, she is f***ing her way out of this, just as she f***ed her way into politics. She has shown herself to have a major glass jaw and would get destroyed by Trump. Warren, also known as Sitting Bullshit? The managerial class might love her but she is even less inspirational than HRC. She would lose the popular, let alone the real election. The rest are a bunch of also-rans, even perennial "favorite" Bernie. Whomever they pick at this point is going to be a serious dark horse.

So, my Prediction is Booker. With the direction of the party, he will be the one to match up as many talking points as voters. Vice president is used to shore up possible leaks and probable defections, so in that vein, Inslee.


On “The Hedgehog Who Won

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

When I was a pup, the Democrats stood for a variety of things; women's rights, civil liberties, freedom of speech, and so on. When I voted for various Dems, I was in support of these things. But, as I grew up, started really paying attention, I noticed that they fell away as soon as there was some other need. Bill Clinton showed us that women's rights (along with the Virginia Lt. Gov.) really don't matter if they get in the way of, well, anything else. Civil rights? No, due process is a zero-sum game now, as Obama era Title IX changes show. Good government is for suckers, as the IRS can and will be used to deny rights guaranteed under the constitution, at least under that self-same president. The accusation of white supremacy is tossed around so much it has no meaning anymore, as the word racism had to be replaced from pathetic overuse. Political Correctness is destroying free speech and intellectual diversity, much of what was good and great about that party.

All of that is what I see, why I left the Dems. I am guessing you don't see that right now, only see the Repubs changing. Well, the Overton window has moved, people move with it. Both parties changed. Some battles are won, some lost.

This began in earnest when, in January of this year, Marist found that Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics had reached 50 percent. Then, in February, a Morning Consult poll showed Hispanic approval of the president at 45 percent. This was followed by a March poll from McLaughlin & Associates that found Hispanic approval for the president at 50 percent. All three polls were discounted as outliers by the media or simply ignored. This continued in June after Harvard/Harris showed similar findings.

And a similar poll found support for Trump is up to 28% among African-Americans. Up being the keyword here. Try as they might, the left isn't gaining ground in these areas, and that is a zero-sum game. Trying to put the R's back in the box of the easily beatable is never going to happen. Time moved on, people changed, and that Overton window was remodeled. The Dems, the political arm of the left, are now the static party, while the Reps are the dynamic party.

What starts as a cause, becomes a business, ends up a racket. Birth, death, rebirth. Right now, the Dems are in the bottom of that cycle.

On “Censored By YouTube!

Well, there is a Fox-body Ford in there...

On “A Timeless Box Full of Whistles

Down the street from me, four whole blocks is the local Presbyterian church of White Spires. It has an actual pipe organ that they are perpetually being fundraised for. A beautiful building, and a beautiful instrument. I am not religious and I am not a fan of classical music, but I long for the day I can hear this in all of its glory.

Wonderful piece Andrew.

On “Weekend Plans Post: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Well, I have a feeling I am going to be spending some time at the vets, as crazy dog has started making some weird hacking type cough sounds. He sounds like a life-long smoker at this point.

Also, the wife bought a food dehydrator, so this is the new food toy that will preoccupy her for the next few weeks.

On “Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings

That 8-10 second clip doesn't bother me in the slightest. I don't agree with it, but that is part of life. I don't agree with many people, politically. Anyone outraged that people often think like this probably lives a pretty sheltered life. Half the country is more conservative than the other half, and this often bleeds into an opinion of what people are responsible for in their lives.

I don't agree with Shapiro much if any of the time, and that is OK. I think "owning the libs" is no different than "shocking the bourgeoisie" or "freaking the squares." In other words, it's normal and healthy to make fun of the entrenched ruling class. He does, however, have enough of a different take on things than I get in my small college town that I do want to hear him. There are lots of idiots out there, left and right.

On “This One Really Hurts

We had the same policy at the phone company if you were in an auto accident. Supposedly, saying "I'm sorry" is an admission of guilt.

On “Wednesday Writs for 8/14

L11 - Bicycle thieves may or may not have a special place in hell, but they do have a special place in film!

On “Epstein Dead

I don't think it does either.

I think it points to a new news source.


Jeffrey Epstein's Death Was On 4Chan Before Officials Announced It — And Authorities Had To Look Into It

Curiouser and curiouser. I am wondering who will come out as the next media giant now.

On “This One Really Hurts

Years ago, in my first management position, a woman who was older but worked under me, said (she had been a manager herself at times) "it isn't sexual harassment when they are attracted to each other. Then they are just flirting." This was during the Clinton admin, when all the problems were starting come to head, so to speak. Her point was simply that time and intention make all the difference in the world in cases like that. And she also pointed out how there is a limited time frame here, for as soon as one or the other is no longer attracted, all previous behavior is seen in a new light.

You are right that online harassment is not looked at in the same frame yet, but it is a newer phenomenon and people will see it differently simply because of that fact. Only now, after who knows how long, are we starting to look at bullying in general. Queen Bees and Wannabe's and all that pecking order, put them back in there place type stuff.

On “Defenders Of The Gold Bikini 2: The Fempire Doesn’t Strike Back

My uncle died young, when my mother was a girl. This broke my grandmother in half emotionally, leaving her a cold, bitter and broken woman. She hated my father, as he was a bit like my uncle, a bit like many other men of his time. I don't remember getting hugs, or kisses, or any of the grandmotherly things from her before her death, of myocardial infarction. Or, as the doctor put it to my mother, of not wanting to live anymore. So, yes, I do believe that someone can die of the loss of great love.

As far as critics go, there I would say you are spot on. We have moved past the point of actual scholarship in these fields, due to needing so may warm bodies to fill the time made available to read online due to efficiencies in the workforce, or simply from the privilege of living in a post-scarcity society, or... I don't know. But the misplaced anger that you so ably show here is starting to wear patterns in the carpet of feminism, as it circles in on itself.

On “Pushed Over the Edge

Yeah, I know what you are saying. But I think this gets more at the attacker/queen bee being on shaky ground there. No room for generosity.

On “This One Really Hurts

Right now we are at an inflection point. Along with what is sexual harassment, racism and what that consists of are being challenged. And like other things that have been challenged along the way, it forces us to look at what is oftentimes an ugly set of truths. One woman's harassment is another woman's flirting. One man's racism is another man's history. OTer Dennis pointed this out quite well with a post on Dukes of Hazard and the civil war not long ago.

But, some people want these changes to land at a specific point and not a point that is necessarily better. Only more advantages to them. This is how movements such as #believeallwomen get waylaid, what with Jackie Coakley and Emma Sulkawitz. Turning a ship at sea is an endeavor that takes time and distance, and culture is so much more massive than any constructed edifice. There is no switch to turn that will make this happen overnight, and any attempt to do so will end up much like the cultural revolution in China, with bodies floating down the river.

But the fact that we are even having this discussion, and having the ability to have the conversation at all, means that we are moving the culture forward in this regard. Where we end up is anyone's guess, but, hey! we're moving!

It does suck to have your idols be shown as fragile and made of cheap glass. No denying that. It's one of the shitty parts of growing up.

On “Pushed Over the Edge

In any group, whether it is a music scene, book club, high school, or whatever, there is going to be a pecking order. Sometimes that is OK, but other times its not.

Right now I live in a smallish town, but when I lived in cities, there were definite neighborhoods or close-in suburbs that lived and died by this. The less transitory, the less likely to happen, but it is still there.

On “Comment Rescue: Grief Bacon

I keep meaning to run this one past the wife. Her degree is in German and she is a major food lover (all she thinks of outside of work.)