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"Republican State Senator" is a euphemism for "too much of a dumb asshole to be a House Republican".


Biden has been doing an exceptional job muddling through so far.


Warren said that she would accept a public option as a transitional step.

This came out of her general floundering after her transient front-runnerness, and also did a lot to outrage Bernieworld on Twitter.

Bernieworld on Twitter is chock full of maniacs, even by "Twitter subculture" standards.


To the extent it leaks into normieland, it makes normies think their normie candidate (Biden) is even more of a normie.

I don't know how much it contributes, but the most plausible effect is to boost Biden at the expense of the various non-Bidens.


Team Blue Twitter is dominated by Bernie stans and Warren stans.

Members occasionally acknowledge Buttigieg to get very mad at him for reasons that I'm sure I would think are extremely normal if I took the time to understand them.

They effectively don't acknowledge anybody else.

Amy Klobuchar could have performed a Mortal Kombat fatality on Tom Steyer in the middle of the debate and Twitter wouldn't have noticed.


Yeah. TBH at this point I have only mild preferences.

I'd already hopped off the Warren Wagon for Booker and when he dropped out I really didn't feel any particular impetus to hop back on.

I think psychologists describe this stage as "acceptance".


My take is that Joe Biden won the debate by not literally dying at the podium.

On “Lawrence Lessig and Clickbait Defamation

I think Richards and Sacco were harmed, but not plausibly defamed?

But they can point to, like, the jobs they lost as evidence of that harm.

Lessig maybe had some more people think he was an idiot (though talk about diminishing returns).


I think the question someone asked Popehat is interesting, but here... like... he actually said what they said he said. There might be cases where the headline would be misleading enough to make the fact that the important context being behind a paywall would make a difference, but this isn't one of them.

On “Devin Nunes and the Very Delicate Feelings

I've heard of feeling like a million bucks, but a billion just sounds greedy.


Nunes has a long history of hoof in mouth disease.

On “I’m Dreaming of a Bike Christmas

Just as an aside, the 2019 Outrage Olympics thing really is spot on.

Ads are one of those things that pervade our lives that seem weirder the more you (or at least I) think about it: they're incredibly sophisticated propaganda for stuff. Just hamburgers and then exercise bikes because the propaganda for the hamburgers worked too well.

And of course we're going to react to the weirdness at times. Maybe print up some "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!" t-shirts. I learned it from watching your brain on drugs, et c.

But close parsing for dark hidden meanings inspiring a spiral of offense and counter-offense: totally 2019.


Thanks for spoiling the plot of the next Matrix movie.


I agree it would have been better, but I don’t remember Spuds McKenzie having a 3 act structure and motivation for wanting to drink Bud Light with bikini models

And what a missed opportunity that was!


It may be more of a commercial than I'm accustomed to. I mostly watch shows via streaming and sports at the bar with the sound off; very rarely do I actually see a commercial with sound and all.

That probably makes me weird as, like, a person, but perhaps not so weird by the standards of my fellow Twitter obsessives.

(I definitely agree with the Outrage Olympics part: I think the ad is kinda weird and off-putting but not offensive.)


My meta take is that the ad provoked a panoply of very strong and honestly kinda weird reactions because it was so overly dramatic (including the initial anxiety) about a freaking stationary bike. Maybe it really is a cool bike or whatever, but one way or another it's presented as this Momentous Thing in our heroine's life, and without that distancing irony, and it's strange and our brains need to construct Narratives to account for the strangeness, and then Allahpundit of all people hits on spousal abuse and we're off to the Magnesium Flare Take races.


Maybe it was because I was primed by Andrew Donaldson, but the whole thing really came off as very, um, culty to me. Like first she's all nervous about the bike and then it changes her life, then she's getting up at six to ride it, and by the end of the year it's, "Iä! Iä! Peleton fthagn! Dark Bike of the McMansion With a Thousand Motivational Streams!"

On “The GOP’s Gossip Girls

So they are tankies

I know Trump has praised the economic prowess of North Korea on several occasions, but this still seems like a bit of a stretch.


Definitely. If anything, I think this understates things a bit, in that I think that Trump has made things worse among the GOP at every level by making racism, xenophobia, misogyny, anti-semitism, blatant corruption, and authoritarian fishheadery all more acceptable.


I disagree that it doesn't matter.

It proves that the people saying this shit on the QT are even more pathetic and craven than their public statements suggest. Say what you will about the likes of Matt Gaetz and Louis Gohmert: at least they don't know any better.

On “Chik-Fil-A: Why Can’t a Chicken Sandwich Just Be a Chicken Sandwich?

Do you believe that there are no negative consequences to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories as worthy of debate?


Huh weird if it’s so close I wonder why they don’t say what I said.


"There is nothing wrong with LGBT people, same sex marriage should be legal, and LGBT people deserve legal protection against housing and employment discrimination."

Pretty easy, huh?


It is the wildest fear, but ultimately the SA exists because people want to give it money, and what gives Rod Dreher the shits is that it might no longer be able to attract people's money if it continues to try to pander to assholes like Rod Dreher.

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