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On “Painting the Barn: Never Trump, The Lincoln Project, and Ignoring Obvious Answers

Really? Most of the people I grew up with in red areas don't give a damn about race. It was all about gov't screwing the little guy.

On “State Hate: The Fifty State Smackdown

Have you ever been to the florida panhandle? They don't call it the redneck riveria for no reason. Now, while I'm a guy that grew up in the west, it was the rural west...but I've been to the panhandle and redneck is the correct term. Beaches nice though :)

On “I Want to be Kissed by a Scoundrel

Don't give a F*** then. Be you. If she's not interested, who cares? You're cool.

She's not into you? More fish in the sea. Gotta change the attitude...or at least not show it.

On “From the Congressional Budget Office: A Report on the Effects of Migration on Wages

We should restrict immigration to who we, as a country "choose" what ever that is. What I said above I would advocate. We have enough unskilled folk ATM. The US has alternatively opened it's doors and closed them for various reasons in the past.... No reason we can't do that now.


I continue to fail to understand why the US immigration policy is not: "Come here, bring your $ and / or education and start a company and get rich." There's no need to import folks who drive down the labor wages.

On “The Inexplicable Origins of World War III

IF any WW3 comes about it'll be China expressing it's rise to superpower. The issue will be whether the US bows out or has a bloody conflict (and looses).

On “Weekend Plans Post: Learning to Cook

After Xmas, I roasted a small chicken. Boiled the carcass and various herbs and veggies to make stock. Supplemented by good purchased stock. Made chicken soup with carrot, potato, wild rice, and celery. Used chicken thighs.

Tasty. Ate it for a week.

On “New Terms for Old Libertarians in the New Year

Not sure how you can claim legitimacy when 40% of the eligible population didn't vote in the 2016 election...god knows how few voted in non presidental elections.

Yah..legitimacy...or is it just folks voting for free stuff?

On “Trump’s Benghazi

What? The us is engaged in a covert operation to buy up anti aircraft missiles from the rebels in Iraq too? I'm shocked!

On “Starcraft’s American Frontier in the Cosmos

Indeed....why would humanity change much just because it's left the confines of earth? It didn't change when it "discovered" the new world. It will, however, be similar to the wild west, I think, once folks get out there...with all it's freedom and dangers. It will be glorious and terrible.

On “Time Lord Victorious: From Tennant to Smith On Doctor Who

Meh...I gave up on Doctor who a long time ago. My favorite still is Tom Baker, although some of the more recent doctors have been good. I'd rather watch re runs of farscape though.

On “Working (In Prision) For the Man (Michael Bloomberg)

I am shocked that a powerful person used his position to gain a advantage (use cheap labor).

On “The 1619 Project: Historians v Historians With Strongly Worded Letter

Yeah I hear a lot about the mortgage crisis and cc debt crisis.....

Thanks for the info.


What's the aggregate mortgage debt? The average credit card debt? I think you can use your argument for those as well....

On “The Debate over Ethics and Charity: Making it Rain on Skid Row Holiday Edition

Reminds me of the scene in Gladiator where bread is being thrown to the poor Roman masses. This guy just ain't an emperor.

On “Not OK With Losing OK

This guy has the best summary of this whole thing and he's dead right 100%. I don't know why you guys spent 380 posts about nothing, but the entertainment value was decent.

On “Greta Thunberg named Time’s Person of the Year 2019.

No child has the maturity or life experience to understand complexities of "global climate change". Everything I've seen of her is that she's a angry scared child who demands that "something must be done". I've ignored her since I've heard of her.

On “The GOP’s Gossip Girls

I'll give a damn when the same people bitching about Trump acknowledge the crappy behavior Obama and Clinton committed. (you know--syria, lybiia, ukraine on obama's watch....Until then it's partisanship.

On “AG Barr: Epstein Death “Perfect Storm of Screw-ups”

Why am I suspicious of the "official story".

The Gulf of Tonkin
The US Liberty "incident"
Iran Contra
All the shitty stuff the us has done internationally in supporting oppressive gov'ts while talking world peace at the UN
The Japanese Internment during WW2
The shady stuff Roosevelt did to get us into WW2 while lying about staying out on the campaign trail.

On “In Shift, U.S. Says Israeli Settlements in West Bank Do Not Violate International Law

Does ANYBODY actually thing the Israeli / Palestine "problem" will end any other way than a massive number of once side dying? If you do, you're a fool. This is one of the reasons genocide continues down through humanity's works.

On “The One Thing I Tell My Patients Worried About Getting Alzheimer’s Disease's got dementia and will likely progress to full blown alzheimers..she already can't care for herself...and dad had als....

Thinking that the promise dad made to his wife not to put a round in his head isn't going to be a promise I can make...though it won't be a round in the head, it'll be something less messy. I'll not die like he did or she will.

On “Musings on a Popcorn Fire

There's a difference in courage with your kin and those who aren't your kin. There are people close to me, and family too, that'd I'd die for or kill for. Most every one else? You're on your own.

On “Chik-Fil-A: Why Can’t a Chicken Sandwich Just Be a Chicken Sandwich?

So the quality doensn't matter? 'Cause I heard Charlie's Angel's sucked.


I may not be "conservative" but I'm no leftist either and I def don't shop a certain places because I don't agree with their policies. But I also don't broadcast it. I find it much easier to ignore all the sound an fury from certain quarters....I'll continue to do my thing..

On “Hey Man, I Need a Solid…

I get asked for help a lot, or to prioritize their stuff they want me to do over something else. You go to the top of the list when I get as good as I give. There's a woman in bd I'd drop everything for because I know she'll do the same. All others can wait.

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