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On “Someone is Lying on the Internet

[…] contributor to the Ordinary Times, a local blog. Carpenter debunked the video’s claims in a post, and she told PolitiFact that the funeral home has been out of business since 2012 and […]

On “The Definition of Insanity

[…] Follow Randolph Brickey on Twitter and read his articles, They Stole My Batman and The Definition of Insanity. […]

On “They Stole My Batman

[…] meant to them growing up and what it means to them now. Then, we discussed the humanitarian and “obsessive redeemer” sides of Batman evident in TAS. Pulling from our therapist and attorney experiences, we delved […]

On “Loose Meat Sandwiches

[…] Mother In Law sandwich and named it after my wonderful mother-in-law even though she’s from North Dakota and would never, ever eat such an exotic thing in a million billion years.  Plus I had some green […]

On “The Eighth Annual Mindless Diversions Unsolicited Shopping Guide

[…] we have The Eighth Annual Mindless Diversions Unsolicited Shopping Guide to help us out with most of […]

On “Democrats Left Turn Only

[…] this week Mark Kruger wrote about the intramural contest within the Democrat party between the rising progressive left and the more established […]

On “Letter From The Editor: Turning Off Features

[…] and not too temporary. Due to some resource issues with our domain host, I am having to cut down on bandwidth. Since this site is currently inactive, […]

On “The Lost John Coltrane Album, and Ponderings on Jazz

[…] thanks to Andrew Donaldson  for his recent ponderings on jazz which inspired this […]


[…] as a fiction writer himself.  I’ve also linked to some of his articles, and right now he has an excellent demolition of FOSTA and the evil mindset which spawned it on the group blog Ordinary Times.  He was kind enough to allow me to publish this excerpt, but you […]

On “The Uses and Abuses of Donuts

[…] The Uses and Abuses of Donuts How a gourmet donut shop became a battleground over gentrification, anarchism, white pride, and everything else. […]

On “When Schools Get Political, What Should Teachers Do?

[…] When Schools Get Political, What Should Teachers Do? An expression of values. But whose? By Michele Kerr […]

On “By a thousand cuts.

[…] By a Thousand Cuts. Another example of why we need to resist the siren call of “free healthcare.” By April Joy […]

On “The Magic of Ben Shapiro

[…] The Magic of Ben Shapiro How Ben Shapiro helped build a conservative movement Trump could thrive in. By Adot Sad […]

On “Corporate Might (Let Them Fight)

[…] A few weeks ago I wrote about corporations and politics, using the NRA boycott as an example of how the left is learning to make peace with using economic muscle to get what it wants. They’ve also done a good job of framing it as markets at work. I would argue that maybe this is one of those cases that capitalism and markets diverge, and that this may be more of the former than the later. At the least, I think there was something else going on: […]

On “Saturday!

[…] in a RPG, results in speedsters being seriously overpowered. We saw what happened last week with the Hero system. So how do you deal with […]

On “Young Marriage In The Bluegrass State

[…] By the standards of the framing of the issue in Kentucky, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are in favor of thirteen year olds getting […]

On “Linky Friday: Here, There, Everywhere

[…] the comments to a recent Linky Friday, doughty commenter Kolohe pointed out some awful stats related to the DC high […]

On “Sunday!

The Ranch has ongoing argument this season between two characters about ford vs chevy. i hope both ford AND chevy are paying them all the money - but the thing about the argument is that I, living in Colorado, have heard these same arguments between various people who grew up here (or at least went to high school here), many times. with similar jokes. so it doesn't feel AT ALL like ads, even when they buy each other hats for xmas with the logos of the companies. because of COURSE they would do that. surprised my friends haven't done it to each other...

On “Those that need the most help may be SOL…

[content of post deleted as spam -- BL]

On “Fue el Estado

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On “Notes inspired by The House of Mirth

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On “Beyond Showroom Diversity and Other Thoughts

All you have written in Beyond Showroom Diversity and Other Thoughts — The League of Ordinary Gentlemen is simply just great
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On ““You didn’t write that.” (The Copyright joins the Copyleft)

Lmfao, yes we law students can be a particular breed... well whatever.
Nice article!

On “The Tragedy of the Commons

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