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On “Universal Pictures Should Not Cancel “The Hunt”

Nice goalpost shift. No one claims the gore was the reason to oppose it.

Nice goalpost shift. That person wants her fired for that Tweet, not what she was fired for.

A trend is only a trend when enough specifics match. They don’t here.

You’ve made clear you haven’t changed a bit since before I left and have no interest in sincere dialogue. You have axes to grind and make hay doing so subtly and creatively. Find another stone to grind on. I won’t engage with you further.


Did you read the Snopes article? A single online source claims to have read the script, though offers no substantiation of this, and offers “details” of its contents. That gets repeated on Fox. Then repeated by the President. It is a pretty clear line from A to B to C with no compelling counter narrative (e.g., Trump DID see the movie on PresFlix).

On “Pushed Over the Edge

"“[I] will make the silly blonde with a head injury want to kill her self because u fuck with me my family or my friends it’s over”"

That seems to offer some insight into this:

"It is difficult to imagine the mindset of a person who would set out to cause an unassuming woman in a small town to be so distraught she no longer wants to live."

It seems clear that those who targeted Denise did not see her as an unassuming women. At least one of them feels she "fuck[ed] with" her, her family, or her friends. That in no way justifies the action these women took and the intentions behind it. But it does point towards there being more to the story as these situations are almost always more complicated than they first seem. What transpired between Denise and these other women? I'd want to know more about all the folks involved and the various dynamics at play before saying we need new laws to stop evil people from being evil.

On “Universal Pictures Should Not Cancel “The Hunt”


But the fact remains we see yet more evidence of our President being manipulated by shadowy online forces who know just how to pull the right levers.

This should worry no one, of course. We should focus on lamenting the poor business decision Universal made in light of this information.


We don't even know if Y was offensive because no one has seen Y yet.

But you have overreduced the problem.

One scenario:
Film makers, of their own accord, opt to fire an actress from a role because they become aware of a potentially offensive/offensive to them image from her past.

Other scenario:
Film makers, under pressure from the President of the United States, reluctantly opt to cancel the release of a movie because an unverified article claimed the movie represented something potentially offensive.

Those. Are. Not. The. Same. Thing. It is a false equivalency and by trotting it out, you are pretty aggressively BDSI.

Find me a single tweet calling on the makers of the Silverman film to fire her. One.


Eating a carrot and eating a baby are worth comparing because of the eating part.

X and Y matter. A lot.


A film team fires an actress because of concerns about something she did once upon a team.

A studio cancels a film based on the President mobilizing outrage about it.

Apples and apples, all the way down.


Seems worthwhile to consider what we do and do not know about the film:

This isn’t, “The film was offensive but should the President have weighed in?”
This isn’t, “The film was probably not offensive but misinterpreted as such... should the President have weighed in?”
This is, “No one has seen the film and one source made unverified claims which the conservative media ran with and the President weighed in on based on that.”


Whose the asshole? The filmmakers?

On “Epstein Dead

Jay, you are clearly upset the world doesn’t operate the way you want it to and are blaming the world for that, rather than considering maybe the way you want it to be isn’t actually the way it ought to be.

Unsourced reporting on the footage is a BAD thing. Sourced reporting on the footage would be a good thing. But if source reporting is impossible, what exactly do you want? Something bad... or something stupid... or something useless.

No one wants to read an article that says, “NEWSFLASH: NO INFO ON FOOTAGE.” Except you. That’s on you, brah.


CNN has clearly made many, many phone calls. I assume they’ve asked about the footage. I assume they’ve gotten nada-zip-zero on that. And it’d be irresponsible of them to say anything give that.

You can cry incompetence or conspiracy but the facts don’t support that at this time.


You complained that no “real news” outlet was pursuing sourced related to SOP and implied that was part of the conspiracy.

I shower you CNN doing just that.

Now you want to argue the facts of the case. I’m not interested in that... only pushing back on the false narrative that the “real news” are intentionally avoiding investigating this.

Can you admit that CNN is doing at least decent work on this?

On “Tom’s vs Time, and Everyone Else

"It’s hard to confront the fact that the world doesn’t organize itself around what you like and want."

I worry that much of modern society sends the exact message that the world DOES organize itself around you and what you like and want. While I sign on and support the fairly modern notion of respecting the individual as they come, I think the pendulum swings too far when society is reduced to a collection of individuals, each of whom sees themselves as being at the center. As a teacher of young children, I see how this mentality dominates so much of parenting these days and with real problematic effects. I think we'll see more of this type of thinking, not less, as the trend continues and those raised steeped in it become adults.

If I was Tom, I might just accidentally leave a burner on one night with a greased rag near by. The developer is going to knock the property down anyway.

On “Epstein Dead

Good non-talk. Later.


Chip said: "It would also be helpful to know if SOP was actually the SOP."

You said: "You have no idea how much I wish that a *REAL* news organization would make some phone calls to ask about this sort of thing.

It’s enough to make you wonder why it hasn’t.

Must be because it’s the weekend."

Is it fair to say that CNN has made some phone calls to try to determine what SOP was and whether SOP was followed here? And that whatever you were implying by your questions here was maybe off base?


I mean this one:

Specifically this:
“Suicide watch usually lasts just one or two days, said Jack Donson, a former correctional treatment specialist for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
"I've never seen in my entire career a suicide watch lasting more than a week," Donson said. "So the context of him committing suicide while on watch, that's just a fallacy."
Donson said a suicide watch means an inmate is being monitored by a staff member 24 hours a day -- "three shifts of overtime people."
He said resources are limited, and overtime can be costly.
"I was probably being paid $500, $600 for a shift of overtime just to watch somebody through a window," Donson said.
If an inmate doesn't appear to be a threat to himself during suicide watch, he's removed from constant monitoring.”

You asked why real news orgs didn’t call and ask about SOO. CNN clearly did, based on BOTH our articles.

But your upset they weren’t critical of what happened? Goalpost shift much?


CNN’s headline article (as of about 8:45PM EST) included many sources, some named, discussing many particulars of these sorts of situations. If you think we’re seeing the video on the news any time soon, you’re just being unrealistic.

On “Jane Wick

I agree but even those are women were still tiny... muscular and toned yes but not jacked. Add them to the poster for The Expendables and they’d be invisible.


I’m painting with broad strokes obviously... but the extreme male action hero is Ahnold. The extreme female action hero is digital dream/realistically impossible Lara Croft.


Isn’t a related factor that — either in reality or in perception — what makes male action heroes strong (i.e., muscles) also tends to make them sexy while what would make female action heroes strong (i.e., muscles) tends to make them less sexy? This isn’t my opinion but seems to be somewhat of a consensus among men or at least the perception of men?

On “Epstein Dead

My mind went to LIHOP.
“Oh. No. He’s trying to kill himself.”
“Quick. Someone. Get the key.”
“Which key?”
“The key.”
“This key?”
“This key?”
[Read in voice of Simpsons aliens]

Now, the guards could have been in on the conspirac(ies). Or they could have just seem him as another pedophile, who tend to be very low on the totem pole in prisons for guards and inmates alike.

On “How You Can Advocate for the Disabled When Our Government Doesn’t

The biggest problem with IDEA is that it is a federal mandate with no guaranteed federal funds to match the needs. Fund the program at the federal level and you’d see much better results for all students.


That isn’t what IDEA requires.

On “Gillette: The Best a Meme Can Get

What “fight” are they picking?

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