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On “A Timeless Box Full of Whistles

Thank you Chip, really appreciate that.

On “Ben Shapiro Works Those Feelings

This is where I, Christian who has long despised prosperity gospel and all it's adherents and acolytes, differentiate between sincere practitioners of the faith who by and large are immensely charitable, and what I call "Christianity, Inc" the business driven eco-system that tries to create a parallel religious world that mirrors the secular one but with way more Jesus-branded stuff to sell. That latter group very much falls under what you are proffering here with "help those who help themselves" since they feel entitled to all the help for themselves.


Yep I remember, was doing religious studies at the time and it was a slog doing any kind of discussion groups/boards with them folks


This is of course referring to theological, what I would call Seminary, Calvinism and not our rank-and-file reformist friends: There is a real nihilist strand of thought that runs through the heart of true Calvinism, that once you accept there is no free-will or agency of man whatsoever you start getting into excusing off all sorts of things as "just how it is" as opposed to mankind holding responsibility themselves. It's not meant that way, of course, but is at the heart of it if you drill down enough. If you talk yourself into following a a cult of personality, I suspect a similar line of excuses runs through the mind, if thought out at all. A socio-political Deus Vult, for the politically simpleminded or grifter enabled.


I've been fiddling internally with a rough concept of conservatism going more Calvinistic than it's traditional interpretation, but was thinking that was too niche for a wider audience. Maybe I should rethink that.


Just taking this opportunity to publicly reiterate my loathing of JD Vance as a person, author/commentator, and marketing brand. That is all.

On “Bless the Food, And the Hands That Provided It

Of all the food from living in Europe I miss the fresh bread and related baked goods in the mornings the most

On “Who Can Stop Biden?

Biden is over 50% approval with African-American voters in SC currently, to answer your question.

On “Songs!

I mean, all due respect to everyone's opinions but this isn't even a conversation: A coked-up David Ruffin emoting all over the mic while singing a song so gut-wrench Motown staff songwriter Roger Penzabene allegedly wrote it about his own wife cheating on him, committed suicide a week after it's release.


I take that as a compliment George


You, meanwhile, are seduced by that noise and appear to be willing to forgive and forget that MA left several victims of economic crimes?
yeah...that's totally what happened here...I thought reading comprehension was part of the Bar Exam but perhaps they do things differently now.

On “On Changing The Subject

We going to talk about ESPN's short-lived Rush Limbaugh experiment, or nah?

On “On Changing The Subject

Your right about the last part. The cord cutting and politics can, and are, running concurrently.


If the status quo did not make for good business he would not advocate for status quo. But it is good for business, that is how it got to be status quo in the first place

On “All-In For Alfred

Love this piece, great job Alex.

As "recurring" characters played by multiple actors, of the tv/movie portrayals I don't there has been a bad Alfred. I think, for all it's movies other issues, Iron's Alfred was a strong version as an equal partner and in many ways the engine driving the eco-system that supports Batman/Bruce Wayne. As Alex touched on so well, the modern Butler isn't a glorified waiter, they are estate managers more likely to have MBA's than knowing the placement of a bullion spoon. And such fits into the Batman mythology of Alfred being not only a caretaker, but a teacher and mentor.

On “Kevin Williamson’s Smallest World

There is an old joke here from my father's time studying in Greece about how we retain the The Parthenon, but only after centuries of neglect and finding much better places to meet while staring at it in the distance.


FWIW Kevin Williamson has written this response to Avi's piece here over at the corner in National Review:

On “Josh Hawley Is From the Government and He’s Here to Help

Big government as the new Trumpian Populist/nationalist third rail is an astute and correct observation

On “Democratic Debates: The Moderates Strike Back

Oddly, candidates that have been happy to demand impeachment on camera could not find time in nearly 3 hours to bring it up in any way, shape or form. Odd, that.