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On “Greta Thurnberg’s Semi-slow Boat Upon the Stormy Seas

Two things:

For Christ's sake, it's an attention getting device. It sure got it, didn't it?

The linked article doesn't say anywhere, but if it's a scheduled flight, then no new carbon is being added to the atmosphere.


Somebody rescue this comment!

On “Oh no…it’s the Chicken Dance!

Here you go:

I got married 28 years ago, and The Chicken Dance was banned at MY wedding.

My bride and I took ballroom dancing lessons in the months leading up to our wedding. I never knew how much fun it could be until the Whites showed us the steps. I still love a good waltz.

Not gonna lie, I hate DJ's at weddings. The music is usually terrible, and they never take a break. Give me a good ol' fashioned wedding band any day.

On “Breaking Bad: Picard

I've been a fan of all of the Star Trek series. I caught the reruns of ToS when I was a kid, and watched the rest in real time. Of all of them, I will say ToS is my least favorite. Once TNG came on the air, with its up to date special effects, the original series looked laughable, like Dr. Who bad. And the overacting! Whew.

As for conflict, I believe one of the tropes of the show was that humanity had moved past that stuff. Everything was pretty kumbaya in the 23rd (?) century. For conflict, you had to look at the interspecies interactions.

That might be the nerdiest thing I've ever posted on this site.

On “Churches In the Hands of an Angry God

Heh. We're not getting naked during church, but I imagine it's right around the corner.


The Louvin brothers would like a word. I’ve played any number of country gospel tunes in my ELCA church, and no one has ever felt they detracted from the service.

On “Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings

I didn't mean to imply they're crypto-Dems. More like actual conservatives who realized that if they turn it up to 11, there's a bunch more money on the table.

On “Manifest Trumpestiny

Trump has always been stranger than fiction.


I read an interesting novel (The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047) that imagined just such a case.


Now that the Danes know Trump is a motivated buyer, we'll be paying through the nose for it.

Of course, we could always pull the Trump Organization's check's in the mail trick, too.

On “Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings

I suspect Ben Shapiro the media figure is a different thing from Ben Shapiro the husband and father when the mics, cameras, and lib owning are not turned on. Most people in such positions are just that, playing a character that is some aspect of themselves but cranked up to 11 for marketing reasons.

Rush Limbaugh is more my generation, but I always had the feeling that he knew he was peddling toro poopoo, and laughing all the way to the bank. Shapiro, and his ilk, have the advantage of the internet echo chamber, and much cheaper production costs.

On “Comment Rescue: The Underclass

The fundamental premise here is simply wrong. We don’t need an underclass. For one, the actual underclass is defined by being employed only sporadically, if at all. They add negative value to society, and the rest of society would be pretty much unambiguously better off without them.</blockquote?

Emmanuel Goldstein.

On “Songs!

Beneath the sprightly melody lies a dark tale. Posted in response to a tweet referencing a piece published elsewhere by own Andrew D. Everyone's been there, and it never stops sucking.


Can’t believe this hasn’t been posted. (Sorry, feeling extraordinarily juvenile today for some reason.)

On “Endorsed: Other Options

I'll second this. I usually vote Dem, but didn't for Clinton in '16, because I live in a very safe blue state. It's tough to move the needle in a presidential race, but downballot races can be real nailbiters. We had a few aldermanic races here decided by a couple dozen votes.


Worse is having money and supporting the wrong candidate, because your influence, money, and reputation might mislead others into making the same mistake.

Please hold for Mr. Soros.


See also, ag gag laws, passed exclusively by red state legislatures. Lest one think that liberals have a monopoly on nonsensical anti-1st Amendment laws.

On “The Answer, My Friend, is Blowin’ in the Wind? Perhaps.

Getting mad about someone stepping on your shoes is cultural. Getting shot because you stepped on said shoes is because a gun was easily available.

On “On Changing The Subject

Apparently, you haven't watched professional sports in the last few decades.

On “The Guiltiest Wretch In The World

Obviously, he only employs the best caddies, with the best eyesight. You aren't suggesting he cheats, are you? /s

If I ever get enough money to play in places that have caddies, you better believe they're gonna forecaddy. I can carry my own bag, but I sure as hell have trouble seeing my shots sometimes.

On “None-ce Upon a Time in Hollywood

Oh, for sure. The plot is so thin you can see through it. It's just a vehicle to play a lot of Beatles music, which is almost a guaranteed seller. (SPLHCB, the movie, notwithstanding.)


I’ll disagree here. You just have to look harder and wait longer. We saw Yesterday, a perfectly serviceable movie from Danny Boyle, which had a budget of $26 million, most of which must have gone for the music rights. It didn’t fit any of those categories.

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