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Hurricane Ida 42

Hurricane Ida: Live Stream And Open Thread

Being described as a “worse case scenario” the frighteningly powerful Hurricane Ida bears down on Louisiana, New Orleans, Mississippi, and the larger Gulf Coast.

ryan adams

Ryan Adams Cleared by the FBI

While Adams still has the pall of being an asshole hanging over his head, none of those come with possible felonies attached.

Daniel Prude

Rochester, New York

The death of Daniel Prude in March has reignited protests in Rochester, New York, with the public release of body cam footage and suspension of the the officers involved.

portland, oregon

Portland, Oregon

The highly publicized ramping up of counter-protesting to the long-running Portland protests turned not only violent but deadly Saturday night.


Kenosha, Wisconsin: Updated

Things have gone from bad, to worse, to deadly in Kenosha, Wisconsin following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Elizabeth Warren

Liz Warren Drops Out

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination comes to an end after a disappointing Super Tuesday.